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LeMars Community School District is a 3A school located in NW Iowa

Congratulations LeMars on being named an All Star Community.

"Our greatest glory is not in never failing but in rising everytime we fall". Ralph Waldo Emerson




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January 31 Chamber Dinner Choir
February 2 State Show Choir/Jazz Choir
February 2 LEEP
February 3 MS Band Concert
February 5 Large group Speech Showcase
February 6-7 Morningside MS-HS Jazz Festival
February 11 ICDA MS Choir Clinic
February 12 Winter HS Band Concert
February 13 Dance Exhibition
February 16 MS-HS NWI Jazz Festival - Music Booster
February 18 2 Hr Early out-Athletic Booster Club Meeting
February 19 National History Day
February 21 All State Large Group Speech-AAU Volleyball
February 23 Lewis and Clark Jazz Festival
February 26 HS Vocal Concert
February 28 District IE Speech Woodbury Central-BVU MS honor Band Festival

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Brian Orban
HS Custodian

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"The unselfish effort to bring cheer to others will be the beginning of a happier life for ourselves". Helen Keller.

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2014-2015 (August Newsletter -Bruce Ludwig

Classes start Thursday, Aug. 21 - Full Day of School
Monday, Aug. 4 11:00 am to 7:00 pm Tuesday, Aug. 5 7:00 am to 3:00 pm
All Elementary - Middle School - High School
Register at Middle School Building

Watch for packets to arrive via US mail the week of July 21.
Grades PK -12.....................................$35
7 & 8 Bands ............ $15/yr.
Art (9-12) ................. $10/class
9-12 Bands ..............$15/yr.
Orchestra (9-12) ........$15/yr.
Vocal Music (9-12) ... $15/yr.
Instrument Rent ........$50/yr.
Percussion Rent.........$35/yr.
City bus fees $50/semester or $30/quarter
Trades & Industries ....................... $10/class
(Prices subject to change)
Lunch Grades K-12 daily - $2.60
Breakfast Grades K-12 daily - $1.75
Milk Grades K- 2 - $40/semester; $70/yr. Milk/Snack Grade PK - $55/semester; $100/yr
Grades PK-8.................$50/yr. Grades 9-12................$75/yr. Double Option & 24 hr. Ins. available
Student - $35.00 • Adult - $75.00


High School Basketball (G) Le Mars 55, Spencer 38 (B) (#2 - 3A) Le Mars 46, Spencer 39

(Pictures by Aspn' Gold. Boys and Girls Emmetsburg Basketball with Cheerleaders (Prime Bank Hotsheets)

boy girl bb elc -

Check out the Athletic and Music Booster clubs below

Booster Club membership form

Athletic Booster Club



Music Booster Club



High School Bowling
(G) Le Mars 2329, West Sioux had an incomplete team (HIGH GAME) Caitlin Hughes (191).
(HIGH SERIES) Caitlin Hughes (377). jv results: Le Mars 1938, West Sioux had an incomplete team.
(HIGH GAME) Ciara Augustine (162). (HIGH SERIES) Ciara Augustine (298).

(B) Le Mars 2907, West Sioux 2017 (HIGH GAME) Jacob Beyer (269) & James Murra (235).
(HIGH SERIES) Jacob Beyer (503). jv results: Le Mars 2359, West Sioux had an incomplete team.
(HIGH GAME) Dayton Augustine (193). (HIGH SERIES) Dayton Augustine (376).

The Le Mars Community activities code of conduct meetings for all Le Mars Community high school students entering grades nine through twelve (9-12) who plan to participate in any extra-curricular activities for the 2014-2015 school year will be held on:

•Wednesday, August 13th , 12:15 pm & 7:00 pm
•Thursday, August 14th, 12:15 pm & 7:00 pm

These meetings will be held in the middle school auditorium and will last approximately 30 minutes. Students and parents may attend any meeting.
The student participant and at least one parent or guardian must attend this meeting before the student can participate in any activity. Students will not be allowed to participate in any activity until a meeting is attended by both student and parent/guardian. Activities include all sports including cheerleading, band, chorus, speech, orchestra, dance team, all clubs, organizations, and other activity that is considered extra-curricular. These meetings will inform the students and parents of the requirements prior to participation in any of the extra-curricular activities sponsored by the Le Mars Community Schools and cover the Code of Conduct Policy. If you have any questions about the meetings, please call Larry Johnson, Activities Director, at 546-7028.

