Le Mars Community High School

P a g e | 43 AP PHYSICS Course Length: 1 Year Credits: 2 Elective/Required: Required Option Prerequisite: Algebra 2 required Grade Level: 11, 12 AP Physics is a rigorous course designed to allow the student the opportunity to prepare to take the AP Physics Exam in the spring of the year. The AP Physics course includes topics in both classical and modern physics. A knowledge of algebra and basic trigonometry is required for the course; the basic ideas of calculus may be introduced in connection with physical concepts, such as acceleration and work. Understanding of the basic principles involved and the ability to apply these principles in the solution of problems are the major goals of the course. AP Physics provides instruction in each of the following five content areas: Newtonian mechanics, fluid mechanics and thermal physics, electricity and magnetism, waves and optics and atomic and nuclear physics. The course also includes a hands-on laboratory component comparable to introductory college-level physics laboratories, with a minimum of 12 student-conducted laboratory investigations representing a variety of topics covered in the course. Each student should complete a lab notebook (composition notebook required of lab reports.) Completion of High School Physics would be beneficial but not necessarily required. BIOLOGY (NCAA) Course Length: 1 Year Credits: 2 Grade Level: 10 Biology is a required course offered for students interested in the detailed workings of living organisms. This is a lab-oriented approach to the living world that surrounds us all. The course will present the major concepts needed to understand and become more aware of the interactions of living things with the environment and with each other. CHEMISTRY (NCAA) Course Length: 1 Year Credits: 2 Elective/Required: Required Option Prerequisite: Successful completion of or enrollment in Algebra 2 Grade Level: 11, 12 This course emphasizes a system of reasoning that is applicable to all endeavors of life. The study of chemistry is highly recommended for students planning to enter the fields of science, engineering, nursing, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, agriculture, forestry, home economics, teaching and many other fields which may not require formal training after high school. This is an excellent elective to improve your background and to keep your options open. The course incorporates activities involving up to date equipment to gather and analyze, thus providing a background and proficiency in the use of that technology. It is a laboratory based course and requires math skills to be successful. The complexity of the material covered increases as the year proceeds. COLLEGE ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY 1 - BIO169 (NCAA) COLLEGE ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY 2 - BIO174 (NCAA) CONCURRENT ENROLLMENT (Purchase of Textbook Required) Course Length: 1 Year Credits: 2 LCHS, 8 WITCC Elective/Required: Required Option Prerequisite: Biology, General Science, Anatomy (strongly suggested) Grade Level: 12 A combined lecture and lab course. The relationship between structure and function and homeostasis; skeletal, muscular and nervous system, cytology, and histology. The lecture portion of this course is primarily an internet based lecture series and most of class time will be spent in laboratory pursuits. Recommended: Background in chemistry.