Le Mars Community High School

P a g e | 21 Le Mars Community School District Electromechanical Specialist Certificate Program of Study Career Cluster: Manufacturing High School Freshman Year Sophomore Year Junior Year Senior Year Subject Math Modern Geometry Modern Algebra 2 MAT129Pre-Calc MAT201Calc English Freshman English Sophomore English Junior English College English Science General Science Biology Chemistry Physics Humanities & Social Sciences World History American History American Government Western Civ. 1 Foundational Career Intro to Careers Career Specialty Elective Tech Mods Electromechanical Career Academy Intro to Welding Elective Manufacturing Tech Electromechanical Career Academy Manufacturing Exploration WITCC – Program of Study Electromechanical Technician - Diploma Term 1 Term 2 MAT772 Applied Math (3 Cr.) BPT114 Instrumentation 1 (2 Cr.) EGT143 Fluid Power 2 (2 Cr.) EGT211 Fluid Power 3 (1 Cr.) ELT250 Programmable Logic Controllers (3 Cr.) ELT102 Blueprint Reading (2 Cr.) IND462 Pumps (2 Cr.) ELE312 Variable Frequency Drives for Motor Control (1 Cr.) COM723 Workplace Communications (3 Cr.)