Cross Country

Lakes Conference meet at Emmetsburg
(girls results) (team standings) 1. Western Christian (50) .. 5. Le Mars (102). Le Mars results: 8. Katie McAllister (17:15) (all-conf.) .. 10. Ellen Meis (17:18) (all-conf.) .. 18. Kenzie Theisen (17:44) .. 32. Griselda Cobian (18:28) .. 34. Katrina Engebretson (18:34) .. 35. Jayden Weiler (18:35) .. 42. Rose Pelelo-Ray (19:22).
(boys results) (team standings) 1. Spirit Lake (52) .. 3. (tie) Le Mars & Western Christian (91 each) (Le Mars claimed 3rd on criteria) (individual champion) Lee Christiansen of ELC (16:58). Le Mars results: 10. Brett Marek (18:30) (all-conf.) .. 14. Jeremy Ranschau (18:55) (all-conf.) .. 18. Jacob Burrell (19:08) .. 21. Andrew Tonner (19:16) .. 28. Tyler Carlson (19:46) .. 31. Trevor Kliever
(20:07) .. 35. Alec Rieken (20:16).

Dance Team

Photo's by Aspn'gold


dc fall 14 -Designer Choice

-Students projects from fall 2014

Mr Van Kley

Welcome to The Instructional Coach's Corner. Our names are Jill Brown, Cliff Collins, and Tracy Wingert. We are the Instructional Coaches for grades 6-12. Every month we will be introducing you to one of the wonderful teachers from the Middle School or High School. This month we would like you to meet Mr. Kurt Van Kley.

"Everyone is capable of learning and improving themselves both inside and outside of the classroom." - Mr. Van Kley

Kurt Van Kley has been a geometry and modern geometry teacher at Le Mars Community High School for the past 5 years. Both of his parents are educators so he was exposed to education as a career early in life. Mr. Van Kley grew up in Blue Earth, Minnesota. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa and his Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Wayne State. He taught middle school math at Akron-Westfield for four years before coming to Le Mars in 2010.

"Mr. VK is a very good teacher. He is very hands-on, and you can tell he actually wants to be here at school helping us try and getting us better. Van Kley works hard and you can depend on him for anything." - Colton Webner

"I really enjoy how he spends time on each lesson and makes a serious effort to engrave the information into our minds. He approaches his teaching with a "leave no man behind" approach and it is a very comfortable feeling knowing he's not going to let you fail his math tests." - Anthony Scheffelman

Mr. Van Kley's relentless belief that all kids can succeed has gained him the respect of his students. They contribute their successful learning in math to his mix of humor and his ability to effectively manage and organize his classroom.

"Mr. Van Kley is always checking up on every student to make sure that they are alright and doing their work correctly. No matter how busy he is, he always has time for his students," Nathalie Pena.

During one of Mr. Van Kley's all-time favorite activities, he teaches kids a song and a rap to remember the quadratic formula. The students really enjoy watching him make a fool out of himself, and the lesson sticks. One of Mr. Van Kley's favorite teaching experiences was when two students brought a guitar and ukulcle to class and played a song relating to something they had learned.

"Mr. Van Kley's class is always fun, "Mallie Sauer.

"Van Kley really spices up my morning in math class, I love coming to math knowing Van Kley is going to do his very best teaching me equations," Tyson Weiler

When not at work, Mr. Van Kley enjoys spending time with his wife, Amanda, and his daughters Ella (3), and Avery (2 months)

Mr. Van Kley has made a considerable impact on his students. He always finds time to help any student that needs it. His students describe him as an awesome teacher, listener, role model, and all around great guy. In his class, learning is enjoyable.

"Mr. Van Kley, your teaching helped me understand how to do equations and everything. You 're a really good teacher," Courtney Juelfs

December Newsletter (Mr Ludwig)

LCHS students singing the national anthem at the basketball game.

Iowa Core: An Update and Shifts in Literacy

Le Mars Community School teachers continue to progress through their study of the Iowa Core. During our districtwide two-hour early dismissals, one time per month, teachers will begin to identify essential learning for each standard. In other words, determine what students should know, understand, and be able to do in order to demonstrate they have met each Iowa Core standard. There has been much media coverage pertaining to the Iowa Core and whether or not the curriculum is a local decision or dictated by the state or federal government. The Iowa Core is composed of minimum standards of learning for all students in Iowa to strive to achieve. Districts have the ability to teach above and beyond these standards. Classroom teachers still have the authority to determine how best to teach students, when to teach the content throughout the school year, and the resources to utilize in order to help students reach these standards. Simply stated, local school districts have the authority to determine the curriculum in order to meet the Iowa Core standards.

The Iowa Core literacy standards entail not only English language arts (ELA), but also history/social studies, science, and all other subject areas. In order for all students to become literate, all teachers must teach the essential skills of literacy within every content area; relying solely on the ELA teacher to ensure these skills is not best practice. Since reading is a foundational skill for all learning, it is important that all content areas take part in helping students to learn to read and read to learn.

