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Grades PK -12.....................................$35
7 & 8 Bands ............ $15/yr. 
Art (9-12) ................. $10/class 
9-12 Bands ..............$15/yr. 
Orchestra (9-12) ........$15/yr. 
Vocal Music (9-12) ... $15/yr.
Instrument Rent ........$50/yr.
Percussion Rent.........$35/yr. 
City bus fees $50/semester or $30/quarter 
Trades & Industries ....................... $10/class
(Prices subject to change)
Lunch Grades K-12 daily - $2.60 
Breakfast Grades K-12 daily - $1.75 
Milk Grades K- 2 - $40/semester; $70/yr. Milk/Snack Grade PK - $55/semester; $100/yr
Grades PK-8.................$50/yr. Grades 9-12................$75/yr. Double Option & 24 hr. Ins. available
Student - $35.00 • Adult - $75.00




From Newsletter
The Transportation Department is again offering in-town bussing for our students. Students must have a bus pass from their school to ride the bus. Riding the bus is a privilege. This privilege can be lost if the student does not have a pass or if the rider does not follow the rules. It is important that each student have a pass. These passes must be carried with them at all times and should be shown to the driver whenever asked.
The bus rules are posted in each bus. Please let your student know how important it is to follow these rules. Distracting the driver can be very serious. If the driver needs to watch the students, he is not watching the road. Some of these rules to follow are:
 Remain seated while bus is in motion. 
 No loud talking or profanity. 
 No fighting or pushing. Always keep your hands to yourself. 
 No throwing objects in or out of the bus.
There may be additional requests made by the bus driver that all students will be expected to follow for overall safety.
Let’s all do the best we can to provide the students a safe ride to and from school this year.


Check out the Athletic and Music Booster clubs below

Booster Club membership form

Athletic Booster Club



Music Booster Club


A.B.S. Athletic Booster Stuff

From Newsletter

A.B.S. Athletic Booster Stuff Fall Sports will be over by the time you read this and practices for Winter Sports will have begun! A big “Thank You” to all those that supported our tailgates this fall and to the businesses that donated food and prizes. The money raised helps all our student athletes! Make sure to get yourself some new Bulldog clothing from the Dog Pound when we open up at home basketball games. Check us out on Facebook! If you have a student athlete please consider being a parent representative of their sport and join us at our next meeting. We are in need of officers for next year, please consider this as it is a wonderful opportunity to help out kids and the coaches. If you have paid your business or family membership you are considered a voting member; come join us at our monthly meetings. Don’t let would have, could have, and should have be part of your vocabulary. Join us at our next meeting the 3rd Wednesday of the month, 7:00 p.m. in the high school lunchroom.
“Go Bulldogs” Karen Carlsen – President – 712-540-2891 carlsenfh@frontiernet.net
???????? – Vice President
Terri Martin – Treasurer
Brenda Phelan - Secretary



From Mr Ludwig Disrict Newsletter
The Le Mars Community activities code of conduct meetings for all Le Mars Community high school students entering grades nine through twelve (9-12) who plan to participate in any extra-curricular activities for the 2016-2017 school year will be held on:
•Wednesday, August 10th , 12:00 pm & 7:00 pm
•Monday, August 15h, 12:00 pm These meetings will be held in the high school
Little Theater and will last approximately 30 minutes. Students and parents may attend any meeting.
The student participant and at least one parent or guardian must attend this meeting before the student can participate in any activity.
Students will not be allowed to participate in any activity until a meeting is attended by both student and parent/guardian. Activities include all sports including cheerleading, band, chorus, speech, orchestra, dance team, all clubs, organizations, and other activity that is considered extra-curricular. These meetings will inform the students and parents of the requirements prior to participation in any of the extra-curricular activities sponsored by the Le Mars Community Schools and cover the Code of Conduct Policy.
If you have any questions about the meetings, please call Neal Utesch, Activities Director, at 546-4153.






From District Newsletter
Open Enrollment Notification Parents/guardians are hereby given notice of the following deadlines pertaining to Open Enrollment opportunities:
March 1, 2016 – Last date for Open Enrollment requests for the 2016-2017 school year.
Parents of children who will begin kindergarten in 2016-2017 must file for
Open Enrollment no later than September 1, 2016. Open enrollment students whose family income meets eligibility requirements are eligible for transportation assistance. Assistance may be in the form of actual transportation being provided or a stipend paid to parents/guardians.
Parents should be aware that Open Enrollment may result in loss of athletic eligibility. Questions should be directed to the: Superintendent’s Office, 940 Lincoln St SW, LeMars, IA 51031 712-546-4155



Students as Leaders Dr Iverson's
Friday Focus


Students as Leaders

Congratulations to Jayden Wiltgen, Katelyn Lewis and Haley Majeres for making All Iowa Dance.

