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LeMars Community School District is a 3A school located in NW Iowa

Congratulations LeMars on being named an All Star Community.

"Our greatest glory is not in never failing but in rising everytime we fall". Ralph Waldo Emerson




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Dates & Information

September 19-23 Homecoming Week
September 23 Homecoming Dance
October 10 College Night
October 22 ACT Testing
November 15 Career and College Planning Night
November 15 Financial Aid Night
December 9 Snoball
December 10 ACT Testing

Rhonda Beach
Employee of the Month

Language Arts

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Go Bulldogs


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"The unselfish effort to bring cheer to others will be the beginning of a happier life for ourselves". Helen Keller.

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Alumni link




Grades PK -12.....................................$35
7 & 8 Bands ............ $15/yr.
Art (9-12) ................. $10/class
9-12 Bands ..............$15/yr.
Orchestra (9-12) ........$15/yr.
Vocal Music (9-12) ... $15/yr.
Instrument Rent ........$50/yr.
Percussion Rent.........$35/yr.
City bus fees $50/semester or $30/quarter
Trades & Industries ....................... $10/class
(Prices subject to change)
Lunch Grades K-12 daily - $2.60
Breakfast Grades K-12 daily - $1.75
Milk Grades K- 2 - $40/semester; $70/yr. Milk/Snack Grade PK - $55/semester; $100/yr
Grades PK-8.................$50/yr. Grades 9-12................$75/yr. Double Option & 24 hr. Ins. available
Student - $35.00 • Adult - $75.00


Bus Information

From Newsletter

The Transportation Department is again offering in-town bussing for our students. Students must have a bus pass from their school to ride the bus. Riding the bus is a privilege. This privilege can be lost if the student does not have a pass or if the rider does not follow the rules. It is important that each student have a pass. These passes must be carried with them at all times and should be shown to the driver whenever asked.

The bus rules are posted in each bus. Please let your student know how important it is to follow these rules. Distracting the driver can be very serious. If the driver needs to watch the students, he is not watching the road. Some of these rules to follow are:

 Remain seated while bus is in motion.
 No loud talking or profanity.
 No fighting or pushing. Always keep your hands to yourself.
 No throwing objects in or out of the bus.

There may be additional requests made by the bus driver that all students will be expected to follow for overall safety.

Let’s all do the best we can to provide the students a safe ride to and from school this year.


Check out the Athletic and Music Booster clubs below

Booster Club membership form

Athletic Booster Club



Music Booster Club


A.B.S. Athletic Booster Stuff

From Newsletter


Can't believe another school year is here! This is a very busy time for the boosters, setting up tailgates, getting game ball sponsors, raffle prizes. We need volunteers to help with all these things. We will also need raffle ticket
sellers and helpers at tailgates and people to help sell clothing in the dog pound. We are currently busy with getting memberships, can always use more help for this!

This year for Pride Night we will focus on selling clothing and will not be serving food. Also for tailgates this year we will be charging $5.00 per person/plate. Boosters is a great organization for helping student athletes!

Please join us!
Karen Carlsen, president. Lori Kasel, vice president. Terri Martin, treasurer. Brenda Phelan, secretary.



From Mr Ludwig Disrict Newsletter

Code of Conduct PDF

The Le Mars Community activities code of conduct meetings for all Le Mars Community high school students entering grades nine through twelve (9-12) who plan to participate in any extra-curricular activities for the 2016-2017 school year will be held on:
•Wednesday, August 10th , 12:00 pm & 7:00 pm
•Monday, August 15h, 12:00 pm These meetings will be held in the high school

Little Theater and will last approximately 30 minutes. Students and parents may attend any meeting.

The student participant and at least one parent or guardian must attend this meeting before the student can participate in any activity.

Students will not be allowed to participate in any activity until a meeting is attended by both student and parent/guardian. Activities include all sports including cheerleading, band, chorus, speech, orchestra, dance team, all clubs, organizations, and other activity that is considered extra-curricular. These meetings will inform the students and parents of the requirements prior to participation in any of the extra-curricular activities sponsored by the Le Mars Community Schools and cover the Code of Conduct Policy.

If you have any questions about the meetings, please call Neal Utesch, Activities Director, at 546-4153.




