Le Mars Community High School

P a g e | 10 ADVANCED PLACEMENT CLASSES AP Physics may be offered next year; see the description in the Science portion of the course booklet. There may be other AP options available, please check with your counselor. POST SECONDARY ENROLLMENT OPTION CLASSES (PSEO) PSEO classes are open to students that are juniors or seniors, or sophomores labeled as Talented and Gifted. Students must also be proficient in the most recent Iowa Assessment test in Science, Math, and English. Students may only access courses in this program that are not comparable to those offered by LCHS. Students accessing this coursework under this program in the summer will pay for the cost of that programming and will be limited to a maximum of seven credit hours from the postsecondary institution per summer session. Postsecondary institutions cannot charge students in the program for tuition, textbooks, materials, or fees related to the course unless the students are required to purchase equipment that becomes the property of the student. Students will be limited to two PSEO classes each semester. GREAT START ONLINE CLASS GUIDELINES Great Start classes are an opportunity open to juniors and seniors who wish to enroll in online courses through Western Iowa Tech in subjects not offered at LCHS. The purpose is to expand the scope of offerings available to our students and provide students the opportunity to experience online learning prior to graduation. Opportunities are regulated by Great Start guidelines, board policy 603.7 “Virtual/Online Courses”, board policy 605.4 “Graduation Requirements”, and LCHS attendance requirements. Students will receive both Western Iowa Tech and LCHS credit for courses taken online. A grade report from WITCC must be turned into the guidance office so grades can be posted on the high school transcript. *Students will need to be proficient on Iowa Assessments in the subtests of reading, math, and science or other alternative tests (i.e. ACT, CPT, etc.) to qualify to take these classes. Juniors are eligible to take one course per semester, subject to the four credit maximum, and they are required to have six classes and physical education at LCHS. Juniors must be assigned all eight periods of the day. Juniors taking an online course will be assigned to a study hall to work on the on-line class, unless the student is taking seven classes plus physical education at LCHS. Seniors are eligible to take up to two courses per semester, subject to the four credit maximum, and they are required to have six classes and physical education at LCHS. Seniors who are taking only one online course and meet all requirements for open campus privilege will not be assigned a study hall unless the student is not making adequate progress towards the online class. Mid-term grade reports must be secured by the student from Western Iowa Tech and submitted to the guidance office for the purpose of making a determination regarding adequate progress. If a senior is taking two online classes through Western Iowa Tech, they will be allowed to take five classes at LCHS and they will have one study hall assigned to work on their online classes. Students will be allowed to add/drop online classes as allowed by LCHS policy. Students applying to take online classes shall obtain permission from the high school administration before being allowed to enroll in an online class as pursuant to board policy 603.7 “Virtual/Online Courses.” Students are responsible for registering for their online classes through the LCHS guidance office. Students under the age of 18 are responsible for acquiring a parent’s signature. The student is expected to use all textbooks in an appropriate manner, and return them in excellent condition. If not, the student will be charged for the book(s). Students must register for semester one classes prior to summer vacation. Students must register for semester two classes prior to Thanksgiving break. COURSE AVAILABILITY In order for a class to run, the course must have a sufficient number of registrants. If there is insufficient interest in a particular course, the course will not be offered during the upcoming school year. ADDING & DROPPING A COURSE Students will be allowed to add a class within the first 5 days of a semester. If a student has seven classes, dropping a class will be allowed within the first 10 days of the semester. NORMAL COURSE LOAD Each semester every student is required to have 6 credits and PE/SC to maintain a full-time student status. FAILING REQUIRED SUBJECTS Students who fail required subjects should consult with their counselor. Credit may be received in the following year, in summer school, or through the Individual Learning Center, pending principal approval.