Newsletter Nov 2017 HTML5

During the Le Mars Community Middle School Book Fair/Bake Sale on October 2nd and 5th sales were great! The library was able to purchase over $600 in library books. Donations from local businesses added up to over $1,400, $600 was used to purchase over 75 books to send down to the schools affected by the Hurricanes. The remainder of $800 was used to provide free books to students at the middle school to promote reading. The bake sale and raffle drawing added up to over $350 to purchase another 25 books to Hurricane relief efforts. Overall donations collected were around $1,700 that Scholastic will match and donate to the Hurricane Relief Fund. Winners from the raffle drawing were Adam Burnett, winner of the box of books and coupons from local businesses, Emma DeRuyter and Hailey Hanson, winners of the Taco Johns and Sweet 16 Lanes coupons. Thank you to everyone for the donations, food items, and book purchases to make our book fair a huge success! Fall activities are in full swing throughout the school district, so that means L.E.E.P. members are busy honoring teacher requests. The main criteria L.E.E.P. members ask themselves before hon- oring a request is whether the request will enhance the value and meaning of education for students, teachers, and families. It is not always easy to make decisions, but if the focus remains on the stu- dents and enrich their education the decisions to honor requests are made easier. The following teacher and student requests were honored in September and October: • All 1st grade teachers- Math supplement materials and PowerPoint program to support Eureka. • Geared Up Robotics /Tracy Wingert- monies for expansion hub, replacement parts, linear motion kit, conversion kit, degree bracket, and misc. parts. • Carrie Campbell, MS Academy- requisition to purchase April Henry, author, novel sets for each of the ELA teachers in the middle school. • Connie Engebretsen-Clark Media Specialist- OSMO Ipad bases • Emily Majeres and Jennifer Jorgensen, Clark Preschool- material to build a sand box for the preschool area Total amount honored was $5,747.92. Thank you to the community for supporting the L.E.E.P. fundraiser MENuMASTERS. The sponsorships, tickets sales and donations make these resources and programs possible for the students in the community of LeMars. It’s a fact: Parents who play an active role in their children’s education make a huge difference in their success. Here are some things you can do to help your child find success this school year: •  During the summer, children aren’t always on a schedule. But, proper rest is essential for a healthy and productive school year. Help your child get used to the back-to-school routine: start the transition now to earlier wake-up times and bed- times. For more information, visit: •  Contact your child’s teachers at the start of the school year. Plan to keep track of your child’s subjects, homework, activi- ties and progress throughout the school year. And, con- sider serving on your local PTA or joining other parent groups that engage with and support your child’s school. For additional ideas, go to : h ttp:// academic/help/succeed/succeed.pdf • Hungry kids can’t concen- trate on learning, so good nutrition plays an important role in your child’s school performance. Studies show that children who eat healthy, balanced breakfasts and lunches do better in school. Learn more at: • Most schools re- quire up-to-date immunizations, and you may be asked to provide paperwork showing that your child has all the necessary shots and vaccines. What’s more, you can ex- plore and choose the most  affordable health insurance options , including free and low-cost coverage for those who quality for the Children’s Health Insurance Pro- gram (CHIP) . Find more student health resources at: • Set up a special place at home to do school work and homework. Remove distractions. Make it clear that education is a top priority in your family: show interest and praise your child’s work. • Take the pledge  to read with your child for 20 minutes every day. Your example reinforces the importance of literacy, and reading lets you and your child explore new worlds of fun and adventure together. A