Designer Choice student projects



Elementary PTO Update

Various pictures from September PTO

ChalkTheWalk 1 was at Kluckhohn
ChalkTheWalk 2 was at Franklin
Open House was at Clark:  Liz McDougall on left and Angie Penne on right.
Float picture was for the Homecoming parade




Enrollment Information

From District Newsletter

Open Enrollment Notification Parents/guardians are hereby given notice of the following deadlines pertaining to Open Enrollment opportunities:

March 1, 2016 – Last date for Open Enrollment requests for the 2016-2017 school year.

Parents of children who will begin kindergarten in 2016-2017 must file for

Open Enrollment no later than September 1, 2016. Open enrollment students whose family income meets eligibility requirements are eligible for transportation assistance. Assistance may be in the form of actual transportation being provided or a stipend paid to parents/guardians.

Parents should be aware that Open Enrollment may result in loss of athletic eligibility. Questions should be directed to the: Superintendent’s Office, 940 Lincoln St SW, LeMars, IA 51031 712-546-4155





2016 Football Cheerleaders (by Aspn'Gold)


Congrats bulldogs on your opening gridiron win against Sioux Center

Pictures by Aspn' Gold



Fall Activities (From Hotsheets)


Western Christian Invitational (girls results) VARSITY TEAM STANDINGS: 1. Le Mars (54) .. 2. Okoboji (83) .. 3. Unity Christian (114) .. 4. Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley & M-O-C/Floyd Valley (119) .. 11. Woodbury Central/ Kingsley-Pierson (276) (11 teams). (boys results) VARISTY TEAM STANDINGS: 1. Unity Christian (58) .. 2. Western Christian (81) .. 3. George-Little Rock (82) .. 4. Spirit Lake (113) .. 5. Sioux Center (161) .. 6. Le Mars (174) .. 12. Woodbury Central/Kingsley-Pierson (288) .. 14. Gehlen Catholic (381) (14 teams).

(volleyball) triangular at Le Mars (#1-2A)Western Christian def. Le Mars (10-9/3-1) 3-0 (25-15, 25-17, 25-10)


















Coach’s Corner Feature Teacher:

Señora Gale Horan

Welcome to the Instructional Coach's Corner. Our names are Jill Brown, Cliff Collins, and Tracy Wingert. We are the Instructional Coaches for grades 6-12. Every month we will be introducing you to one of the wonderful teachers from the middle school or high school. This month we would like you to meet Gale Horan.

Described as genuine, caring, and kind-hearted, it is obvious that Señora Horan is well liked by her students. Her enthusiastic smile and love of students make her class an enjoyable and safe place to be. Although she says it in Spanish, it is understandable that her personal teaching motto is, “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.”

“Señora Horan is a very kind teacher. She always answers any questions we have and I will miss every Viernes (Friday) without her when I graduate.” – Cody Nelson

“Señora Horan is like a breath of fresh air. She makes Spanish seem stress free and does her best to do so. She has the voice of a singing bird.” – Anonymous

Both Señora and her students state that one of their favorite activities in Spanish is the acting out of Don Quijote. Senora Horan says that it is always a great experience to see her students get into Spanish literature. Interestingly, she prepared for the new school year by watching Spanish telenovelas to improve her own comprehension skills.

After teaching in the district for 35 years, Señora Horan is still enthusiastic about her work. She currently teaches Spanish 3 and Spanish 4, but began teaching in LeMars Community High School part-time as a Spanish 1-4 teacher. She mixes up activities, incorporating music, literature, and discussion into her lessons. This will be her last year in the high school as she is retiring at the end of the year.

“Señora is one of the greatest teachers to ever come through LeMars. She is great at getting kids to participate in class and enjoy what they learn. It is also awesome when she acts out Don Quijote .” – Anonymous

“Señora Horan has always been willing to help students learn to the best of their ability. She helps them to understand a lesson in a way that makes sense to them. Whether it’s something that rhymes or is silly.” – Kaitlyn Danielson

Señora Horan explains that one of the greatest misconceptions about teachers is, “… a teacher who works the students hard does not care about the students. I like to help students to maximize their potential BECAUSE I care about them.” This attitude has made her students respect and admire her teaching.

When she is not at school, Señora Horan enjoys walking and reading. She describes herself as a movie buff. While her husband, Mark, does not speak Spanish, her daughter, Jennifer, is a Spanish teacher and her daughter, Amy, understands Spanish but does not speak it often.

