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LeMars Community School District is a 3A school located in NW Iowa

Congratulations LeMars on being named an All Star Community.

"Our greatest glory is not in never failing but in rising everytime we fall". Ralph Waldo Emerson




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April 24-26 Youth Girls Basketball Camp @ New HS Gym
April 15 College Placement Testing 2 Hr. Early Dismissal Athletic Booster Club
April 16-17 Spring Play
Aptril 18 ACT Testing
April 20 Music Booster Meeting
April 21 5/6/7 ICDA Honor Choir Festival
April 24 Festival of Orchestras
April 30 Parade of Bands
June 2-8 HS Band Trip @ Orlando, FL
June 13 ACT Testing @ HS
June 24-26 Youth Girls Basketball Camp

Employee of the Month

Jan Hansen
Franklin 4th grade

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"The unselfish effort to bring cheer to others will be the beginning of a happier life for ourselves". Helen Keller.

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2014-2015 (August Newsletter -Bruce Ludwig

Classes start Thursday, Aug. 21 - Full Day of School
Monday, Aug. 4 11:00 am to 7:00 pm Tuesday, Aug. 5 7:00 am to 3:00 pm
All Elementary - Middle School - High School
Register at Middle School Building

Watch for packets to arrive via US mail the week of July 21.
Grades PK -12.....................................$35
7 & 8 Bands ............ $15/yr.
Art (9-12) ................. $10/class
9-12 Bands ..............$15/yr.
Orchestra (9-12) ........$15/yr.
Vocal Music (9-12) ... $15/yr.
Instrument Rent ........$50/yr.
Percussion Rent.........$35/yr.
City bus fees $50/semester or $30/quarter
Trades & Industries ....................... $10/class
(Prices subject to change)
Lunch Grades K-12 daily - $2.60
Breakfast Grades K-12 daily - $1.75
Milk Grades K- 2 - $40/semester; $70/yr. Milk/Snack Grade PK - $55/semester; $100/yr
Grades PK-8.................$50/yr. Grades 9-12................$75/yr. Double Option & 24 hr. Ins. available
Student - $35.00 • Adult - $75.00

Check out the Athletic and Music Booster clubs below

Booster Club membership form

Athletic Booster Club



Music Booster Club



The Le Mars Community activities code of conduct meetings for all Le Mars Community high school students entering grades nine through twelve (9-12) who plan to participate in any extra-curricular activities for the 2014-2015 school year will be held on:

•Wednesday, August 13th , 12:15 pm & 7:00 pm
•Thursday, August 14th, 12:15 pm & 7:00 pm

These meetings will be held in the middle school auditorium and will last approximately 30 minutes. Students and parents may attend any meeting.
The student participant and at least one parent or guardian must attend this meeting before the student can participate in any activity. Students will not be allowed to participate in any activity until a meeting is attended by both student and parent/guardian. Activities include all sports including cheerleading, band, chorus, speech, orchestra, dance team, all clubs, organizations, and other activity that is considered extra-curricular. These meetings will inform the students and parents of the requirements prior to participation in any of the extra-curricular activities sponsored by the Le Mars Community Schools and cover the Code of Conduct Policy. If you have any questions about the meetings, please call Larry Johnson, Activities Director, at 546-7028.

Dance Team

Photo's by Aspn'gold


dc fall 14 -Designer Choice

-Students projects from fall 2014


This summer's program will be divided into two sessions. The first session will run from June 1st through June 19th. The second seasion will be from June 22nd through July 10th. Starting dates are subject to change due to extended school year due to weather.

Preference will be given to older students in requesting sessions.

Starting February 16th you may pick up your form from the LeMars Community High School Principal's office. These forms must be returned on or before Friday, March 27th with the proper fee attached.

LeMars Community & Gehlen Catholic students will need to pay $325.00 for this class. Gehlen Catholic students who live outside the LeMars Community School District will need to pay $475.00. Those students residing outside the LeMars Community School District that attend a school other than Gehlen Catholic will pay $475.00.

