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LeMars Community School District is a 3A school located in NW Iowa

Congratulations LeMars on being named an All Star Community.

"Our greatest glory is not in never failing but in rising everytime we fall". Ralph Waldo Emerson




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Dates & Information

April 21 Music Booster Meeting
April 23 Teacher Inservice
April 25 Festival of Orchestras
May 1 Parade of Bands
May 3 HS Vocal Large Group
May 3 Prom
May 9 State Large Group
May 11 State Honor Orchestra
May 13 Thespian/Speech Awards Banquest
May 14 Teacher Inservice
May 15 MS State Honor Band
May 18 Commencement
May 19 Music Booster
May 21 Athletic Booster
May 26 Memorial Day Parade
June 14 ACT Testing
August 10-11-12 Wartburg All State Camp
August 18-19-20 Teacher Inservice
August 21 School starts

Collette Beitelspacher
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"The unselfish effort to bring cheer to others will be the beginning of a happier life for ourselves". Helen Keller.

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Students will be assessed every 6 weeks. The following are scheduled days and times of the assessment. September 12, October 24, December 5, January 23, and March 6th.

Schoolwide Formative Assessment Schedule
Period 1: 8:30 – 9:00                           30 min                        
Period 2: 9:04 – 9:34                           30 min
Period 3: 9:38 – 10:08                         30 min
Period 4: 10:12 – 10:42                       30 min
Assessment 10:46 – 11:46                  60 min
Period 5:
1st Class: 11:50 – 12:31           41 min
            2nd Lunch: 12:35 – 1:05           30 min
            1st Lunch: 11:50 – 12:20          30 min
            2nd Class: 12:24 – 1:05            41 min

Period 6: 1:09 – 1:54                           45 min
Period 7: 1:58 – 2:46                           45 min
Period 8: 2:47 – 3:30                           43 min

girls bb slide show -Basketball award winners

Check out the Athletic and Music Booster clubs below

Booster Club membership form

Athletic Booster Club



Music Booster Club


Fall Means It’s Time For Soup and Pie!

Fall. Football. Marching Band. Must be time for the annual LCS Music Boosters Soup and Pie Supper! Friday, October 25, is the date for this year’s annual event and the Le Mars Music Boosters will be serving up soups and chili along with a wide variety of pies from 5 – 7 p.m. in the LCHS Cafeteria. All proceeds go toward further support of Le Mars Community Schools music

If you are interested in volunteering or donating to this event, please reach out to Susie Herbst (to sign up to work a shift) at or Angela Catton at (to donate pies or other supplies).

Tickets go on sale the week of October 7. Cost per person is $6 for anyone age 4 and over. Children, age 3 and under are free. Please see any Le Mars Middle School music student for pre-event ticket sales. Of course, tickets may still be purchased up to and including the night of the Soup and Pie Supper. And…of course….don’t miss the The Big Red Band and the Middle School Marching Band perform the Mass Band Show during Half Time! The Fall air at the game may be crisp but a good bowl of hot soup or chili and a slice of pie will get you warmed up for an evening of rooting on the Bulldogs as they take on the Carroll Tigers!

Ms Carnival - Another successful carnival

Winter Cheerleaders 2013-14

winter cheerleaders -

Pictures by Asp'ngold




 "More photos are available at" 

State Dance

-Pictures from Asp'ngold

Read all about it The Dog Pound staff has some great news. Starting with the October edition, the school newspaper will be online for readers to view. Both Schools website’s, and will provide a link to the Dog Pound. To view the paper on the site go to the left hand side of the first page under the “links” heading and click on the “Dog Pound” link. On the website just look for the Dog Pound link on the home page. Adviser Rhonda Beach states, “Posting the Dog Pound online will allow more people to read the paper each month. Many newspapers and news magazines are available online which is very convenient for today’s technologically savvy society.” The staff encourages everyone to look at the paper online and read all about it.