“Señora always tries to make class a good time. She is always smiling and never have I heard her get mad (all 4 years I’ve known her). She has a big heart and really cares about her students and their education. Students that don’t get to have her as a teacher are very unfortunate.” – Anonymous

“Mrs. Horan always has a smile on her face and makes the classroom an enjoyable place to be. I will definitely miss her next year.” – Anonymous

Thank you, Señora Horan for the positive influence you have had on the students of LeMars.




From Newsletter (Coming soon)

Dog Pounds Newsletter

August/September October November Decemeber January
February March April May  






Pictures by Nancy and Web Design Class





Homecoming Entry Form

Homecoming week September 19-23

No Place Like Home
September 19th – 23rd

Monday: Lion’s, Tiger’s, and Bears – O’ My (Dress like Animal)

Tuesday: Twister Tuesday (Mis-Match Day)

Wednesday: Class Color Day
Staff – Hawkeye Yellow
Seniors – Black
Juniors – Green
Sophomores – Maroon
Freshman – Pink

Thursday: Which Witch is Which? (Twin Day)

Friday: Red and Black Spirit Day

Homecoming Dance on Friday – September 23rd in Carey Gym following the football game until Midnight.  Semi-Formal dress (NO JEANS or SHORTS ALLOWED)





LeMars Community Education Enhancement Project LEEP

Newsflash LEEP BY-LAWS Request for funds More info on LEEP



LLeMars Community Education Enhancement Project

The 5th Annual MENuMASTERS event is scheduled for Saturday, September 17, 2016, at the Plymouth County Fairgrounds. MENuMASTERS is a fundraising event for L.E.E.P. or LeMars Community Education Enhancement Project, which raises money for educational needs in all LeMars Community Schools. This adult event will again feature 29 local businessmen, as “chefs” for the evening. Chefs will show case everything from appetizers, entrees, salads, desserts, and beverages serving “sample but ample” portions. This fun event provides a time to socialize with friends and experience the creativity and humor of local businessmen. Cost is $25.00 per person, with chefs serving their creations between 5pm-8pm. Music and entertainment will be provided by Simplify Music.

The MENuMASTERS committee is in the process of recruiting chefs, sponsors, and volunteers. If you are interested in being a chef, sponsor, volunteer, or just would like more information about the event, please contact the following:

Lynn Baumgartner
Deb Parmelee

Tickets for the event can be purchased after school starts and throughout September. Tickets will be at the following locations: all LeMars Community Schools, local banks, and from any L.E.E.P. member. Only 500 tickets will be offered with no tickets

Come join us at our next LEEP meeting.  We meet the first
Monday of each month in the Middle School (Lorraine DeJong’s room)!

Please contact our officers:
            President                                                                                           V. President         Helana-McDougall
Secretary              Lorraine DeJong
Treasurer              Julie Beitelspacher







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Clark Elementary
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Middle School
High School
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Handbooks Elementary Handbook   Library  
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Newsletter (Bruce Ludwig)
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From District Newsletter (Mr Bruce Ludwigs)

We are going to have a great 2016-17 school year at LCMS! We'd like to welcome a new class of 6th graders as well as all the new 7th and 8th grade students coming to Le Mars MS for the first time. We are here to help with all transition questions.

Our main office phone number is 546-7022.

Here are the big events at the MS in August

Monday, August 8 Registration in the MS Commons 11:00 am to 7:00 pm

Tuesday, August 9 Registration in the MS Commons 7:00 am to 3:00 pm

Monday, August 22 6th Grade Orientation (Parents & Students) MS Auditorium 6:30-7:30 pm 7th-8th Grade Orientation (Parents & Students) MS Auditorium 7:30-8:30 pm

Wednesday, August 24 Open House to fill lockers/tour classrooms (Students & Parents optional) 11:00 am to 1:00 pm

Thursday, August 25 1st Day of School. 6th graders 8:25 am, 7-8th Graders 8:30 am
Student schedules will be handed out at Orientation on August 22. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call!

Mr. Shanks, Principal



Click to view monthly calendar of events

August September October November December January
February March April May June July




Next Moped Safety Class March 4

Moped Safety classes will be held for students in the LeMars area at the LeMars Middle School in room C15 (Mr. Dalton's room) March 4th from 8:00 to 2:15. Iowans 14 and 15 years of age are required by law to take this 6 hour education course before receiving a license to operate a moped on public highways. Minimum age for this course is 13 1/2. Students wishing to take this class should see Mr Dalton for forms before Saturday’s class. Parents of students outside of LeMars Community School can email Mr. Dalton the information below to Cost is $35 per student.