Coach's Corner Feature Teacher:

Mrs. Tami Dunn

Welcome to the Instructional Coach's Corner. Our names are Jill Brown, Cliff Collins, and Tracy Wingert. We are Instructional Coaches for grades 6-12. Every month we will be introducing you to one of the wonderful teachers from the middle school or high school. This month we would like you to meet Tami Dunn.

Great teachers have several things in common: they have a genuine desire to improve their own teaching practice, have a positive attitude, take risks, and are creative and caring. Tami Dunn is a great teacher. Her students describe her as energetic, engaging and creative. Never satisfied with her practice, Mrs. Dunn continually pursues new learning opportunities for herself. Her desire for self-improvement is evidence in her willingness to seek out new teaching techniques and technologies. Not only does she set high expectations for herself, but she also sets the bar high for each of her students. Her personal teaching motto is "persevere."

"Mrs. Dunn sets high expectations for all of her students to learn. She uses a variety of teaching styles in her classroom in order to respond to her students' needs so that students are challenged at their appropriate levels. Through webquests and labs, she makes learning fun and educational." - Mrs. Dorene Schimek.

This year, Mrs. Dunn is experimenting with several different methods in her classroom.

"Everything is new to me this year. I have computers. I have gone away from a book and now just insert complex readings into my curriculum as they fit. I don't spend much time talking. I spend a lot of time working on getting kids involved in their learning process through white boards, computer games, video clips, experiments, and inquiry activities..." - Tami Dunn.

"Mrs. Dunn has a unique teaching method that pushes students to parts of their brains they have never used. She causes the students to excel in new exciting things." - Anonymous

Mrs. Dunn states that she loves when her students struggle in a way that shows they are thinking about how something could work. She loves to watch their brains work and asks her students questions to figure out problems. She says this has happened a number of times in her classroom this year and it gives her goose bumps because she knows her students will remember what they have learned.

"Mrs. Dunn always helps me when I need it and always puts in extra time before or after school. She always has a fun way for teaching new things like labs." - Jessica Rolfes

Mrs. Dunn has taught in the Le Mars Community School district since 2000. She currently teaches Freshmen Science. Her favorite lesson and activity is the Mystery Powder Lab. During the lab, students are givn a scenario where they have to investigate physical and chemical properties and chemical changes for five white powders. Students are given three days to make observations, and then they must identify an unknown powder or mixture of unknown powders.

"It's awesome! It's so inquiry based, and they are forced to ralize their initial observations are so lacking." - Tami Dunn

Through her creativity, inquiry based learning classroom, and caring, Tami Dunn pushes her students to greatness. Relentless in her quest to make learning exciting and real-world, she aims high and gets results.

Mrs. Dunn says that every teacher should have a source caffeine, a drawer full of chocolate frosting and graham crackers, and an overhead projector (to remind kids of how greatly technology has advanced their learning). Although her energy could be due to the amount of coffee and chocolate frosting she consumes, it is more likely that Mrs. Dunn's great teaching can be attributed to the fact that she loves her work.

When she is not completing schoolwork or coaching track, you can find Mrs. Dunn reading, gardening, or running. She loves to find recipes on Pintrest to make for her husband Darin and children Morgan, Beau and Preston.

"Mrs. Dunn is a very energetic and caring teacher. She obviously loves what she does." - Zach Pratt

LCHS students singing the national anthem at the basketball game.



LCSD Foundation Scholarships

The Le Mars Community Board of Education and the Le Mars Community School District Foundation are cosponsoring the Annual Foundation Banquet. This Banquet is to honor the "Teacher of the Year", "Employee of the Month" recipients, district employees of 25 years, the top 5% of the senior class, and the "Distinguished Alumnus" award recipient.

The celebration will be held on Wednesday, April 29th, at 6:30pm in the lower level of the Le Mars Convention Center. Tickets may be purchased at the Superintendents' Office; $20.00 for adults and $10.00 for students. Please reserve your ticket by Friday, April 24th.

The public is invited and encouraged to attend.

