Newsletter Feb 2018

Parents are a powerful influence in the lives of their teens. When parents make a habit of knowing about their teens—what they are doing, who they are with, and where they are and setting clear ex- pectations for behavior with regular check-ins to be sure these ex- pectations are being met—they can reduce their teens’ risks for injury, pregnancy, and drug, alcohol, and cigarette use. These par- ents are monitoring their teens’ activities and behavior. What can parents do to monitor their teens effectively? The fol- lowing are some steps you can take to monitor your teen and help protect him or her from risky behaviors: 1. Talk with your teen about your rules and expectations, and explain the consequences for breaking the rules. 2. Talk and listen to your teen often about how he or she feels and what he or she is thinking. 3. Know who your teen’s friends are. 4. Talk with your teen about the plans he or she has with friends, what he or she is doing after school, and where he or she will be going. 5. Set expectations for when your teen will come home, and expect a call if he or she is going to be late. 6. Ask whether an adult will be present when your teen is vis- iting a friend’s home. 7. Get to know your teen’s boyfriend or girlfriend. 8. Get to know the parents of your teen’s friends. 9. Talk with your relatives, your neighbors, your teen’s teach- ers, and other adults who know your teen. Ask them to share what they observe about your teen’s behaviors, moods, or friends. 10. Watch how your teen spends money. 11. Keep track of how your teen spends time online, and talk about using the Internet safely. 12. Pay attention to your teen’s mood and behavior at home, and discuss any concerns you might have. 13. If your teen does break a rule, enforce the consequences fairly and consistently. 14. Make sure your teen knows how to contact you at all times. Does parental monitoring make a difference? . Research shows that teens whose parents use effective monitoring practices are less likely to make poor decisions, such as having sex at an early age, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, being physically aggressive, or skipping school. Clear communication about your expectations is especially important. Research shows that teens who believe their parents disapprove of risky behaviors are less likely to choose those behaviors. LCMS is excited to welcome Ms. Alaina Lake as our new 8th grade science teacher! Ms. Lake graduated from Grandview College in Des Moines in December with a B.A. in Elementary Education and K-8 STEM Endorsement. She just finished her stu- dent teaching in Nevada, Iowa in 8th grade science. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math. Ms. Lake has a passion for teaching science and has already been a presenter at the Iowa Science Teacher's Ele- ments of STEM conference. One of her model science lessons was published in a national science journal recently. We feel fortunate to find a person this qualified in the mid- dle of the school year. Please help us welcome Ms. Lake to our school and community. This summer’s program will be divided into two sessions. The first session will run from May 29th through June 15th (Class on June 2 to make-up for Memorial Day), with the first 2 weeks being classroom sessions and the 3rd week being driving sessions. The second session will be from June 18th through July 6th, with the first 2 weeks being classroom sessions and the 3rd week being driving sessions. Starting dates are subject to change due to extended school year due to weather. . REGISTRATION FORMS: Starting March 1 you may pick up your form from the LeMars Community High School Principal’s office. These forms must be returned on or before Friday, April 20th with the proper fee attached. LeMars Community & Gehlen Catholic students will need to pay $325.00 for this class. Gehlen Catholic students who live outside the LeMars Community School District will need to pay $475.00. Those students residing outside the LeMars Community School District that attend a school other than Gehlen Catholic will pay $475.00.