Directions to classroom/Info

Head east on 12th street to the High school football field, turn left and go 1 1/2 block north and turn left at parking lot north of the gym and drive behind the school. Park between the Weight room and the back of the middle school. Go through the "J" entrance door of middle school. Room C15 is the first door to your right after you walk thru the "J" entrance door. Class starts at 8:00am and should be done around 2:00 pm. Please bring a sack lunch. 

Gehlen and students outside of LeMars Community Schools

Gehlen and other students outside of LeMars please email the following information:

Students First Name____________ Middle Initial ___ Last Name:_________________________

Address ___________________________

Students Cell Phone:____________________________



Primebank Hotsheets

Hot Sheets



Congratulations to the new NHS Inductees

Jeff Ahlers

Jocelyn Hernandez

Collin Nemmers

Deyton Augustine

Trenton Hilbrands

Madisen Parker

Juliana Benitez

Madison Hunter

Zach Pratt

Chaise Benjamin

Haley Jungers

Sydney Rand

Cole Berkenpas

Hazel LaBreche

Walker Raymond

Keaton Candor

Brittany Lambert

Mallie Sauer

Megan Connor

Matilynn Langel

Mariah Schilmoeller

Jessica Eisma

Kyle Marek

Kelli Susemihl

Megan Friedenbach

Makena Masuen

Lauren Tabbert

Bryce Frentress

Hannah McDougall

Emily Van Otterloo

Kajsa Hallberg

Mary Meis

Alex White

Tessa Hansen

Paul Meis

Raquel Yoerger



Krista Zenk









Le Mars Community Preschool Registration for those selected to attend the Le Mars Community Preschool will take place at Clark Elementary School August 3-7 during the following times:

Monday, August 1 11:00am - 7:00pm

Tuesday, August 2 7:00am - 3:00pm

Wednesday, August 3 11:00am—7:00pm

Thursday, August 4 8:00am - 4:00pm

The fees for preschool are book/supply fee $35.00 for the year and milk/snack fee $55/Semester, $100/Year. Please bring the forms that were mailed to you in June to this registration. If you have any questions please contact Clark Elementary School at 546-8121.

Early Head Start

A FREE Family Resource Program

Early Head Start is a FREE family resource program for qualifying pregnant mothers and children under the age of three. Early Head Start has home based visits made four times a month to support and share with parents the development of their child. Qualifying two year olds may also attend a center based program in Sioux Center or LeMars.

If you are interest in learning more about the Early Head Start program, please call 1-800-859-2025 for more information.

Free Preschool for your Qualifying Child!

Mid-Sioux Opportunity, Head Start offers education activities, health resources, nutritious meals and family support.

Mid-Sioux Head Start centers are located in Akron, Cherokee, LeMars, Orange City, Rock Valley, Rock Rapids and Sioux Center. A child Development Program (CDC) is also located in Hawarden. Transportation is provided in most areas.

Your child will leave Head Start more prepared for Kindergarten, excited about learning, and ready to succeed!

Give your child a Head Start in life.

For more information call: 1-800-859-2025

Registration Notice

Registration forms will be mailed to each family in July. You can either mail the forms with your payment or return them on registration day.

Registration Dates For Next School Year

Monday August 8th
11:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Tuesday, August 9th
7:00 AM to 3:00 PM


Check out the course description booklet and the High School Schedule request form. Please print and fill out schedule request form and return to the Counselors
Course Description Booklet Schedule request form.




Iowa 4 H Scholarship
Other Scholarships:



Agriculture 2 year

Agriculture Byers

Buick Achievers  
Iowa State  
Maxine Fieg Whiteside Memorial Scholarship Trust This scholarship is intended for graduating high school seniors in the Iowa counties of Plymouth and Woodbury.
Westmar Click on ‘For Students’, then click on ‘Westmar Endowment Scholarship Application’, which takes you directly into the application and description of the scholarship program.   Please note that application materials and official transcripts must be received by the Iowa College Foundation no later than April 1, 2016.

- Scholarship Guide for Black Students:
Scholarship Guide for Hispanic

 - Scholarship Guide for Asian Students: Other money geek scholarships Accredited Schools Online 
  • Online Colleges Best colleges

Alumni & Friends scholarship whereby a WITCC alum can nominate a student for consideration of a $500 scholarship.  Here is the link to that nomination form:  This scholarship is for new students attending WITCC.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me.