HS Prinicipal's Corner

We are now two weeks into the fourth quarter! Where has this school year gone? We have had an exciting end to the third quarter. The boys' basketball team qualified for the state tournament and brought home the second place torphy. The team was fun to watch this year! Congratulations to the players and coaches, Dave Irwin, Benji Kasel, and Gabe Davis. Also at the state basketball tournament, Dayton Rand won the Iowa Bankers Scholarship for class 3A; Peter Meis was named to the Academic-All State Team; Tyler Paulson was named to the All-Tournament Team; and Tyler Borchers was named captain of the All-Tournament Team.

Our fans also earned the Sportsmanship Award at the state tournament. I am very proud of how the students handled themselves. We received numerous compliments about how polite and well-behaved our students were throughout the tournament.

Congratulations to the 15 students from our IE Speech team named to the All-State team. They are Jenn Arnold, improv; David Barker, acting; Cole Berkenpas, after dinner speaking; Charlie Ellis, storytelling; Kajsa Hallberg, reviewing; Cody Hatfield, public address; Jocelyn Hernandez, prose; Jayme Kelly, expos; Trevor Kliever, expos; Dominic Loutsch, public address; Caitlyn Niehus, original oratory; Emma Parry, reviewing; Alex Pick, storytelling; and Caden Washburn, radio news and improv.

Congratulations to Kellie Susemihl who qualified for the State National History Day on May 5 in Des Moines.

Congratulations to Casey Vande Hoef who was selected as an alternate to the International Space Settlement contest. Casey was also on the winning team in Houston this year.

On April 14-16 we will be giving the Iowa Assessments to grades 9-11. Seniors do not need to attend during the testing hour. They do need to be in school at the other times. These tests are important to see how our students have progressed in Math, Science, and English. The tests are also used to help designate senior open study halls. The high school will follow a different class schedule on these days. The school day will start at the normal time, but seniors and exchange students will be dismissed at 9:38a.m. They will need to be back in class at 10:42a.m. Iowa assessments are required for all students 9-11, so please try to avoid appointments during these times. Please encourage students to do their best on these tests. A good breakfast and lots of rest also help the students to be at the top of their game. Thank you for your help in this as we continue to work together for your child's educational future.

Iowa Core: An Update and Shifts in Literacy

Le Mars Community School teachers continue to progress through their study of the Iowa Core. During our districtwide two-hour early dismissals, one time per month, teachers will begin to identify essential learning for each standard. In other words, determine what students should know, understand, and be able to do in order to demonstrate they have met each Iowa Core standard. There has been much media coverage pertaining to the Iowa Core and whether or not the curriculum is a local decision or dictated by the state or federal government. The Iowa Core is composed of minimum standards of learning for all students in Iowa to strive to achieve. Districts have the ability to teach above and beyond these standards. Classroom teachers still have the authority to determine how best to teach students, when to teach the content throughout the school year, and the resources to utilize in order to help students reach these standards. Simply stated, local school districts have the authority to determine the curriculum in order to meet the Iowa Core standards.

The Iowa Core literacy standards entail not only English language arts (ELA), but also history/social studies, science, and all other subject areas. In order for all students to become literate, all teachers must teach the essential skills of literacy within every content area; relying solely on the ELA teacher to ensure these skills is not best practice. Since reading is a foundational skill for all learning, it is important that all content areas take part in helping students to learn to read and read to learn.

As we study the Iowa Core, there are key areas in which the Iowa Core literacy standards focus. These key areas are not all-inclusive with regard to what students will learn, but they are important factors in helping our children develop strong literacy skills. The following information is based upon Common Core shifts available at

1. Building knowledge through content-area rich non-fiction (informational text). Reasoning: Most of the knowledge we gain in the world comes through reading non-fiction (informational) texts. Increased focus on developing skills to read and apply learning from non-fiction is vital. However, fiction (literary) will continue to be utilized in order to develop a love of reading, develop an appreciation for powerful literary works, and to help with developing reading skills. The information below details the percent of literary (fiction) and informational (nonfiction) texts students will be exposed to during their literacy development at each grade level. You will notice the percent of informational reading increases in the higher grade levels in order to prepare students for college and careers.