-Students projects from fall 13

SUMMER DRIVER EDUCATION This summer’s program will be divided into two sessions. The first session will run from June 2nd through June 20th. The second session will be from June 23rd through July 11th. Starting dates are subject to change due to extended school year due to weather. Preference will be given to older students in requesting sessions . REGISTRATION FORMS: Starting February 17th you may pick up your form from the LeMars Community High School Principal’s office. These forms must be returned on or before Friday, March 7th with the proper fee attached. LeMars Community & Gehlen Catholic students will need to pay $300.00 for this class. Gehlen Catholic students WHO LIVE OUTSIDE THE LEMARS COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT will need to pay $375.00. Those students RESIDING OUTSIDE THE LEMARS COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT THAT ATTEND A SCHOOL OTHER THAN GEHLEN CATHOLIC will pay $450.00.

ELEMENTARY ART SHOW "Art Through the Eyes of Children" Over 80 students from Franklin, Kluckhohn, Clark and Gehlen were featured at the first Elementary Art Show at The Le Mars Art Center. The students' work was on display during the month of January. We had a wonderful turnout of families, friends and community members at a reception to honor the student artists on Sunday, January 12th from 1-3 p.m. The students that had artwork displayed from the Le Mars Community School District were:

Franklin: Kirsten Tyler, Samantha Otto, Kemper Bowden, Enoch Bate, Emily Kuiken, Jenna Allen, Payton Wright, Nathan Tyler, Allissa Britt, Tyrae Barker, Kenna Kasel, Madison Ouradnik, Brady Williams, Bohde DeBoer, Samantha Schiefen, Megan Shade.

Clark: Christopher Schieffer, Emma DeRuyter, McKennan Boehme, Melfeena Kitilach, Elias Bollin, Trinity Brunsting, Brooklyn Chapman, Trinity Wadell, Isabella Gonzales.

Kluckhohn: Dylan Bonnema, Spencer Mackey, Caroline Meis, Ethan Hulinsky, Emma Bendlin, Tyler Iverson, Joshua Scheitler, Katie Cunningham, Kristina Haakenson, Kayla Beitelspacher, Ava Sitzman, Brock Feldman, Jasmine Helter, Grace Van Otterloo, Ayden Hoag, Kari Cunningham, Owen Patchin, Jerzie Nelson, Allison Kruse, Jack Ten Napel, Jorja Bixenman, Connor Bock, Traven Sipenuk, Taylor Vondrak.

Elementary art teachers Gina Statema and Kim Strohbeen, were pleased to be able to showcase their students' work at the Art Center and look forward to participating in the event again, later next Spring. The show was a great success! The kids were so excited to see their work displayed and to feel the support from all those that attended. We would also like to extend a big "Thank-You" to the Le Mars Art Center for hosting our show!

Helmet of Hope

The LeMars Community Schools Foundation is pleased to announce that they have been selected as one of ten (10) semi-finalists for the Jimmie Johnson Foundation Blue Bunny Helmet of Hope.  For one week (April 17-April 24), the public will vote for their favorite semi-finalist to receive a $25,000 grant, a Blue Bunny ice cream party, and to have their logo featured on Jimmie's NASCAR Sprint Cup helmet during the race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Sunday, July 27th.  The five (5) organizations that receive the most votes will be the 2014 Blue Bunny Helmet of Hope recipients.

This is an extraordinary opportunity for the LCS Foundation and the students and staff at LeMars Community, and WE NEED YOUR HELP in passing along the message to as many people as possible and encouraging them to PLEASE VOTE.    

Votes can be cast by visiting the Helmet of Hope website........  Voting is open between Thursday, April 17 thru Thursday, April 24.  Individuals may vote as many times as they wish.