As we study the Iowa Core, there are key areas in which the Iowa Core literacy standards focus. These key areas are not all-inclusive with regard to what students will learn, but they are important factors in helping our children develop strong literacy skills. The following information is based upon Common Core shifts available at

1. Building knowledge through content-area rich non-fiction (informational text). Reasoning: Most of the knowledge we gain in the world comes through reading non-fiction (informational) texts. Increased focus on developing skills to read and apply learning from non-fiction is vital. However, fiction (literary) will continue to be utilized in order to develop a love of reading, develop an appreciation for powerful literary works, and to help with developing reading skills. The information below details the percent of literary (fiction) and informational (nonfiction) texts students will be exposed to during their literacy development at each grade level. You will notice the percent of informational reading increases in the higher grade levels in order to prepare students for college and careers.

Grade Level

2. Reading, writing, and speaking based upon evidence within literary and non-fiction texts. Reasoning: Most college and workplace writing requires evidence. Strong readers and writers are able to locate, cite, and integrate evidence from texts.

3. Regular practice with complex texts. Reasoning: Students who can read and understand difficult texts and vocabulary are more likely to have success in college (ACT study). Students will develop skills to read and understand texts with greater complexity from elementary through high school.

We encourage anyone interested in the Iowa Core to take a look at the following Iowa Core online resources: Iowa Department of Education (, the Common Core State Initiatives website (, or a series of online videos conducted by the developers of the Common Core, which is the basis for the Iowa Core, at Please contact Steve Webner, Assistant Superintendent, with any questions, at (712) 546-4155, or email

LeMars Community Education Enhancement Project

Newsflash LEEP BY-LAWS Request for funds More info on LEEP

MENuMasters 2014 Fundraising Event (August newsletter-Bruce Ludwigs)

The 3rd Annual MENuMasters is scheduled for Saturday, September 20, 2014, at Century Hall on the Plymouth County Fairgrounds. MENuMasters is a fundraising event for LeMars Community Education Enhancement Project or L.E.E.P., which raises money for educational needs in LeMars Community Schools. This adult event will again feature over 30 local businessmen, as our
“chefs” for the evening. They will feature everything from appetizers, entrees, salads, desserts, and beverages serving “sample but ample” portions. This fun event comes not only in socializing with friends, but in seeing the creativity and humor of all of our local businessmen.

The MENuMasters committee is in the process of recruiting chefs, sponsors, and volunteers. If you are interested in being a chef,
sponsor, or volunteer please contact the following co-chairs:

Gayle Vonk
Julie Beitelspacher
Linda Mayrose
Lynn Baumgartner
Deb Parmelee

Tickets for the event can be purchased after school starts and throughout September. Only 500 tickets will be offered with no tickets sold at the door. Listen or watch the local media for locations where tickets will be available for purchase. Tickets will be $25.00 per person. Please mark your calendars to be a part of this charitable giving event.







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Winners for the basket of books and poster, Lane and Dacia .

Others are book fair and bake sale photos. 

Picture of the classroom winners wearing the most class colors for selling over 500 books.  Students in white are Ms. Kroeger's first period class and in the red were Mr. Magnussen's first period class.

Pictures of students on game day in the library for selling over 800 books at the book fair. Job well done Middle School.

Click to view monthly calendar of events

August September October November December January
February March April May June July

Moped Safety Class

Moped Safety classes will be held for students in the LeMars area at the LeMars Middle School in room C15 (Mr. Dalton's room) March 7th from 8:00 to 2:15. Iowans 14 and 15 years of age are required by law to take this 6 hour education course before receiving a license to operate a moped on public highways. Minimum age for this course is 13 1/2. Students wishing to take this class should see Mr Dalton for forms before Saturday’s class. Parents of students outside of LeMars Community School can email Mr. Dalton the information below to Cost is $35 per student.

Directions to classroom/Info

Head east on 12th street to the High school football field, turn left and go 1 1/2 block north and turn left at parking lot north of the gym and drive behind the school. Park between the Weight room and the back of the middle school. Go through the "J" entrance door of middle school. Room C15 is the first door to your right after you walk thru the "J" entrance door. Class starts at 8:00am and should be done around 2:00 pm. Please bring a sack lunch. 