Carolyn Ellwanger, Executive Director

Western Iowa Tech Community College Foundation

4647 Stone Avenue, Sioux City, IA 51106

712-274-8733, ext. 1330

LCSD Foundations Scholarships

LCSD Foundatoin Scholarship application materials will be available on February 15, 2016 on th district website.

You can access the website by going to:

Application deadline is Friday, April 8th




Semester 2

Day 1

8:30 to 9:40 test for 1
9:45 to 10:55 test for 2
10:55 to 11:45 Lunch
11:50 to 1:00 test for 5
1:05 to 2:15 test for 6
2:20 to 3:30 test for 7

Day 2

8:30 to 9:40 test for 3
9:45 to 10:55 test for 4
10:55 to 11:50 Lunch
11:55 to 1:05 test for 8








Congratulations Class of 2016


State speech results

We had another super day State Speech competition on Saturday, Feb. 6 as our groups produced 15 I ratings and 8 II's. Additionally, we found out Monday that 5 groups (highlighted below) were selected for All-State in Ames on Feb. 20: Ensemble Acting "Soap Opera" (non-performing), Short Film "Second Chance" (non-performing), Varsity Readers Theatre "Three Fractured Pigs" (performing), and Radio Broadcasting "KTEC" (performing).  "Performing" means that the students will actually get to display their talents in a performance in Ames, while "non-performing" students are recognized as All-Staters but do not perform because of time constraints.

I ratings: 

Readers Theatre (Varsity)  "Three Fractured Pigs"
Dominic Loutsch
Charlie Ellis
Kajsa Hallberg
Shannon Robbins
Cole Berkenpas
Caitlyn Niehus
Jocelyn Hernandez
Jeff Ahlers
Diana Loutsch
Chloe Evans
Summer La Pato
Madelyn Johnson
Elizabeth Ihrke
Kody Koerselman

​Readers Theatre (Freshman) "Politically Correct Bedtime Stories"
Willow Olsen
Olivia McQuillen
Joan Meis
Danielle Paje
Faith Laskie
Joey DeBoer
Cassidy McGrew
Claire Ohlrichs
Caitlin Sudtelgte
Aly Buhman

​Choral Reading "How Jenny Became a Pirate"
Jeff Ahlers
Ross Curry
Caitlin Hughes
Mikayla Stone
Griselda Cobian
Hannah Kliever
Kelli Susemihl
Walker Raymond
Brooke Westhoff
Andrew Tonner
Megan Friederich
Tressa Hunter
Summer La Pato
Ensemble Acting "Soap Opera"
Charlie Ellis
Maria Renken
Dominic Loutsch
Alexandra Pick

Ensemble Acting "Libby Pearce Drinks"
Kajsa Hallberg
Shannon Robbins
Caitlin Niehus
Diana Loutsch

Ensemble Acting "Condensed Theatre Classics Presents: Lives in the Wind"
Cole Berkenpas
Madelyn Johnson
Morgan Boehme
Elizabeth Ihrke
Megan Connor

Group Mime "Temptations"
Regan Albers
Sarah Benton
Chloe Evans

Radio Broadcasting  (Varsity) KYUM
Natalie Siebens
Tressa Hunter

​Radio Broadcasting (Varsity) KTEC
Glen Clark
Jacob Beyer

​Radio Broadcasting (Freshman) KPET
Faith Laskie
Willow Olsen
TV News "Channel 7 News"
Robby Hodson
Max Hardyk
Luke Sudtelgte

Short Film (Varsity) "A Second Chance"
Maddy Boehme
Taylor Beach
Erin Koonce
Ashleigh Pedersen
Jacob Beyer
Ryan Vandevegte
Glen Clark
Kyle Zenk

Musical Theatre "Heathers"
Alexandra Pick
Caden Washburn
Megan Connor
Sarah Adams
Andrea Barrett

Group Improv (Varsity)
Maria Renken
Kody Koerselman
Morgan Boehme
Madisen Parker

​Group Improv (Varsity)
Luke Sudtelgte
Robby Hodson
Max Hardyk
Jacob Pottebaum

​Groups that received II ratings:

One Act "The Ever After"
The Ever After
Cody Nelson
Jesus Diaz
Jolene Coetzer
Brea McDermott
Lauren Maddox
Taylor Beach
Jocelyn Hernandez
Lauren Tabbert
April Vasquez
Ashley Vasquez
Julia Niehaus
Andrew Tonner
Sally Probst
Megan Friederich
Riley Kluver

Musical Theatre "Mamma Mia"
Noah Watson
Amy Isebrand
Regan Albers
Sarah Benton
Hannah Kliever

Short Film (Varsity) "Game Show"
Amy Isebrand
Cameron Buhman
Katrina Engebretson
Koster Buss
Ben Morehead
Tyler Pauley
Griselda Cobian
Cassidy Utesch
Sarah Adams
Amanda Schwartz
Chaise Benjamin
Mikayla Stone
Viki Bernat

Short Film (Freshman) "Parallel Parking Do's and Don'ts"
Haleigh Allyn
Brianna Kibby
Danielle Paje
Caitlin Sudtelgte
Anna Vacura
Kristen Heimgartner
Annie Ellis
Emily Koonce

Group Mime "The Struggles of Sisterhood"
Brea Mc Dermott
Brittany Lambert
Mallie Sauer

TV News "DISNEws"
Megan Pageler
Erin Koonce
Kelli Susimihl
Megan Bergquist
Ashley Vasquez

Group Improv (Varsity)
Caden Washburn
Noah Watson
Riley Kluver

Group Improv (Freshman)
Joey DeBoer
Dalton Glawe
Landen Parmelee

Congratulations Sponsors: Erin, Sherri, Jodi, and Shawn




Dr Wendt Superintendent

From Newsletter Bruce Ludwig Bulldog Highlights

The arrival of this newsletter signals the beginning of another school year in the LeMars Community School District. While some vacations and summertime activities are still yet to occur, August 25th and the start of school for another year is quickly approaching. Registration for the new school year will be occurring on August 8th from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm and August 9th from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm. As in past years, all students register at the middle school. We will be mailing registration packets ahead of the actual registration dates to returning students. Families have the option of completing all the necessary registration materials ahead of the registration dates by either returning the materials to the central office at 940 Lincoln St. SW prior to August 8th, or bringing the completed materials with them on one of the two registration dates. Registration materials will be available at the middle school on August 8th and August 9th for those new to the district or those that did not receive the registration packet in the mail.

We are in the process of recruiting and selecting parents and members of the community to serve on the District Learning and Instructional Impact Team (DLIIT Team) for the 2016-17 school year. The DLIIT Team is made up of students, parents, community members, teachers, administrators, and board members. The purpose of the team is to bring together representatives from the various stakeholder groups in the school district to provide leadership in the planning process and input to the Board of Education regarding issues facing the district. Topics worked on by the DLIIT Team in the past have included the Phase II Construction Project and the pursuit of the Instructional Support Levy. The time commitment involved would be three to four meetings per year in the evening. If interested in being considered for selection to the DLIIT Team, please contact the Superintendent’s Office for an application form.

You will see later in this issue of the newsletter that the various booster clubs are conducting their annual membership drive. I would encourage all of you to support the young people involved in athletics, music, and T & I by joining the booster clubs and becoming actively involved. Additionally, the district is very fortunate to be supported by the Elementary Parent Teacher Organization and the Le Mars Educational Enhancement Project (L.E.E.P.). Please support the efforts of these organizations as well. Without the assistance of all these groups, our students would not experience the level of excellence that exists in our district because of the support the groups provide.

You will notice later in the newsletter that we will have many new teachers and a new administrator with us this school year. As you come in contact with these people during the school year, please help them feel welcome in the school district and the community. I feel like we have been very successful in hiring high quality candidates and I believe this year’s new teachers and elementary principal will do an excellent job of working with our students. Please know that it really makes a difference when you are transitioning to a new job and a new community to be welcomed by the people around you.

All of us are very much looking forward to the return of the students on August 25, 2016 for the first day of school in the 2016-17 school year. Please enjoy the rest of your summer and remember to start talking with your student about the return to school as we get closer to the start of another great year in the Le Mars Community Schools.