Feel free to utilize the attached flyer and social media such as Facebook and Twitter as well to "spread the word".  Below is a sample message you may like to use for Facebook and Twitter:

Facebook:  We need YOU to help the LeMars Community Schools Foundation to win $25,000.  The LCS Foundation is one of ten (10) organizations in the running to be on the @Jimmie Johnson Foundation @Blue Bunny Helmet of Hope.  The five (5) organizations that receive the most votes will receive a $25,000 grant, a @Blue Bunny Ice Cream party and the LCS Foundation logo will be featured on @Jimmie Johnson's helmet during the Sprint Cup Race on July 27th.  Visit to vote.  The more votes the LCS Foundation receives, the better their chances! #HelmetofHope

Twitter:  The LeMars Community Schools Foundation needs your help!  Vote for the LCS Foundation to receive $25K and to be featured on the @TeamJJF@Blue_Bunny #HelmetofHope!

We appreciate your efforts in helping the LCS Foundation become one of the Top 5 charities receiving the most votes.

Foundation banquet

The celebration will be held on Wednesday, April 30th, at 6:30 pm in the lower level of
the LeMars Convention Center. Tickets may be purchased at the Superintendents’ Office;
$20.00 for adults and $10.00 for students. Please reserve your ticket by Friday, April
25th. The public is invited and encouraged to attend.

Coming soon!

WSC Comp
WSC IT Competition L-R Chris, Blake (1st Architectural CAD, 2nd Mechanical CAD, Noah (2nd Architectural CAD, 2nd Mechanical CAD), Kyle (3rd Architectural CAD), Madison 3rd Web Page

Click to view the High School Course Description booklet

Iowa Core: An Update and Shifts in Literacy

Le Mars Community School teachers continue to progress through their study of the Iowa Core. During our districtwide two-hour early dismissals, one time per month, teachers will begin to identify essential learning for each standard. In other words, determine what students should know, understand, and be able to do in order to demonstrate they have met each Iowa Core standard. There has been much media coverage pertaining to the Iowa Core and whether or not the curriculum is a local decision or dictated by the state or federal government. The Iowa Core is composed of minimum standards of learning for all students in Iowa to strive to achieve. Districts have the ability to teach above and beyond these standards. Classroom teachers still have the authority to determine how best to teach students, when to teach the content throughout the school year, and the resources to utilize in order to help students reach these standards. Simply stated, local school districts have the authority to determine the curriculum in order to meet the Iowa Core standards.

The Iowa Core literacy standards entail not only English language arts (ELA), but also history/social studies, science, and all other subject areas. In order for all students to become literate, all teachers must teach the essential skills of literacy within every content area; relying solely on the ELA teacher to ensure these skills is not best practice. Since reading is a foundational skill for all learning, it is important that all content areas take part in helping students to learn to read and read to learn.

As we study the Iowa Core, there are key areas in which the Iowa Core literacy standards focus. These key areas are not all-inclusive with regard to what students will learn, but they are important factors in helping our children develop strong literacy skills. The following information is based upon Common Core shifts available at

1. Building knowledge through content-area rich non-fiction (informational text). Reasoning: Most of the knowledge we gain in the world comes through reading non-fiction (informational) texts. Increased focus on developing skills to read and apply learning from non-fiction is vital. However, fiction (literary) will continue to be utilized in order to develop a love of reading, develop an appreciation for powerful literary works, and to help with developing reading skills. The information below details the percent of literary (fiction) and informational (nonfiction) texts students will be exposed to during their literacy development at each grade level. You will notice the percent of informational reading increases in the higher grade levels in order to prepare students for college and careers.

Grade Level

2. Reading, writing, and speaking based upon evidence within literary and non-fiction texts. Reasoning: Most college and workplace writing requires evidence. Strong readers and writers are able to locate, cite, and integrate evidence from texts.

3. Regular practice with complex texts. Reasoning: Students who can read and understand difficult texts and vocabulary are more likely to have success in college (ACT study). Students will develop skills to read and understand texts with greater complexity from elementary through high school.