Congratulations to Kara Albrecht, Grace Lamoreux, Ote Albrecht, Madeline Hurt, Sam Vacura, Chloe Evans, Drake Oswald, Cole Berkenpas, Diana Loutsch, Emily Martin, Mary Meis, Kajsa Hallberg, Dalton Glawe, Tessa Hansen, Sarah Benton, Sarah Meis, Anna Vacura, Alex Pick, and Landen Parmelee for making Northwest Iowa Honor Band.

Congratulations to the following students for making All-State Choir - Anrea Barrett, Arlinna Bowen, Megan Connor, Kyle Dunn, Dalton Glawe, Madisen Parker, Alex Pick, and Caden Washburn.

Congratulations to the following students for making All-State Orchestra - Kajsa Hallberg (violin) and Sarah Meis (violin)

Congratulations to Lauren Tabbert who won the 200 freestyle and was part of the winning 200 medley relay and 400 freestyle relay teams at the Missouri River Conference swim meet. Lauren swims with the Sioux City Metros as we have a sharing agreement with them.

What’s happening in middle school FACS – We are excited in 8th grade Family and Consumer Science to have a new personal financial program created by America's trusted voice on money, Dave Ramsey. (This program is sponsored by Primebank.) Students learn about saving and budgeting, credit and debt, investing and consumerism. 7 th graders in Family and Consumer Science have learned laundry, grooming and how to sew at the machine by making a pillow and a bag (often used for PE). They are now starting a foods unit in which they become familiar with MyPlate. With the elimination of 6th grade FACS, some ground may be made up through sewing club. Students can elect to stay after school to complete projects that class does not provide enough time for.

Yearbook Sales Yearbooks for the 2016/2017 school year are now for sale in the high school office for $70. Stop by the office and get yours ordered today.

From Newsletter

Dog Pounds Newsletter

September October November December January
February March April May



LeMars Community Education Enhancement Project LEEP

Newsflash LEEP BY-LAWS Request for funds More info on LEEP


 LeMars Community Education Enhancement Project
The 5th Annual MENuMASTERS event is scheduled for Saturday, September 17, 2016, at the Plymouth County Fairgrounds. MENuMASTERS is a fundraising event for L.E.E.P. or LeMars Community Education Enhancement Project, which raises money for educational needs in all LeMars Community Schools. This adult event will again feature 29 local businessmen, as “chefs” for the evening. Chefs will show case everything from appetizers, entrees, salads, desserts, and beverages serving “sample but ample” portions. This fun event provides a time to socialize with friends and experience the creativity and humor of local businessmen. Cost is $25.00 per person, with chefs serving their creations between 5pm-8pm. Music and entertainment will be provided by Simplify Music.
The MENuMASTERS committee is in the process of recruiting chefs, sponsors, and volunteers. If you are interested in being a chef, sponsor, volunteer, or just would like more information about the event, please contact the following:
Lynn Baumgartner baumgfam@yahoo.com
Deb Parmelee pmparmelee@frontiernet.net
Tickets for the event can be purchased after school starts and throughout September. Tickets will be at the following locations: all LeMars Community Schools, local banks, and from any L.E.E.P. member. Only 500 tickets will be offered with no tickets
Come join us at our next LEEP meeting.  We meet the first 
Monday of each month in the Middle School (Lorraine DeJong’s room)!
Please contact our officers:
President                                   wall.elements@yahoo.com                                                                  V. President         Helana-McDougall    helenamhm@yahoo.com.
Secretary              Lorraine DeJong      lorraine.dejong@lemarscsd.org 
Treasurer              Julie Beitelspacher         Julie.beitelspacher@primebank.com



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Next Moped Safety Class March 4
Moped Safety classes will be held for students in the LeMars area at the LeMars Middle School in room C15 (Mr. Dalton's room) March 4th from 8:00 to 2:15. Iowans 14 and 15 years of age are required by law to take this 6 hour education course before receiving a license to operate a moped on public highways. Minimum age for this course is 13 1/2. Students wishing to take this class should see Mr Dalton for forms before Saturday’s class. Parents of students outside of LeMars Community School can email Mr. Dalton the information below to bill.dalton@lemarscsd.org. Cost is $35 per student.
Directions to classroom/Info

Head east on 12th street to the High school football field, turn left and go 1 1/2 block north and turn left at parking lot north of the gym and drive behind the school. Park between the Weight room and the back of the middle school. Go through the "J" entrance door of middle school. Room C15 is the first door to your right after you walk thru the "J" entrance door. Class starts at 8:00am and should be done around 2:00 pm. Please bring a sack lunch. 

