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2016’s a great day to be a bulldog

Editor: Jeff Ahlers

Advisor: Rhonda Beach

It is that time of year again!

The snow is falling, the wind

is blowing, and winter is in

full force. With the winter

chill, Children’s Theatre has

also finally returned! The Le

Mars Community Thespians

will once again be performing

for the elementary, middle,

and high school Thursday,

December 22.

This year’s play,

entitled A Christmas Wizard of

Oz, is sure to be a blast. For the

low cost of one dollar, students

can attend Children’s Theatre,

get out of class, and most

importantly help a good cause.

All proceeds from the play

are donated to the Christian

Needs Center so that those

who cannot afford presents for

their children can have a nice

Christmas. If everyone pays,

more people in need will be


Mrs. Erin Ohrlund,

the director of Children’s

Theatre, would like to extend

an invitation to everyone to

attend. Mrs. Ohrlund said, “We

are enjoying extending the

homecoming theme through

A Christmas Wizard of Oz.

The cast is delightful and the

performances are full of great

spirit and glee.”

The cast and crew of

Children’s Theatre are equally

excited about finally getting to

perform again.

When asked about the

play, Senior Cole Berkenpas

stated, “Children’s Theatre

is going to be great this year!

The cast has worked very

hard to get the show ready to

go. As always the high school

rendition will be hilarious.”

Junior Sarah Benton quipped,

“Come see it!”



DeBoer replied, “Children’s

Theatre: The one time of the

year when all the drama nerds

pull everyone’s skeletons out

of the closet.”



Parker stated, “The wizard

isn’t the only thing great and


On a more humorous

note, Junior Noah Watson

replied, “There’s no children

and barely any theatre... 9/10.”

Senior Alex Pick

chimed in with “I get to play

one of the six Dorothies. I’m

looking forward to lighting

up the stage. I promise, I will

roast Kelli Susemihl several




Megan Connor replied with

“Just a sec… “

Come support the

LCHS Thespians December


By Jeff Ahlers

Christmas is approaching

quickly. During the season

people give and receive gifts,

and hang with family, and

enjoy a great feast to eat


Unfortunately, some

kids do not look forward to

getting Christmas presents

and sharing a big meal. That is

why the LCHS student council

organizes the Christmas Coin

charity event every year.

The freshman, sophomores,

juniors, and the seniors set a

goal of each giving $2.

Since each class met

their goal they will receive a

double open lunch. Students

were asked to donate just two

dollars in per person you could

make a huge difference and

put a smile on many children

and adults faces this Christmas


Brady Kommes says,

“I think it’s a great cause

especially putting smiles on

the faces of the kids in need.

Giving makes me feel great


Kyle Kliever says, “It

feels great to help people who

don’t have as much as other

families do. All the student

council asks for is just for two

dollars; it’s not that much to

ask for.”

Mr. Neil Utesch says,

“It’s such a great cause that

every year when Christmas

break is approaching it’s a gift

we give to the LCHS students,

but mostly it’s a great charity

to give the kids in needs what

they want during the Christmas

holiday and seeing them

smiling when they get their

gifts on Christmas morning.”

Each grade made the goal

this year. The freshman made

$353.77, sophomores $398.88,

juniors $347.50, and seniors at


Put yourself in the

shoes of the people in need.

How would you feel if you

couldn’t get much gifts and

etc. on Christmas day. Make

your goal for the double open

lunch but more important help

a kid in need so they can smile

Christmas Day. Have a Merry


By Alex Orban

Student council collects coins for Christian Needs Center

Children’s theatre performs

A Christmas Wizard of OZ

Spirited students filled the coin canisters in the office.