Grade Level

2. Reading, writing, and speaking based upon evidence within literary and non-fiction texts. Reasoning: Most college and workplace writing requires evidence. Strong readers and writers are able to locate, cite, and integrate evidence from texts.

3. Regular practice with complex texts. Reasoning: Students who can read and understand difficult texts and vocabulary are more likely to have success in college (ACT study). Students will develop skills to read and understand texts with greater complexity from elementary through high school.

We encourage anyone interested in the Iowa Core to take a look at the following Iowa Core online resources: Iowa Department of Education (, the Common Core State Initiatives website (, or a series of online videos conducted by the developers of the Common Core, which is the basis for the Iowa Core, at Please contact Steve Webner, Assistant Superintendent, with any questions, at (712) 546-4155, or email

LeMars Community Education Enhancement Project

Newsflash LEEP BY-LAWS Request for funds More info on LEEP

L.E.E.P. members had an exciting January with the announcement that the L.E.E.P. organization was the recipient of two grants. The grants were received because of the effort of board member Julie Beitelspacher. Julie and her husband Wayne were the winners of the Monsanto “Farmers Grow Communities” grant. Wayne and Julie then designated L.E.E.P. as their chosen organization to benefit and receive the $2,500. Wayne and Julie stated, “We chose L.E.E.P because we want the funds to help students and teachers at LeMars Community Schools to enhance student learning above and beyond the district budget.”

The second grant was from The Walmart Foundation and Faculty #1625 and the Local Facility Giving Program for the amount of $500. Julie Beitelspacher also filled out this grant application. L.E.E.P. was selected because of the work and opportunities it has created within LeMars Community. Thank you to Monsanto, Walmart, and Wayne and Julie Beitelspacher for being a vital part of the enhancement of education in our community.

L.E.E.P.’s mission is to enhance the value and meaning of education for our students, families, and communities in the LeMars Community School District. During the January president, Gayle Vonk shared as of January 18, 2015, the L.E.E.P. organization, which will begin its sixth year in March, has raised over $66,146.00 and have distributed $18,255.70 for the purchase of new textbooks and $26,350.00 for teacher requests. Monies disbursed are above and beyond the school district’s budget. Money has been raised through L.E.E.P. sponsored events such as MENuMasters, “Taverns for Textbooks”, middle school dances, Younkers Coupon Days, and concession stands at the sixth grade track meet and Puppy Relays. Total amount of monies L.E.E.P. has given to help “our” students is $44,606.00.

L.E.E.P. would like to extend an invitation to anyone who would like to be a part of this growing organization to attend our monthly meeting held the first Monday of the month. The next regular meeting will be held on Monday, February 2, 2015, @ 5:30 p.m. in A-09, @ LCMS, use door “C” from Stadium Drive.

Have a fun-filled February from L.E.E.P!







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The 2015 Middle School Carnival was again a huge success! The money will help the Middle School greatly! Thanks to all who contributed to the success of the Carnival!!

Fast Facts:


As you can see we were close to the record setting 2014.
 Thanks again for all of your help.
                BOOTH                                                                                                 TICKET COUNT
                                                                                                                2011       2012       2013       2014  2015
Animal walk (elementary)                                                            518         310           293       383         356
Animal walk (gym)                                                                           555         452           333       NA
Baseball/Softball Throw                                                                                615         370           455       633        786
Basketball Shot                                                                                 ----         351           439       483        456                                        
Bean Bag Toss                                                                                   318         408           530       472        429
Bingo                                                                                                                                                     604        212        
Cakewalk                                                                                             1546    1203         1219       2256   2634
Caricatures                                                                                                                         $212       $120
Cotton Candy                                                                                                    226  $170/960    748          638
Dart Throw                                                                                         421       271          362          352        320
Dime Toss                                                                                        1087     1072           1129      1466   1027
Duck Pond                                                                                          553       373             792       866      770
Engraving (Elem)                                                                              412       394          381          597      644
Engraving (Gym)                                                                              363       415           371        597      662
Face Paint                                                                                           311       249           253        466      394
Fish pond                                                                                            287       246           173        330      336