Gehlen and students outside of LeMars Community Schools

Gehlen and other students outside of LeMars please email bill.dalton@lemarscsd.org the following information:

Students First Name____________ Middle Initial ___ Last Name:_________________________

Address ___________________________

Students Cell Phone:____________________________





Congratulations to the new NHS Inductees
Jeff Ahlers
Jocelyn Hernandez
Collin Nemmers
Deyton Augustine
Trenton Hilbrands
Madisen Parker
Juliana Benitez
Madison Hunter
Zach Pratt
Chaise Benjamin
Haley Jungers
Sydney Rand
Cole Berkenpas
Hazel LaBreche
Walker Raymond
Keaton Candor
Brittany Lambert
Mallie Sauer
Megan Connor
Matilynn Langel
Mariah Schilmoeller
Jessica Eisma
Kyle Marek
Kelli Susemihl
Megan Friedenbach
Makena Masuen
Lauren Tabbert
Bryce Frentress
Hannah McDougall
Emily Van Otterloo
Kajsa Hallberg
Mary Meis
Alex White
Tessa Hansen
Paul Meis
Raquel Yoerger
Krista Zenk



From Newsletter Bruce Ludwig Bulldog Highlights
The Big Red Band earned a Division I rating at the state marching band contest held in Sheldon on October 8. The band under the direction of Mr. Ohrlund, and assisted by Mr. Benton, Mrs. Benton, and Mrs. Kellen has had strong performances in other contests this fall as well. The Big Red Band finished 3rd in Class 3A at the Dutchmen Field Championships in Orange City also on October 8. Congratulations to these students and directors on the success they have enjoyed this fall!
Usually in November we need to start thinking about the possibility of making weather related school announcements. Your best source for accurate and up to date information is 1410 KLEM because we communicate directly with KLEM. In addition, we contact the Le Mars Daily Sentinel and KTIV Channel 4. The Le Mars Daily Sentinel has a text messaging system that will send a text to your phone when a school related weather announcement has been made. Sign up is very easy and available at http://www.lemarssentinel.com/ . In addition to posting announcements on screen, KTIV Channel 4 also posts a list of closings on their website that has been very accurate in the past. You can find it at http://www.ktiv.com .
In early November, all parents will have an opportunity to find out about the success their student(s) is/are having in the classroom. The end of the first quarter of the school year was October 28, 2016. Report cards, with quarter grades and comments, will be issued soon. Parents of elementary students will also have a chance to visit with teachers about each of their student’s successes and suggestions for improvement at parent/teacher conferences on November 3rd and 7th from 5:00 pm to 8:30 pm. Middle school and high school parents had this opportunity in October already as conferences were scheduled at mid-term of the first quarter.
Elementary parents had the opportunity to attend “Fun Night” at the elementary their student attends in early October. “Fun Night” was an event promoted by the Le Mars Elementary Parent Teacher Organization in an effort to improve communication between the home and school. Turnout was fantastic at all three buildings. Positive comments about the program provided were received from parents who attended. I want to thank the PTO for their efforts to organize the fun nights, the teachers who helped present the program, and the local businesses that sponsored the events.
Around the time you receive this newsletter, you should also receive the LeMars Community School District Report Card for the 2015-16 school year. The report card is our effort to share with you information about how our students performed during the past school year and for the past number of years. As you will see, our students had a very good year academically and in the extra-curricular activities last year. I want to thank Dr. Steve Webner, Assistant Superintendent and Lisa Eisma, Administrative Assistant for developing both the annual progress report and the district report card.
I encourage you to review the report card and contact me, or Dr. Webner, at school with any questions or comments. If you would like to read the full annual progress report submitted to the Board of Education, it is available at the Superintendent’s Office, or you can download it from the school district website at www.lemars.k12.ia.us . Just click on the District button. From the District pull down menu, select Reports and Plans. Here you will see a variety of district reports; including the Annual Progress Report. I want to thank Mr. Dalton and the members of his web design class for developing and maintaining the website.



