Le Mars Community High School

P a g e | 26 ADVANCED POTTERY Course Length: 1 Semester Prerequisite: Pottery & instructor permission Credits: 1 Grade Level: 11, 12 This advanced art course is designed for self-motivated students. Use of the potter’s wheel is a primary technique used in this class. Advanced projects will be assigned throughout the semester. Mass production techniques along with advanced techniques in decoration and glazing will also be explored. This class may require students to work on projects outside of class time. ADVANCED STUDIO ART Course Length: 1 Semester Prerequisite: Studio Art Credits: 1 Grade Level : 10, 11, 12 In this course further art skills and techniques are developed. Drawing, oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolor, wood cuts, ceramic sculpture, work on the potter’s wheel and soft sculpture are some of the media that will be covered, with time allowed to explore individual interests in art. ART SEMINAR Course Length: 1 Semester Prerequisite: Studio Art and at least two other art classes Credits: 1 Grade Level : 12 This is an independent study specifically designed for those who intend to go into an art-related career. Those who are eligible and interested will be given an application form from the instructor. COMPUTER GRAPHICS Course Length: 1 Semester Prerequisite: Art experience necessary Credits: 1 Grade Level: 11, 12 In this course the student will explore the use of the computer as a fine and commercial art medium. The student will develop skills in drawing, painting, and photo manipulation using the computer. Desktop publishing, web page design, logo design, advertising layout, and several other graphic art applications will be explored. Students will be exposed to the software Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and PageMaker. DRAWING Course Length: 1 Semester Credits: 1 Grade Level: 9,10,11,12 This will be an introduction to drawing. You will experiment with several different drawing mediums. You will learn to draw what you see and be able to communicate your ideas visually. This class gives you an excellent foundation on which to build in all other art classes. POTTERY Course Length: 1 Semester Credits: 1 Grade Level: 10, 11, 12 Pottery is the art of making usable objects from clay. You will learn to hand build and wheel throw pottery, decorate it, glaze and fire it. You will learn slab, coil, and mold hand building techniques; two techniques on the wheel, one for mass production. You will learn to decorate pottery using slip, texture, incising, scraffito, sprigging, and glaze. You will also learn to recognize the attributes of the pottery of primitive cultures.