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Welcome to the LeMars Community Middle School website!

The mission of LCMS is:

“Working together to meet the needs of young adolescents”

 LCMS consists of 33 teachers, two counselors, two administrators and 17 support staff whose job it is to understand that, in the life of a child, the middle school years are incredibly important.

Our priority is that the student comes first.  Our master schedule, teaching strategies and the activities that we offer are all geared toward giving every student a great opportunity at being successful.  We want our students to feel safe and we want them to have fun in a great environment.

Students will be provided a firm foundation in math, science, reading, language arts and social studies.  We also provide students the opportunity to excel with our challenge program. We want our courses to be academically challenging and we want to be able to support students when they find things difficult and have questions.

In addition to our core curriculum, students will explore a variety of interests in family and consumer science, art, computer applications, music, industrial technology and guidance.

Students can also elect to take courses in chorus, band, orchestra, and graphic art.  LCMS students are very competitive in various academic, leadership and fine arts competitions and activities.  We also have many students who get involved in football, volleyball, basketball, wrestling and track.  Middle school is the time to be involved!

We look forward to working with you and your child.  If you have any questions, please feel free to stop in or contact me at or call me at 712-546-7022.



Steve Shanks, Principal

Sixth Grade Advisory Teachers

Hello from the Sixth Grade Advisory Teachers! Our advisory classes are off to a good start. We do many activities throughout the week to build community and engage students in middle school life. Each week we focus on current events, community building games, and organizational/ goal setting activities. We do our best to make sure each day is successful by providing a positive start for each student. A benefit of advisory is the development of communication skills among peers and with teachers. We believe this will have a positive influence on their middle school experience.

M.S. Parent-Teacher Conferences are October 6 & 13th

Parent-Teacher Conferences for all LeMars Middle School students are earlier on the calendar this year. The first night will be Monday, October 6 from 5:00–8:30 pm. The second night will be Monday, October 13 also from 5:00--8:30 pm.

The conferences will be an all-open format for the entire seven hours over the two scheduled nights.

LeMars elementary schools and the high school will hold their conferences on November 6 & 10.

LCMS September Students of the Month


The criteria:  Students who show one or more of the following
qualities - positive attitude, respectfulness, resilience, improvement
in academics or behavior, leadership, service, citizenship.
6TH  7TH  8TH

October Student of Month

6TH 7TH  8TH


November Students of the month

6TH 7TH  8TH


6TH 7TH  8TH
Brooke Haage Kenzi Feller Jayden Wiltgen
Tate Hogrefe Jacob Jester Cameron Albus


Kady, Kyle, Celena, Josh, Grace and Zach




Congratulations Trey, Max, Hailey, Willow, Maddie, and Alex (March SOM)

Alex, Conlen, Jordan, Ben, Natalia and Caleb

Eight Le Mars Community Middle School students competed in the school finals of the National Geographic Bee on January 9. 

Eighth grader Sydney placed first in the 2013 bee.  Placing second was seventh grader Robby . Third place went to eighth grader Cole .  Other students who had advanced to the school finals were 6th graders Ben , Haleigh Allyn, and Alex ; and 7th graders Kyle and Oliver .

Students qualified for the school finals by having a perfect score in their classroom bees or winning tiebreakers at their grade level.

After winning the school bee, Rand took a 70-question multiple choice test to determine if she will advance to the state level of competition. 

Attention: Change of dates for Middle School Book Fair Le Mars Community Middle School Book Fair is coming November 7th and 11th Le Mars Community Middle School Book Fair for 2013 is on Thursday, November 7th and Monday, November 11th from 4:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. during conferences. Please come and view our wide selection of books. Books make great gifts for the holidays. Our goal is to earn enough money to purchase books for our library so we can continue to give our students new choices as well as continue series they are currently reading. Another goal is to take any donated monies we receive and try to help every student in our school purchase a book. All donated money will be matched dollar for dollar by Scholastic Books and donated to a charitable organization such as “Kids in Need”. We will also host a Book Fair Bake Sale between the same hours as the Book Fair. We would love donated homemade or purchased items like cookies, bars, cupcakes, or other individual goodies for the students to sell. The Bake Sale is fun for the students and the proceeds help purchase book fair items for our student volunteers. If interested, items can be brought to the middle school library before 4:00 on November 7th or 11th.

Ms Carnival - Another successful carnival
Good job, Mr. Vonnahme and all of the middle school staff






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