We encourage anyone interested in the Iowa Core to take a look at the following Iowa Core online resources: Iowa Department of Education (, the Common Core State Initiatives website (, or a series of online videos conducted by the developers of the Common Core, which is the basis for the Iowa Core, at Please contact Steve Webner, Assistant Superintendent, with any questions, at (712) 546-4155, or email

Kindergarten Round-up is being held the week of April 15th at the Le
Mars Community Schools.
Sessions are at 8:45 AM and 12:45 PM at each building.
The schedule is:

Wednesday, April 9, Clark Elementary – AM/PM
Thursday, April 10, Franklin Elementary – AM/PM
Friday, April 11, Kluckhohn Elementary – AM/PM
If you have a child who is eligible to start kindergarten and you have not
received a letter assigning their Kindergarten Round-up time, please call
Clark Elementary at 546-8121..

LeMars Community Education Enhancement Project

Newsflash LEEP BY-LAWS Request for funds More info on LEEP

In March 2009, dedicated volunteers including parents, teachers, and grandparents formed a group that would contribute to programs and supplies that were above and beyond the existing school budget. Funds are dispersed to support students and faculty from the elementary, middle and high schools. This group is the LeMars Community Education Enhancement Project or L.E.E.P.
As with many organizations, L.E.E.P. is looking to recruit new volunteers to continue our mission. Research states that everyone should be a part of your community and
education system. No man or woman is an island. It is easy to take the great community that we live in for granted. People and societies depend on each other for survival. That being said, L.E.E.P. welcomes new faces and also those faces we haven’t seen in a while to join L.E.E.P. and help build and maintain our group. As a volunteer, you assist in shaping the school system that the community benefits from-everyone wins.

For more information about L.E.E.P., please contact the following officers:
Gayle Vonk, president
Helena McDougall, vice president
Lorraine DeJong, secretary
Julie Beitelspacher, treasurer

The next regular L.E.E.P. meeting will be held Monday, April 7, 2014 @ 5:30 p.m., in room A-07, LCMS, use door “C” and park on Stadium Drive. The following teacher requests were reviewed and
honored at the March meeting: A standing KitchenAid mixer was purchased to be used in the high school Family and Consumers Science classes for $215.00 Classroom novels were purchased for the
middle school Literacy Academy classes for $213.47. Math materials and Ed.Helper subscription
were approved for $79.64, to be used at Franklin elementary and the middle school in Level 2 Special Ed. rooms. Powerpoint’s Electronic Resources were approved for purchase for $76.89, for use in the sixth grade social studies classes. Guided reading materials for Kluckhohn
second grades, for $159.02

The above requests were possible because of the
generous and continued support that has been extended
to L.E.E.P. Thank you

Thank you for your support of our fundraisers!


Come join us at our next LEEP meeting.  We meet the first Monday of each month at 5:30 in the Middle School (Lorraine DeJong’s room)! Our next meeting will be on Monday March 3rd!
We look forward to hearing from you!  And, if you have any questions or concerns regarding LEEP, please contact our officers:
President         Gayle Vonk    
Vice President  Helana McDougall                                            
Secretary   Lorraine DeJong         
Treasurer Julie Beitelspacher                                              


President: Gayle Vonk

Vice President: Helena McDougall

Secretary: Lorraine DeJong

Treasurer: Julie Beitelspacher







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Preschool Application Preschool is open to 4-year old children in the community with the goal of having a well-rounded, diverse group of children that is representative of the population of LeMars. A child must be 4 years old by September 15, 2014 in order to qualify for the preschool program. However, the LeMars School District reserves the right to enroll children based on gender, age, race, ethnicity, special need, and members of low-income families for the purposes of highquality preschool experiences. Selection of children will be based on a random selection process and will take place the week of April 7. A maximum of 24 students will be selected for the LeMars Community Preschool Program. Preschool applications will be made available Monday, March 3, 2014. Applications may be found online at: or at Clark Elementary School. The completed application must be postmarked by Tuesday, April 1, 2014 to be considered in the random selection process. If you have any questions concerning LeMars Community Preschool, please contact Clark Elementary Principal, Floyd Athay at 546-8121 or




