Le Mars Community High School

P a g e | 8 Le Mars Community High School Graduation Credit Requirements - 50 Credits are required for all graduates English 8 Credits Science 6 Credits Social Studies 6 Credits Math 6 Credits Required 6 Credits Required 6 Credits Required 5 Credits Required Options Freshman English Sophomore English Junior English General Science Biology Applied Chemistry/Applied Physics or Chemistry or Physics World History Algebra Algebra 2 Algebra 3 College Calculus College Pre-Calculus Geometry Modern Algebra 2 Modern Geometry Pre-Algebra American History American Government Electives 2 Credits Electives 2 Credits Electives 1 Credit American Literature 1 American Literature 2 College English Contemporary Literature Creative Writing Senior Composition World Literature Anatomy College Anat/Phys 1 & 2 Introductory College Biology Advanced American Government Citizens and the Constitution College West Civilization (Ancient-Modern) College West Civilization (Modern-Present) Current Events Economics Modern American History Psychology 1 & 2 Sociology Voting and Elections Careers – 0.5 Credit Personal & Family Health – 1 Credit P.E./S.C. – 2 Credits