Gehlen and students outside of LeMars Community Schools

Gehlen and other students outside of LeMars please email the following information:

Students First Name____________ Middle Initial ___ Last Name:_________________________

Address ___________________________

Students Cell Phone:____________________________

Preschool Application Preschool is open to 4-year old children in the community with the goal of having a well-rounded, diverse group of children that is representative of the population of LeMars. A child must be 4 years old by September 15, 2014 in order to qualify for the preschool program. However, the LeMars School District reserves the right to enroll children based on gender, age, race, ethnicity, special need, and members of low-income families for the purposes of highquality preschool experiences. Selection of children will be based on a random selection process and will take place the week of April 7. A maximum of 24 students will be selected for the LeMars Community Preschool Program. Preschool applications will be made available Monday, March 3, 2014. Applications may be found online at: or at Clark Elementary School. The completed application must be postmarked by Tuesday, April 1, 2014 to be considered in the random selection process. If you have any questions concerning LeMars Community Preschool, please contact Clark Elementary Principal, Floyd Athay at 546-8121 or

Designer's Choice Presentations



Check out the course description booklet and the High School Schedule request form. Please print and fill out schedule request form and return to the Counselors
Course Description Booklet Schedule request form.



Iowa 4 H Scholarship
WITCC Scholarship:

 Alumni & Friends scholarship whereby a WITCC alum can nominate a student for consideration of a $500 scholarship.  Here is the link to that nomination form:  This scholarship is for new students attending WITCC.


If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me.

Carolyn Ellwanger, Executive Director

Western Iowa Tech Community College Foundation

4647 Stone Avenue, Sioux City, IA 51106

712-274-8733, ext. 1330




December Newsletter (Mr Bruce Ludwig)

Dr Wendt Superintendent

On Saturday, October 25, 2014, students from Le Mars Community High School auditioned for the All-State Music Festival held in Ames on November 22, 2014. The following students were selected to perform:


Megan Connor, Trevor Kliever, Katy Price, Andrew Ritts, and Tom Toel


David Barker, Kajsa Hallberg, and Natalie Siebens


Peter Meis and Emma Parry

Congratulations to all these students and their directors Mr. Ewing, Mr. Hallberg, and Mr. Ohrlund.

Some post season awards have been earned by LCHS athletes recently. All-Conference cross country performers include Ellen Meis, Katie McAllister, Brett Marek, and Jeremy Rauschau. Congratulations to these athletes and their coaches Adam Moss and Al Engebretson. All- Conference volleyball first team selections include Britney Thompson, Holly Schneider, and Krista Zenk. The volleyball team finished with a 30-10 record under first year head coach Alexia Lanka. Congratulations to these girls and Coach Lanka on a great season. All-District football selections include Beau Ohm, Tyler Borchers, Koster Buss, Alex Sudtelgte, and Nate Kessenich. Congratulations to these Bulldog football players and their coach Gabe Tardive.

Recently the Le Mars Community School Board of Education attended the Iowa Association of School Boards Convention held in Des Moines. It was at this convention that the Le Mars Community School Board of Education recieved the Carolyn Jons Better Boardsmanship Award of Achievement Plaque from their association for the fourteenth consecutive year. The Le Mars Community Board of Education was one of only eight school boards across the state to earn the Award of Achievement. Board members Brenda Phelan, Scott Kommes, Mark Stelzer, Todd Lancaster, Fred Zenk, Patrick Murphy, and Cris Collins are to be commended for their commitment to education and the role they serve as board members.

The November issue of the newsletter included information about weather related announcements. If I wanted to send out a mass emergency message to parents, I would use the Le Mars Daily Sentinel's system. It will send a text to your phone when any school related announcement has been made by school officials, but you have to sign up for this free messaging service. Sign up is very easy and available at

The month of December will be an extremely busy month in the school district for a variety of reasons. The winter sports season will begin with basketball games and wrestling meets. The holiday music concerts will be occurring as well. Before we all know it, we will have celebrated the holiday season and ended the first semester of the school year. It is my sincere hope that all of you have a wonderful holiday season with your family and friends.

Eight Le Mars Community High School students participated in Spirit Lake High School Quiz Bowl Tournament on December 6 in Spirit Lake.
The Le Mars team of Dayton Rand, Ellen Meis, Cole Ernst, and Ross Curry ended in fifth place out of the twenty teams in the varsity division of the tournament. The team finished the preliminary rounds with 3-1 record and failed to reach the semifinals.
The junior varsity team of Caitlyn Niehus, Mary Meis, Sydney Rand, and Chloe Evans finished the preliminary rounds with a 2-2 record and did not advance in the tournament.

Students participating
Front: Chloe Evans, Sydney Rand, Caitlyn Niehus
Back: Mary Meis, Ellen Meis, Dayton Rand, Cole Ernst, and Ross Curry



Registration Highlights

Registration forms will be
mailed to each family in
July. You can either mail
in the forms with your
payment or return them
on registration day.

Monday, August 4th
11:00 AM TO 7:00 PM
Tuesday, August 5th
7:00 AM TO 3:00 PM

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Elementary Middle School

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High School Wrestling triangular at Moville Sioux City East 54, Le Mars (15-9) 27 Le Mars (16-9) 46, Alta-Aurelia 33 Woodbury Central defeated Le Mars (16-10) - details are not available at this time.





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