Hat Booth                                                                                                                                                                           
Hoop Shoot (Elem)                                                                          389         489         437        476     428
Hoop Shoot (Gym)                                                                          465       618           507        573     517
Ice Cream Toss                                                                                  393         327         463        411        415
Jupiter Jump                                                                                      520         640         406        759       670
Kiss-A-Pig                                                                                            777         772        913          1030   1476
Lollipop Tree                                                                                      193         247         290         413      192
Magic Show                                                                                        332         276         267        NA       196
Marriage Booth (Elem)                                                                  332         260         212        315      224
Marriage Booth (Gym)                                                                  463         413         438        618      458
Milk Jug Knockdown                                                                       376         316         331        555        486
Photo Booth                                                                                                                      795*      818        953                        
Pie Throw                                                                                            315   225(est)     538         253       384
Ping Pong Toss                                                                                  301         356         331         358       215
Pop The Balloons                                                                             289         316         305         315       295
Ring Toss                                                                                             252         255         250         339       300
Sundaes                                                                                               551         320         601         598        749
Tattoo                                                                                                   336         182         178         228       356
3 Pt. Shot                                                                                                                             734*      962     1041
Unlabeled                                                                                                                           730
Ticket total                                                                                       14,561   12471  16,416   19,274 19,022
*new booth      
TICKET COUNTS                 2004-2013
2004 - 12,831                      2005 – 13,404                     2006 – 13,215        2007 – 13,862       2008 – 12,009
2009 – 12,079                     2010 – 14,643                     2011 – 14,561        2012 – 12471        2013 – 16,416
2014 – 19,274                     2015 – 19,022

Tickets counted (spent) - $16,416
Profit - $4,920.40



Click to view monthly calendar of events

August September October November December January
February March April May June July

Moped Safety Class

Moped Safety classes will be held for students in the LeMars area at the LeMars Middle School in room C15 (Mr. Dalton's room) September 5th from 8:00 to 2:15. Iowans 14 and 15 years of age are required by law to take this 6 hour education course before receiving a license to operate a moped on public highways. Minimum age for this course is 13 1/2. Students wishing to take this class should see Mr Dalton for forms before Saturday’s class. Parents of students outside of LeMars Community School can email Mr. Dalton the information below to Cost is $35 per student.

Directions to classroom/Info

Head east on 12th street to the High school football field, turn left and go 1 1/2 block north and turn left at parking lot north of the gym and drive behind the school. Park between the Weight room and the back of the middle school. Go through the "J" entrance door of middle school. Room C15 is the first door to your right after you walk thru the "J" entrance door. Class starts at 8:00am and should be done around 2:00 pm. Please bring a sack lunch. 

Gehlen and students outside of LeMars Community Schools

Gehlen and other students outside of LeMars please email the following information:

Students First Name____________ Middle Initial ___ Last Name:_________________________

Address ___________________________

Students Cell Phone:____________________________

Music Boosters Annual Spaghetti Supper

Le Mars Community Music Boosters is holding our annual Spaghetti Supper on Friday, April 17th from 4:30 to 6:30pm in the Le Mars Community High School cafeteria. It is being held prior to the Spring Play performance. Middle and High School music students are pre-selling tickets for the supper and they can be purchased at the door. Tickets are $6.00 per person with children age 3 and under free.

We will be serving spaghetti with your choice of sauce (alfredo or red sauce with and without meat), lettuce salad, garlic bread, ice cream, and beverages.

During the supper you will be able to bid on silent auction items donated by local businesses and individuals. Several music stands painted by local artists will be up for bid! Please consider joining us as we support the excellent music programs and our music students at LCS.