(Le Mars) -- The Le Mars Community High School Quiz Bowl team will compete against
Alta-Aurelia on television. The match up of wits will happen Sunday, February 16 at 11:00
a.m. on KCAU-TV channel 9. Quiz Bowl coordinator, Jeanne Rust says the team includes:
A.J. Schroeder, Jarod Ernst, Colin Meade and Joel Haden. Alternates include Jack Becker
and Andrew Koele. The Le Mars High School Quiz Bowl team earned the right to compete
in the televised portion by placing in the top 16 teams at an earlier qualifying tournament at
Morningside College. The Le Mars team is seeded 4th in the KCAU televised portion.
Gehlen Catholic has also qualified to participate in the televised Quiz Bowl

Front: Jeff, Kelli, Jennifer, Brett, and Cole.
Middle: Colin, AJ, Jarod, and Joel.
Back: Andrew, Alex, Jack, and Dayton.




Check out the course description booklet and the High School Schedule request form. Please print and fill out schedule request form and return to the Counselors
Course Description Booklet Schedule request form.




Contact: Taci Lilienthal, Iowa 4-H Foundation Scholarship Coordinator, (563)343-1144


The Iowa 4-H Foundation announces the 2014 scholarship programs for 4‑H’ers attending or planning to attend college fall 2014.  More than 69 scholarship programs totaling over $63,200 may be awarded.

The various awards range in amounts from $500 to $3,500.  Some of the scholarships are open to students pursuing any field of study, while others are open to students pursuing degrees in agriculture, food and nutrition, ag business, animal science, and journalism.  Former Iowa 4-H'ers and current 4-H'ers graduating from high school are eligible applicants.

The majority of the scholarships will be awarded to students attending Iowa State University.  Scholarships are also available to students planning to attend another Iowa Regent university, Iowa private college, or Iowa community college.

4-H Scholarship information and online applications are available on the Iowa 4-H Foundation web page

Applications must be submitted online no later than 11:59 PM, February 1, 2014 for consideration. 

For updates and reminders please visit the following sites:

For questions please contact Taci Lilienthal, Iowa 4-H Foundation Scholarship Coordinator at or 563-343-1144