Click on link below to get classroom supply lists for each school
Middle School
High School




Upcoming Events (from Dr Iverson Friday Focus)
Friday, November 18
- All State Music Festival in Ames
- 6:60 pm Girl JV Basketball @ Okoboji (Hall of Pride Event)
-7:45 pm Girl Varsity Basketball @ Okoboji (Hall of Pride Event)

Saturday, November 19
- All State Music Festival in Ames
- 11:00 am Robotics League Meet in Sioux Center
- 1:00 pm Dance Exhibition in Le Mars

Tuesday, November 22
- 1 hr early dismissal
- 6:00 pm Girl JV Basketball @ Hinton
- 7:30 pm Girl Varsity Basketball @ Hinton

Monday, November 28
- 6:00 pm Boy Freshmen/JV Basketball @ Hinton

Tuesday, November 29
- 3:45 pm Girl JV Basketball @ Unity Christian
- 5:00 pm Boy JV Basketball @ Unity Christian
- 6:15 pm Girl Varsity Basketball @ Unity Christian
- 7:30 pm Boy Varsity Basketball @ Unity Christian

Thursday, December 1
- 6:00 pm Girl Freshmen Basketball vs. Woodbury Central
- 7:15 pm Boy Freshmen Basketball vs. Woodbury Central

Friday, December 2
- 4:30 pm Varsity/JV Wrestling @ Hinton

Monday December 5
- 4:45 pm Varsity/JV Wrestling @ MOC-Floyd Valley

Tuesday, December 6
- Varsity/JV Wrestling @ SBL
- 4:45 pm Boy/Girl JV Basketball vs. Western Christian
- 6:15 pm Girl Varsity Basketball vs. Western Christian
- 7:45 pm Boy Varsity Basketball vs. Western Christian

Thursday, December 8
- 3:30 pm Boy Varsity/JV Bowling vs OA BCIG
- 6:00 pm Varsity/JV Wrestling @ Spencer
- 6:30 pm Boy Freshmen Basketball vs. Siouxland Community Christian
- 6:30 pm Girl Freshmen Basketball @ MOC
- 7:45 pm Boy Freshmen Basketball @ MOC

Friday, December 9
- Varsity Wrestling @ Lewis Central
- 1:00 pm Boy Varsity/JV Bowling @ Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson
- 4:45 pm Boy/Girl JV Basketball vs. Spencer
- 6:15 pm Girl Varsity Basketball vs. Spencer
- 7:45 pm Boy Varsity Basketball vs. Spencer
- 9:00 pm Snoball Dance

Saturday, December 10
- Quiz Bowl @ South O'Brien
- Varsity Wrestling @ Lewis Central
- 4:00 pm JV Boy/Girl Basketball vs. SBL
- 5:30 pm Girl Varsity Basketball vs. SBL
- 7:15 pm Boy Varsity Basketball vs. SBL




Winter Activities (From Primebank Hotsheets)

Wrestling double dual at Sergeant Bluff Le Mars (6-0) 57, Sheldon/South O’Brien 21 Sergeant Bluff-Luton 60, Le Mars (6-1) 18
(high school basketball) LE MARS — Western Christian edged Le Mars 53-51 Tuesday night at the Bulldogs competition gym.
In the girls game Tuesday night, Western Christian beat LeMars girls 53 -44.



From Newsletter

Sign up to receive weather alert announcements sent directly to your cell phone or e-mail any time. LeMars Community School uses KTIV and The LeMars Daily Sentinel dispatch services. You will always be the first to know and you don’t even have to turn on the television or radio! Information about your school and your school activities will be delivered immediately to you, wherever you are. Signing up is easy. Even if you signed up last year, you will need to do so again this year to ensure we have your current contact information. GET INFORMED! www.lemarssentinel.com
www.lemarssentinel.com - Click on Text Alerts on left side of the homepage
www.ktiv.com - Click on Mobile Alerts Sign-up

Our School
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Le Mars Community School District is a 3A school located in NW Iowa
Congratulations Le Mars on being named an All Star Community.
"Our greatest glory is not in never failing but in rising everytime we fall". Ralph Waldo Emerson
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