Le Mars Community High School

P a g e | 22 Le Mars Community High School Engineering Program of Study Career Cluster: Engineering & Manufacturing Technology High School Freshman Year Sophomore Year Junior Year Senior Year Subject Math Modern Geometry Modern Algebra 2 MAT129 Pre-Calc MAT201Calc English Freshman English Sophomore English Junior English College English Science General Science Biology Chemistry Physics Humanities & Social Sciences World History American History American Government Economics Foreign Language Spanish 1 Spanish 2 Spanish 3 Spanish 4 Electives Health and Physical Education Fine Arts: Band, Choir, Art, Drama Journalism Foundational Career Intro to Careers Computer Applications Test Out @ WIT CSC110 Intro to Computers (3 Cr.) Designer’s Choice 2 PSEO Option Career Specialty DRF113 Fundamentals of Technical Drafting (3 Cr.) Tech Modules CAD267 Intro to CAD: Auto CAD (3 Cr.) Designer’s Choice CAD277 Intro to Inventor (3 Cr.) Manufacturing Tech Internship WITCC – Program of Study Mechanical Engineering Technology – AAS Degree Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Term 5 SDV108 The College Experience (1 Cr.) CAD277 3-Dim (3D) Modeling I (3 Cr.) Com753 Technical Comm. Or Gen. Ed elective (3 Cr.) MFG206 Manufacturing Process 1 (3 Cr.) EGT151 Virtual Reality of Manufacturing (3 Cr.) DRF113 Fund of Tech Drafting (3 Cr.) CAD279 CAD 3-Dim (3D) Modeling II (3 Cr.) Psy102 Human & Work Relations or Gen. Ed elective (3 Cr.) MFG322 Intro to CAD/CAM (3 Cr.) EGT159 Statics & Structural Design (4 Cr.) DRF121 Fund of Tech Drafting II (3 Cr.) CAD285 Computer Aided Drafting for Industry (4 Cr.) MAT777 Applied Algebra/Trig (3 Cr.) EGT410 PLTW Principles of Engineering (3 Cr.) EGT169 Mechanisms & Motion (4 Cr.) CAD 267 Two-Dimensional (2D) I (3 Cr.) MFG141 Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (2 Cr.) MFG125 Intro. to Automation (4 Cr.) MFG148 Manufacturing Design (4 Cr.) CAD269 CAD Two-Dimensional (2D) II (3 Cr.) CSC110 Intro to Computers or BCA206 Applied Computer Concepts (3 Cr.) MFG542 Machine Design (3 Cr.) MAT772 Applied Math (3 Cr.)