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The Dog Pound

Congratulations to the LCHS dance team on a great performance at a recent basketball game.

Dance team performs state contest routine at half-time

Congratulations to the LCHS

dance team for three division

I ratings in the pom, lyrical,

and jazz divisions at this

year’s Iowa State Dance Team


The team placed

fourth overall in the State of

Iowa in division XI pom.

The team is coached

by head coach Jess Reuter and

assistant coach Terri Martin.

Team members include:

Senior: Janae Casson;

Juniors: Sydney Louison;

Samii Murra; Jayden Wiltgen;

Katelyn Lewis; and Regan


Sophomores: Haley Majeres;

Arlinna Bowen; and Cassidy


Freshmen: Jenna Laughton;

Hailey Kellen; Rachael Minar;

and Isabelle Majeres.

The LCHS dance

team will perform at all home

varsity boys basketball games

this season. Be there or be


Sophomore Haley Majeres in perfect form.

As winter approaches so

does the dread of having to

go outside for strength and

conditioning class. Students

who are in either athlete or




conditioning know the struggle

of stepping into the frigid abyss

of the outside world in order to

reach the weight room.

A simple solution

to this would be building a

connecting hallway between

the high school and the

weight room. According to

U.S. climate data, the average

winter temperature in Iowa can

range from a bone-chilling 15

to 20 degrees.

From a medical

standpoint, cold temperatures

can cause several health issues

including migraines, insomnia,

and even depression, not to

mention the numerous near

death experiences countless

students have encountered

while walking on the ice.

In order to prevent




problems, and hospitalizations,

several students have proposed

the school build a connecting

hallway from the high school

to the weight room.

One student informed

the Dog Pound staff about their

tragic fall while walking to the

weight room.

An LCHS student,

who would like to remain

under the alias Spooky

Jim, vividly remembers the

traumatic experience, “As I

emerged from the high school,

I stepped into an ice puddle

and felt a chill sink down into

my bone. Unfortunately, that

was not the end. As I stepped

into the weight room my now

cold and drenched shoe did not

have enough grip to support

my leg, and I ungraciously

slipped, slowly seeing the floor

get closer to my face.”

Although tragedies

like these occur on an almost

daily basis, some students are

against building a hallway.

Senior Matilynn Langel stated,

“I enjoy going outside during

the school day,” and this writer

asks, “But at what cost?”

According to page

19, line 3 of the Le Mars

Community High School

2016-2017 Student Handbook,

“The board is committed to

providing a safe and civil

school environment in which

all members of the school

community are treated with

dignity and respect.” If the

school is really thinking about

providing a safe environment,

they would not let students

endure this inhuman level of

torture every other day.

Hallway outrage at LCHS

By Luis Barrera

Dear Sammi,

All of LCHS’ holiday

decorations seem to deal with

Christmas. As a student who

appreciates other cultures,

how do you think I can get

some Hanukkah and Kwanzaa


Culturally frustrated,

Darcy the Dreidel

Dear Dreidel,

Good for you for trying to

include other cultures! Maybe

suggest using symbols such as

the menorah instead of always

using the Christmas tree. Raise

awareness for other holidays

by using them in seasons

greetings. Find students that

celebrate these holidays and

ask them to share information

with others. Don’t ever be

afraid to voice your opinions

and beliefs!


Dear Sammi,

Lately I’ve been having some

anger management issues. One

time, a group of girls made

me so angry that I snapped

my pencil. Sometimes I just

put my headphones in and try

to hide from the world. I even

started eating more to cope

with my feelings. How can I

stop getting so annoyed and

angry so easily?

Please help,

The Grinch

Dear Grinch,

I’m sorry that people seem

to always get on your nerves.

Instead of letting them get

to you, be the bigger person!

Count to ten or try to leave the

situation. I hope this helps you

find some peace.


Dear Sammi,

My boyfriend and I have been

dating for a month now. Lately,

he has been putting a lot of

pressure on me to kiss him

under the mistletoe. I’m not

sure if I’m ready for such a big

step in our relationship. What

would you do Sammi?


Running from the Mistletoe

Dear Mistletoe,

An A+ to you for sticking

to your values! If you’re not

ready for the mistletoe stage

of the relationship, make that

very clear, and if he doesn’t

respect that, find yourself a

new “Santa baby”!


Dear Sammi,

I have recently encountered

the stereotypical high school

bully. He constantly is verbally

abusing me, especially during

3rd and 4th period. It’s hard

to maintain my holiday spirit

with this harassment going on.

Any advice on how to stand up

to a bully?


Harassment in the Holidays

Dear Harassment,

I’m so sorry for what you’re

going through! Tell the bully

firmly that you would like him

to stop, and never let him/her

know how he/she gets to you.

Remember that you are loved!

Happy Holidays!


Sammi the snowman doles out advice for LCHS students

The first Christmas took place

in the United States of America

on December 25, 1870.



Christmas customs included

the exchange of presents,

decorating Christmas trees,

attending church, sharing

meals with family and friends,

and awaiting the arrival of

Santa Claus. All of the early

customs still occur today.

To keep the Christmas

spirit alive, spending time with

family and friends is very


Many activities can

be done with family such as

games, baking, singing songs,

watching movies, etc. with one

another to celebrate this great


Presents are great

to receive this time of year.

Receiving gifts to wear or use

the next year are great, but

the ultimate joy is seeing the

happiness peoples faces.

Walking down the

street and greeting people with

“Merry Christmas” can mean a

lot to another person because

not everyone has family to

spend this great holiday with

and it can be a tough time of

year. Be sure to keep the spirit

alive this season!

Be sure to enjoy the

time with friends and family.

Be thankful and giving and

enjoy the rest of the 2016 year.

Keep the Christmas spirit alive


The Dog Pound staff would

also like to wish everyone a

Merry Christmas and a Happy

New Year!

Keep the Christmas spirit alive!

By Brady Kommes

With the semester coming to

an end, students are feeling

joyful. Except there is one

obstacle students have to

face when they return from

the holidays: The dreaded

semester tests.

For the freshmen

who are unfamiliar with

the semester test schedule,

the test dates are January

11 and 12 and January 13 if

you missed a day of tests.

Students who tested both

days and who have all work

completed get the day off

from school.

The testing periods

are one hour and 15 minutes

long and if you have a study

hall you are allowed to

leave school if you choose

to. The tests are ten percent

of overall semester grade.

Everyone has to take the

first semester test.

So make sure get all

work turned in and get ready

to study for the core classes

and any college courses

Tips to getting an amazing

grade on the semester tests

include not studying all at

one time. Break the study

times up. Break up each of

the chapters and study one

at a time. For an example,

study a chapter a night on

the chapter you do not know

very well.

Another tip is to not

study as much for class you

understand well and focus

on classes that are more

challenging for you. Study

over a week instead of

jamming everything in the

night before. Ask teachers

ahead of time about things

you do not understand. If

you do not understand a

chapter, go in and ask the

teacher for help so you

know what it is or how to do

it for the test. Also complete

the study guides if a teacher

gives them to you because

the guide is everything you

need to know for the test.

Finally, celebrate

when the tests are over

because at the end of the

second semester, it a

straight shot to summer

unless you get stuck taking

second semester tests.

To take the second

semester test you must have

missed more than five days,

you received six tardies,

or you earned a a D or in

a F in a class in any of the

quarters. So good luck and

have fun studying.

Happy New Year: Semester tests

greet students after the break

By Miranda Hicks