Le Mars Community 8th graders have taken part in Washington Workshops for over 30 years. Parents and students are invited to attend an informational meeting about the Washington Workshop trip. The meeting will be held Thursday evening, September 15 at 6:15 p.m. in the middle school cafeteria. Please enter through Door A of the middle school. If you are unable to attend and are still interested, please contact Ms. Carrie Campbell at


Click on link below to get classroom supply lists for each school
Elementary Middle School High School



From District Newsletter


Patti Kruger is joining the district as Principal for Clark and Franklin Elementary schools. Patti, a native of Edgerton, Minnesota, brings to LeMars Community over thirty years of experience in teaching and administration. Most recently, Patti was the associate principal for the Ortega Middle School in Alamosa, Colorado. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education/Physical Education from Northwestern College in Orange City, and a Master of Science degree in Educational Leadership from Southwest Minnesota State University.

Cody Dyhrkopp is joining the staff at Kluckhohn Elementary as a 5th grade teacher. He will also be coaching 7th grade football and 9th grade girls basketball. Cody is a graduate of Buena Vista University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education. He was previously employed at Graettinger/Terril Community Schools as a Family Consumer Science teacher and held multiple coaching positions throughout his tenure there.

The new Middle School Science teacher is Lauren Husman, a recent graduate of Iowa State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a Master of Arts in Teaching Secondary Science. Lauren completed her student teaching experience at the Ames Middle School.

Jenna Bowmaster joins the district as the new High School Spanish teacher. Jenna attended Morningside College where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish Teaching. She previously taught Spanish at Remsen St. Mary’s.

Darci Palsma will be teaching 2nd grade at Kluckhohn Elementary and coaching 8th grade volleyball. Darci comes to LeMars Community from Rock Valley Community Schools where she was a Title I Reading Teacher and middle school volleyball coach. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education from Northwestern College in Orange City.

Tyler Phelan, an LCHS alum, will be teaching Elementary Physical Education in addition to coaching high school varsity football and high school girls basketball. Tyler brings to LeMars Community six years of experience teaching P.E. at all grade levels for the Galva-Holstein Community School District and coaching high school football, girls basketball and middle school boys track. In addition, he was the offensive line coach for Northwestern College’s football program for two seasons. Tyler earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Physical Education from the University of Northern Iowa.

After student teaching at LeMars Community, David Den Herder is now joining the special education staff as a Special Education teacher at the High School. He is a recent graduate of Dordt College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education with a Special Education minor. A former captain of Dordt College’s mens basketball team, David will also be coaching the 9th grade boys basketball team.

Joining the Kluckhohn Elementary staff as a 3rd grade teacher is Cari Herbst. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education from Buena Vista University and has been substitute teaching in the LeMars Community School District. She has prior experience teaching sixth grade and transitional kindergarten at Gehlen Catholic.
An alumnus of LCHS and a former student teacher at Clark Elementary and LCHS, Cassie Jacobsen is returning to the High School as a Special Education teacher. She is a graduate of the University of South Dakota with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary and Special Education and was previously teaching K-1 Special Education for the Vermillion School District.





Upcoming Events (from Dr Iverson Friday Focus)

Upcoming Activities

Friday, September 23
- 1:00 pm Coronation
- 2:15 pm Parade
- 7:00 pm Varsity Football vs. Heelan
- 9:00 pm Homecoming Dance

Saturday, September 24
- Star Fest
- 8:00 am Varsity Volleyball @ Unity Christian
- 8:30 am JV Volleyball @ Hull Western Christian

Monday, September 26
- 6:30 pm JV Football @ Sergeant Bluff- Luton

Tuesday, September 27
- 4:30 pm Cross Country @ Rolling Hills Country Club
- 5:30 pm Freshmen and JV Volleyball @ Western Christian 
- 6:50 pm Varsity Volleyball @ Western Christian

Friday, September 30
- 7:00 pm Varsity Football @ Storm Lake

Monday, October 3
- 4:30 pm JV Volleyball @ SBL
- 5:00 pm Fr/Soph Football vs. MOC
- 5:00 pm Parent Teacher Conferences

Tuesday, October 4
- 4:00 pm Varsity/JV Cross Country @ Cherokee
- 5:30 pm Freshmen/JV Volleyball vs. Emmetsburg
- 6:50 pm Varsity Volleyball vs. Emmetsburg

Thursday, October 6
- 5:00 pm Parent Teacher Conferences
- 5:30 pm Freshmen/JV Volleyball @ Spirit Lake
- 6:50 pm Varsity Volleyball @ Spirit Lake

Friday, October 7
- 7:00 pm Varsity Football vs. Spencer




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