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Students and Parents,

This registration booklet has been prepared to assist you in planning your academic and

vocational future. Each teacher has written a description for his/her class to aid you as you

choose your educational path. It is recommended that you use the information in this booklet

as but one source available to you in choosing your courses. Counselors and teachers can

also provide valuable information to help you make appropriate selections.

Because this high school offers courses designed for a wide range of abilities, it is easy for

some students to make selections which do not challenge their capabilities. We encourage the

selection of courses that will challenge students and prepare them for their future.

Our goal will be to provide an atmosphere for learning which is void of sexist, racist, and ethnic

prejudices, discrimination, and separatism. No student shall be denied enrollment in class

because of race, culture, sex, or developmental disability.

It is also the policy of this district that curriculum content and instruction materials utilized

reflect the cultural and racial diversity present in the United States and the variety of careers,

roles, and lifestyles open to all.

When scheduling for your classes, it is imperative that you plan carefully and make appropriate

choices. It will be difficult for you to change or drop classes once school begins.

Our registration materials have been published to aid you. We hope you will find this handbook

to be informative and useful. If you have any ideas which would make this handbook better,

please call us.

You may also access the registration handbook at the district website,

Dr. Mark Iverson Neal Utesch

Barry Borchers Nicki Addison


Asst. Principal Counselor Counselor

712-546-4153 ext. 2203 712-546-4153 ext. 2209 712-546-4153 ext. 2207 712-546-4153 ext. 2208