April Final 2018

The Dog Pound April 2018 It’s a great day to be a Bulldog! Advisor: Sherri Permeswaran by Breanna Martin by Anna Ahlrich Students inducted into LCHS chapter of National Honor Society Doug Martin named LCS “Teacher of the Year” Science teacher Doug Martin was presented with the Decades of Excellence, Crystal Bell Award at a recent school assembly. This means he is the 2018 Le Mars Community Schools’ Teacher of the Year. Martin has been teaching at LCHS for 17 years. At the start of the 2017-2018 school year, Doug Martin had a stroke and was out of school for about two months. While Doug was out, he told his students that it was really hard for him to just sit at home; he was ready to be back at school. Martin explained why he loves his job: “The best thing about school is my students! They make my day fun every day!” Librarian Nancy Isebrand wanted to show Martin how much he is appreciated in the school, so she asked students to send letters to her to show how much he means to them. Many LCHS staff, students, and former students nominated Doug Martin for this award. Some of the letters said how much Martin valued them as students; others emphasized how he pushed them to work harder than they knew they could. Nancy Isbrand said, “Doug treats the school body as his family, and he is well deserving of this award.” Principal Dr. Iverson said, “It is a well-deserved honor for him. Even though we have many great teachers in the school district, Mr. Martin is one of those special people who puts the needs of the students above his own. He is also willing to do anything to help his students succeed.” Fellow teacher Sherri Permeswaran said, “Mr. Martin is one of the most unselfish people I have met. His top concern is always for his students...past, present, and future!” She continued, “He takes an interest in students’ lives and makes them feel good about themselves. He pushes them to be the best they can be in the classroom and in life. He supports them by attending all of their extra- curricular activities. His focus is ALWAYS on his students!” Mr. Martin was presented with the Teacher of the Year award at a school assembly on April 5. At LCHS, National Honor Society (NHS) has long been something that students strive to be on for multiple reasons. Working towards it gives students a reason to keep up with their grades and work hard, gives them an opportunity to earn bigger scholarships when the time comes, and allows students to be recognized for their hard work and dedication that has been done. The NHS ceremony was Tuesday, March 20, 2018. A total of forty-one students were inducted into National Honor Society. The guest speaker was Dr. Paul Parmelee. National Honor Society was first founded nationally in 1921 for juniors and seniors who have a 3.2 GPA or higher. At the end of first semester, students who meet or exceed that requirement are invited to apply. “From there, each student must accumulate at least 60 points in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character,” says counselor Judd Kopperud. Students are required to write an essay over the four pillars and how they are applied in their own lives. Students must also provide a minimum of ten hours of community service. The more service hours the student does, the higher the points they will receive. Students have found many benefits from being on National Honor Society. It looks good when “adding to resumes and college applications. NHS students also gain opens and pride in knowing they are students with exceptional character,” says guidance counselor Melissa Hill. National Honors Society means something different and special to each person who is inducted into it. Junior Ben Wadle explains, “Being on NHS means that I am a positive representative of LCHS.” “It’s an honor to be on NHS because it is a recognition of hard work and character, which cannot be counted on a stat sheet and is not always recognized. It is a great way for us students to show our scholarship and leadership throughout our school,” says junior Annie Ellis. NHS Inductees...Front row, l to r: Kimberly Arreola, Johanna Theeler, Haylee Cooper, Brooke Alesch, Katelyn Hartman; second row: Faith Laskie, Emily Koonce, Abby Foster, Madeline Hurt, Haley Majeres, Kara Ahlrich, Jessica Hinds, Alyannah Buhman, Arlinna Bowen, Joan Meis, Willow Olsen; third row: Dacia Buss, Haleigh Allyn, Ellie Beitelspacher, Anna Ellis, Madison Dreckman, Kristen Heimgartner, Caitlin Sudtelgte, Arianna Grant, Brook Berkenpas, Baylee Needs, Abby Van Otterloo, Anna Vacura; back row: Tylon Chapman, Zachary Wingert, Joshua Williams, Benjamin Wadle, Karson Morehead, Dalton Glawe, Connor Ouradnik, Cade Webner, Landen Parmelee, Eric Isebrand, Cody Ott, Curran Wells, Robert Sadoski.