Kindergarten Pre-Registration

Pre School Application Form

A kindergarten pre-registration meeting will be held Monday, March 2nd in the Clark Elementary Gym at 7:00 PM. The meeting is for parents only. Information is given concerning the kindergarten program. Parents should be prepared to complete kindergarten registration information and bring a copy of their child's birth certificate to the meeting. If you have any questions, please contact Clark Elementary School at 712-546-8121.

Designer's Choice Presentations



Check out the course description booklet and the High School Schedule request form. Please print and fill out schedule request form and return to the Counselors
Course Description Booklet Schedule request form.


Spring Sports results

Track (G) Sergeant Bluff-Luton's Warriorette Relays in Sioux City CLASS A TEAM STANDINGS: 1. Le Mars (171) .. 2. Sioux Center (146) .. 3. Sergeant Bluff-Luton (74) .. 4. Lawton-Bronson (68) .. 5. Gehlen Catholic (59) .. 6. Westwood (50) .. 7. Akron-Westfield (18). CLASS B TEAM STANDINGS: 1. Marcus/Meriden-Cleghorn (188) .. 2. Charter Oak-Ute (119) .. 3. Le Mars JV (79) .. 4. River Valley (75) .. 5. Remsen St. Mary's (48) .. 6. Whiting (34) .. 7. Sergeant Bluff-Luton JV (4).

(B) Orab Relays in Sheldon TEAM STANDINGS: 1. Sioux Center (106) .. 2. Le Mars (103) .. 3. Kingsley-Pierson/Woodbury Central (92) .. 4. Sheldon (82) .. 5. Western Christian (61) .. 6. Unity Christian (57) .. 7. South O'Brien (35) .. 8. Okoboji (21).

Tennis (G) Le Mars defeated Storm Lake 9-0 SINGLES RESULTS: Emily Ahlers won 10-0 .. Britney Thompson won 10-2 .. Lexa Skov 10-1 .. Ellen Meis won 10-0 .. Elizabeth Ihrke won 10-0 .. Danielle Martin won 10-4. DOUBLES RESULTS: Emily Ahlers/Britney Thompson won 10-0 .. Lexa Skov/Ellen Meis won 10-1 .. Elizabeth Ihrke/Danielle Martin won 10-2. Le Mars JV won 8-1

(B) Le Mars defeated Storm Lake 8-1 SINGLES RESULTS: Matt Ellefson won 10-3 .. Dylan Harms won 10-1 .. Austin Rieken won 10-0 .. Thomas Havey lost 8-10 .. Jake Thompson won 10-6 .. Kyle Marek won 10-0. DOUBLE RESULTS: Matt Ellefson/Dylan Harms won 10-3 .. Thomas Havey/Kyle Marek won 10-1 .. Austin Rieken/Jake Thompson won 10-1.


Iowa 4 H Scholarship
WITCC Scholarship:

 Alumni & Friends scholarship whereby a WITCC alum can nominate a student for consideration of a $500 scholarship.  Here is the link to that nomination form:  This scholarship is for new students attending WITCC.


If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me.

Carolyn Ellwanger, Executive Director

Western Iowa Tech Community College Foundation

4647 Stone Avenue, Sioux City, IA 51106

712-274-8733, ext. 1330




April Newsletter (Mr Bruce Ludwig)

Dr Wendt Superintendent

What a March we have had at the Le Mars Community Schools!

During the week of March 10 through March 14, we were treated to a boys' state basketball tournament few of us will ever forget. For the first time since 1999, the Bulldogs were in the state tournament and this year's team matched the runner-up finish by the 1946 team. Congratulations to the team and head coach Dave Irwin, assistant Benji Kasel, and the assistant Gabe Davis for the runner-up finish.

Tyler Borchers and Tyler Paulson were named to the all-tournament team with Tyler Borchers being named captain. Pete Meis received academic all-state recognition of Friday night and Dayton Rand received the Iowa Banker's Association scholarship on Saturday prior to the championship game. To top it all off, Le Mars Community High School and our fans were honored with the Sportsmanship Award. What a great week it was for the entire community.