Applications available at the Guidance Office   Also available:  Website listing of scholarship and financial aid search sites
**Anyone looking to attend Northwestern College in Orange City see Mr. Fitzgerald for informatin about an almunus scholarship**
A comprehensive overview of the state scholarship, grant, and loan repayment programs is available 
on the IA College Aid website at
Applications available at the Guidance Office   Also available:  Website listing of scholarship and financial aid search sites
**Anyone looking to attend Northwestern College in Orange City see Mr. Fitzgerald for informatin about an almunus scholarship**
A comprehensive overview of the state scholarship, grant, and loan repayment programs is available 
on the IA College Aid website at
2/11/2014 16:05
Scholarship Main Eligibility Criteria Deadline
In Memory of Robert E. Byers, Eductor See Julia for application 2/21/2014
Plymouth County Farm Bureau Parents must be a Plymouth Co Farm Bureau member - see Julia for application 3/3/2014
Kibbie Grant See Julia for more information 7/1/2014
Robert D. Blue Scholarship See Julia for more information 5/10/2014
Grand Lodge MCEC Tech Scholarship    then click on "Scholarships of the Grand Lodge" 3/3/2014
The Pearl Hull Falk Scholarship Protestant faith & a full-time student at University of Iowa 5/1/2014
Iowa Automobile Dealers Foundation Pursue automative-related studies.  See Julia for an application 3/3/2014
NW IA Credit Union Must have an account established at NW IA Credit Union and be a member in good standing.  
  See Julia for application 4/1/2014
Grinnell Mutual Insured with Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Co. or Grinnell Select Insurance Co., gpa 3.0, &  
  clean driving record. or see Julia for an application 3/15/2014
Iowa Soybean Association See Julia for application  
North Star Community Credit Union 2014 North Star Community Credit Union Scholarship  
Floyd Valley Hospital Pursuing a health-related career see Julia for an application 4/1/2014
Farmer's Mutual Insurance See Julia for an application 3/15/2014
Siouxland Officials Association Must participate in at least one sport for at least 3 years including their senior year, 3.0+ gpa  
  See Julia for an application 4/1/2014
Dallas Heckt Scholarship Trust No criteria needed.  See Julia for an application 4/10/2014
Richard Hatz Scholarship Obtaining a degree in: Business, Health, Nutrition, Early Education, or Energy Conservation.  See Julia for an application. 3/21/2014
Steven H. Musson Memorial Scholarship Be actively engaged in or pursue emergency care in Plymouth County (paramedic, 1st responder, or EMT) 5/31/2014
IA Golf Assoc./Ann Griffel Scholarship 3/14/2014
IA Golf Assoc./Herman Sani Scholarship 3/14/2014
University/College Offered Scholarships
Note:  This list is not all-inclusive.  Please check with the college of your choice for additional scholarship offerings.
Scholarship Main Eligibility Criteria Deadline
Wayne State Scholarships 2014 Audition Dates:  Friday, February 14 and Friday, April 11  Information in Guidance Office  
University of Omaha Music Scholarships 3/1/2014
Morningside College Pursing a bachelor of science in nursing degree at Morningside.  See Julia for application. 3/3/2014
Wayne State Scholarships Art & Design Scholarship.  See Julia for an application 3/10/2014
Scholarships Offered to Underclassmen
Scholarship Main Eligibility Criteria Deadline
Websites: Financial Aid Info: College Financial Aid Hanbook is available at or can be order The American Legion, Amblem Sales P.O. Box 1050 Indianapolis, IN  46206   A copy is in the Guidance Office (Voted #1 Free Resource for Students) See the website to the left for the following scholarships plus many more:
Eagle Scout of the Year Scolarship
Playing with Purpose Scolarship
Horatio Alger Scholarship
All  Iowa Opportunity Scholarship
Governor Terry E. Branstad Iowa State Fair Scholarship
There is information about the Iowa College Aid application process in the Guidance Office Scholarship files.  
The website is
***New website for B. Davis Scholarship***  The B. Davis scholarship has moved to a new website




April Newsletter (Mr Bruce Ludwig)

Dr Wendt Superintendent

On March 3rd, it was announced that the Le Mars Community School District was
selected to be in the first group of Iowa school districts selected to launch teacher
leadership systems next school year. Out of Iowa’s 346 school districts, 146 applied
to start teacher leadership systems in 2014-15 and only 39 were selected. Districts
selected will receive about $309 per pupil next school year to implement their teacher
leadership systems. The Le Mars Community School district is expected to receive
approximately $640,000 in additional state funds each year to implement this
program. These funds are restricted funds and can only be used to fund the teacher
leadership positions outlined in the application.

A team of teachers and administrators worked on developing the application and
communicating about it to the Board of Education, staff, and DLIIT Team since late
October/early November. The team did an excellent job of gathering input and
putting together a quality plan that will benefit students. I want to thank Judy Zeka,
Bill Magnussen, Julie Theisen, Rachel Harris, Steve Webner, Scott Parry, and Steve
Shanks for their work on the district’s application.

