Le Mars Community High School

P a g e | 17 Le Mars Community School District Family and Consumer Science Program of Study Career Cluster: Culinary Freshman Year Sophomore Year Junior Year Senior Year Subject Math Algebra Geometry Algebra 2 MAT129 Pre-Calc English Freshman English Sophomore English Junior English English Electives Science General Science Biology Applied Chemistry/Applied Physics Elective Humanities & Social Sciences World History American History American Government Economics Elective Foreign Language Spanish 1 Spanish 2 Optional but encouraged Electives Career Specialty Foods & Nutrition 21 st Century Foods Single Living Culinary Arts Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 HCM186 Culinary Foundations 1 (3 Cr.) HCM187 Culinary Foundations 2 (3 Cr.) HCM240 Menu Planning & Design (2 Cr.) HCM176 World Cuisine (2 Cr.) HCM111 Principles of Baking 1 (2 Cr.) HCM112 Principles of Baking 2 (2 Cr.) HCM230 Nutrition & Wellness (3 Cr.) HCM278 Cost Control (2 Cr.) HCM191 Quantity Food Production 1 Lab (4 Cr.) HCM192 Quantity Food Production 2 Lab (4 Cr.) HCM343 Recipe Cost & Menu Pricing (2 Cr.) HCM248 A la Carte Cooking (2 Cr.) HCM113 Culinary Baking (1 Cr.) HCM121 Culinary Baking 2 (1 Cr.) HCM255 Purchasing (3 Cr.) HCM249 A la Carte Cooking Lab (4 Cr.) HCM100 Sanitation & Safety (2 Cr.) Social Science/Humanities Elective (3 Cr.) HCM243 Soups & Sauces (1 Cr.) HCM225 Food Artistry Styling (2 Cr.) HCM200 Dining Service (2 Cr.) A.A.S. Communications Requirement ENG105, 110, or 111 (3 Cr.) HCM244 Soups & Sauces Lab (2 Cr.) HCM532 Culinary Capstone (2 Cr.) MAT711 Business & Financial Mathematics (3 Cr.) HCM246 Garde Manger/Charcuterie (1Cr.) MGT195 Workplace Empowerment (3 Cr.) HCM247 Garde Manger/Charcuterie Lab (2 Cr.) HCM198 Regional Wine History (3 Cr.)