On March 12, the Big Red Band under the direction fo Curt Ohrlund, participated in an honor band performance at the University of Northern Iowa Invitational. Additionally, Mr. Ohrlund and the jazz band qualified for the Iowa Jazz Championships by finishing second at the state jazz band contest held in Le Mars. Qualifying for the jazz championship means the jazz band is one of the top 15 jazz bands in 3A across the state. The jazz championships occurred on March 31 in Des Moines. Congratulations to all the band members and Mr. Ohrlund.

On March 14, the state Individual Events Speech Contest was held at Sibley. Le Mars Community High School was heavily represented with thirty-six entries in the state contest. The students, under the direction of head coach Sherri Permeswaran, assistant Erin Ohrlund, and assistant Shawn Starr, had a fantastic day. Thirty-one entries Division I ratings. What an awesome showing!

Even more amazing, fifteen LCHS student performances were named outstanding performances at the state contest and performed at the All State Individual Events Speech Festival in Cedar Falls on March 30. Students named outstanding performers were Jenn Arnold, David Barker, Cole Berkenpas, Charlie Ellis, Kajsa Hallberg, Cody Hatfield, Jocelyn Hernandez, Jayme Kelly, Trevor Kliever, Dominic Loutsch, Caitlyn Niehus, Emma Parry, Alex Pick, and Caden Washburn for two performances. Congratulations to all the students involved and the coaches for a great season in individual events speech.

On March 18, the all-state basketball teams were announced. Le Mars Community High School had two members named to the boys' 3A All-State Team. Tyler Borchers was named to the 1st team and Tyler Paulson was named to the 3rd team. Congratulations to both Tylers and their coach Dave Irwin for this special recognition.

I wanted to mention something for all of us to look forward to in April besides spring weather. On April 29, the Le Mars Community School Foundation will hold the annual Honors Banquet beginning at 6:30pm at the Le Mars Convention Center. This event keeps growing every year and is open to everyone. The purpose of the banquet is to honor great students, employees, and the alumni of the school district. Tickets are available in the superintendent's office and information about the banquet is available in every distinct building.

Eight Le Mars Community High School students participated in Spirit Lake High School Quiz Bowl Tournament on December 6 in Spirit Lake.
The Le Mars team of Dayton Rand, Ellen Meis, Cole Ernst, and Ross Curry ended in fifth place out of the twenty teams in the varsity division of the tournament. The team finished the preliminary rounds with 3-1 record and failed to reach the semifinals.
The junior varsity team of Caitlyn Niehus, Mary Meis, Sydney Rand, and Chloe Evans finished the preliminary rounds with a 2-2 record and did not advance in the tournament.

Students participating
Front: Chloe Evans, Sydney Rand, Caitlyn Niehus
Back: Mary Meis, Ellen Meis, Dayton Rand, Cole Ernst, and Ross Curry



Registration Highlights

Registration forms will be
mailed to each family in
July. You can either mail
in the forms with your
payment or return them
on registration day.

Monday, August 4th
11:00 AM TO 7:00 PM
Tuesday, August 5th
7:00 AM TO 3:00 PM

Individual Speech Awards

Congratulations to the Individual Events Speech Team for earning 31 I ratings and 5 II ratings at the state speech contest on Saturday. These students earned I ratings: 

Jenn Arnold, David Barker, Sarah Benton, Cole Berkenpas, Morgan Boehme, Destiney Boyd, Madi Brown, Megan Connor, Shania DeBoer, ​Charlie Ellis, Chloe Evans, Kajsa Hallberg, Max Hardyk, Cody Hatfield, Jocelyn Hernandez, Jayme Kelly, Trevor Kliever, Diana Loutsch, Dominic Loutsch, Trittany Miller, Caitlyn Niehus, Emma Parry, Alex Pick, Katy Price, Shannon Robins, Alexis Rolfes, Tom Toel, Caden Washburn

These students earned II ratings: Ross Curry, Cole Ernst, Max Hardyk, Katy Price, Nicole Schimek.