On March 15th, the state Individual Events Speech Contest was held at Sioux City
East. LeMars Community High School was heavily represented with thirty-five
entries in the state contest. The students under the direction of head coach Sherri
Permeswaran, assistant Erin Ohrlund, and assistant Shawn Starr had a fantastic day.
Twenty-eight entries earned Division I ratings. What an awesome showing!
Seven LCHS students were named outstanding performers at the state contest and
performed at the All State Individual Events Speech Festival in Cedar Falls on March
31, 2014. Students named outstanding performers were Travis Barrett, Liz
Bixenman, Charlie Ellis, Jayme Kelly, Emma Parry, Katy Price, and Maria Renken.
Congratulations to all the students involved in a great season for individual events

On March 18th, the all-state basketball teams were announced. Le Mars Community
High school had a member of the all-state team. Junior boys’ basketball player Tyler
Borchers received all-state recognition. Tyler was named to the 2nd
Team as a utility player. Congratulations to Tyler and to his coach Dave Irwin for this special

I wanted to mention something for all of us to look forward to in April besides spring
weather. On April 30th, the Le Mars Community School Foundation will hold the
annual Honors Banquet beginning at 6:30 pm at the Le Mars Convention Center.
This event keeps growing every year and is open to everyone. The purpose of the
banquet is to honor great students, employees, and alumni of the school district.
Tickets are available in the superintendent’s office and information about the banquet
is available in every district building.

We are now in the fourth quarter of the school year. Although it is cold and windy
outside as I write this article, this is the time of the year where it becomes hard for
students to stay focused on their education as the weather warms up.
Please reinforce with your student the importance of finishing the school
year with the same energy and enthusiasm they had at the beginning of
the year. Summer vacation will be here soon enough.

Click on link below to get classroom supply lists for each school
Elementary Middle School

February Newsletter (Bruce Ludwig)

Teacher of the year nomination

The LeMars Community School District Foundation and the LeMars Community School Alumni Association are seeking nominations for “Teacher of the Year” to represent the many great teachers who exemplify our school district and its educational goals.

The award is called the Decades of Excellence Crystal Bell Award. Its purpose is to recognize and honor teachers who demonstrate excellence in education by meeting the needs of the students. Two $500 awards will be presented to the winner; $500 for personal use and $500 for classroom use.

Anyone wishing to nominate a teacher for the Decades of Excellence Crystal Bell Award may stop by any of the principals’ offices or the Superintendent’s Office, or visit the school district’s website ( to obtain nomination materials. The nomination papers must be submitted by Friday, March28, 2014.

This award will be presented at the Foundation’s Annual Awards Banquet to be held on Wednesday, April 30, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. in the lower level of the LeMars Convention Center. Tickets for the banquet will be available for the public by stopping in or calling the Superintendent’s Office, 546-4155. DECADES OF EXCELLENCE CRYSTAL BELl Award TEACHER OF THE YEAR RECIPIENTS


(High school tennis)
(G) Le Mars (2-0/2-0) 8, Cherokee 1
(B) Cherokee 5, Le Mars (2-1/1-1) 4

Don Schilling Invitational - (girls results) TEAM STANDINGS: 1. Le Mars (123) .. 2. Bishop
Heelan (104) .. 3. Sibley-Ocheyedan (84) .. 4. M-O-C/Floyd Valley (80) .. 5. Sioux City East
(70) .. 6. Sioux City West (46) .. 7. Sioux City North (24).

(boys results) TEAM STANDINGS: 1. Le Mars (137) .. 2. Bishop Heelan (99) .. 3. Spencer
(76) .. 4. Sioux City East (57) .. 5. M-O-C/Floyd Valley (44) .. 6. Sibley-Ocheyedan (38) .. 7.
Sioux City North (32) .. 8. Gehlen Catholic (22) .. 9. Sioux City West (19).

boys sc relay -

Below are the pictures (group) and individual winners of the 15 school WITCC Skills competition
Clint Delarm 1st Welding
Nate Kessenich 1st Drafting
Dylan Taylor 1st Auto
Ashton Thompson 2nd Auto
Chris Hatting 1st 3D Mechanical Inventor
Noah Scheitler 2nd  3D Mechanical Inventor




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