In addition, all-state honors were announced Monday afternoon. We are thrilled to have 15 performances named as OUTSTANDING! This is the most selections we have had for at least 23 years and nearly thrice as many as we average each year. We had the most nominations in Northwest Iowa

​These are our all-state performers: 
Jenn Arnold, improv; David Barker, acting; Cole Berkenpas, after dinner speaking; Charlie Ellis, storytelling; Kajsa Hallberg, reviewing; Cody Hatfield, public address; Jocelyn Hernandez, prose; Jayme Kelly, expos; Trevor Kliever, expos; Dominic Loutsch, public adddress; Caitlyn Niehus, original oratory; Emma Parry, reviewing; Alex Pick, storytelling; Caden Washburn, radio news and improv.

We are exceptionally proud of all members of our speech team. They worked hard, improved their speaking abilities, and grew as people. Please congratulate all of them for their efforts and accomplishments. 

Erin Ohrlund, Shawn Starr, and Sherri Permeswaran


Le Mars Community High School Drama Department 

proudly presents

Le Mars Community High School Drama Department 

proudly presents


The Brothers Grimm Spectaclathon

April 16-18, 2015 at 7:00 in the HS Little Theatre

Tickets are $5 for all ages and are now available in the high school office and at the door.

Enjoy a special treat on Friday, April 17, and come to the Music Boosters’ Spaghetti Supper before the performance!


If you love every video fairy tale produced by Walt Disney, this show may not be for you! Fairy tales retold by the House of Mouse are kinder, gentler, and blander than the rollicking show we will perform. We will try to put all 209 fairy tales collected by the Brothers Grimm into one crazy night that includes our take on classic stories like Cinderella and Snow White, as well as darker, more obscure tales like The Devil’s Grandmother and The Girl Without Hands. Zany characters and overlapping storylines make this show a riotous ride. Even the audience gets involved! Don’t miss the spectacle that is The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon! 


April 16-18, 2015 at 7:00 in the HS Little Theatre

Tickets are $5 for all ages and are now available in the high school office and at the door.

Enjoy a special treat on Friday, April 17, and come to the Music Boosters’ Spaghetti Supper before the performance!


If you love every video fairy tale produced by Walt Disney, this show may not be for you! Fairy tales retold by the House of Mouse are kinder, gentler, and blander than the rollicking show we will perform. We will try to put all 209 fairy tales collected by the Brothers Grimm into one crazy night that includes our take on classic stories like Cinderella and Snow White, as well as darker, more obscure tales like The Devil’s Grandmother and The Girl Without Hands. Zany characters and overlapping storylines make this show a riotous ride. Even the audience gets involved! Don’t miss the spectacle that is The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon! 

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Elementary Middle School

Kim Rohrs been awarded the annual Decades of Excellence Crystal Bell award for 2015. Mrs. Rohrs is currently the transitional kindergarten teacher at Kluckhohn Elementary. She began her teaching career with the LeMars Community School District in the 1987-88 school year teaching 1st grade at Kissinger Elementary in Merrill. Later, in 1995, she transferred to Clark Elementary to teach kindergarten and in 2002 started with the transitional kindergarten program at Kluckhohn Elementary. The Decades of Excellence Crystal Bell award is co-sponsored by the LCSD Foundation and the LCS Alumni Association. The award is presented annually to honor outstanding teachers who have dedicated their careers to the education of our children.


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Le Mars Youth Football

For Boys and Girls Grades 3-4 & 5-6 (in 2015-2016 school year)

Sign-Up Dates/Times:

Thursday, April 9, 2015, from 5:30 to 7:30p.m.
Thursday, April 16, 2015, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Kluckhohn Elementry School Gym


First child = $100
Second child = $75
Third child = $50
(Fundraising information will be given at registration to offset cost. Kids will receive money back for each item sold.)

Practices start in August 2015 with games played through October.

Questions contact: Jason Parrott @ 540-8497 or 548-4323

NOTE: Please bring your son/daughter so we can fit him/her with a helmet and shoulder pads. No one will be registered until forms are completely filled out and payment made in full.

***Not associated with Le Mars Community Schools***




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