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The Dog Pound

The Dog Pound

25 days of Christmas movies return once again

Conspiracy Corner:

Winter conspiracies at LCHS

Who does not like Rolo cookies?

Culinary Arts students at work

By Collin Nemmers

For many years ABC Family

has been home to many

people’s favorite Christmas

movies during their 25 Days of

Christmas marathon. This year

will be just a little bit different.

Now the channel is no longer

ABC Family; the new name is


Albeit there was a

change in name, the 25 Days

of Christmas movie marathon

will continue throughout the

month of December. Some of

the movies in this marathon


The Santa Clause

, Tim


The Nightmare Before

Christmas, The Polar Express



along with many other

family favorites.

Several students were

asked about their favorite

Christmas movie that airs

during this movie marathon or

just their favorite Christmas

movie in general.

Tyson Weiler and

Aaron Bagstad say, “


Christmas Story


‘You’ll shoot your eye out!’.”



agrees with Tyson and Aaron

except his favorite line is

“Bend over and I’ll show ya.”

Emma Madsen and

Sierra Thompson both agree



is their favorite.



says, “My favorite is


because ‘The best way to

spread Christmas Cheer, is

singing loud for all to hear.’”



agrees with Alaina because

“who doesn’t love spaghetti

and maple syrup.”

Jayden Weiler agrees,

because “it’s funny and gets

you in the spirit.”

Jake Thompson says


is his favorite, too because

“his name is Buddy, lol.”



favorite is “

Christmas Vacation

because I like a good classic


Matilynn Langel and

Megan Friedenbach agree


The Polar Express

is their

favorite because it’s cute.

Jared Kessenich says

his favorite Christmas movies

are “any of the

Home Alone




Silas Buss and Justin Allaway

agree that

Home Alone

is their

favorite because it’s funny.



says it is his favorite because

“‘Suck brick, kid!’ is a classic


Sydney Rand says her

favorite is “

How the Grinch

Stole Christmas

because I

struggle with the question of

what to wear, too.”

Halie Schwartz says

her favorite movie is also


the Grinch Stole Christmas

because “it reminds me of my

sister, Amanda.”

In case you have

never seen some of these

movies, be sure to check out

this awesome movie marathon

all month on Freeform.

Whether you enjoy Christmas music or not, there will always be

a certain song that you cannot resist singing along to during the

holidays. Varying from classic favorites to new jams, Christmas

music is guaranteed to brighten your day or drive you absolutely

crazy. The students and staff of LCHS shared their favorite

Christmas songs to dance along to during the jolly month of


Alie Weiler- “Fa La La” (Justin Bieber ft. Boyz II Men)

Lexi Thompson- “Mistletoe” (Justin Bieber)

Sam Woods- “Let it Snow”

Alex Orban- “The Little Drummer Boy”

Abbey Feller- “Santa Baby”

Aria Groetken and Kali Berkenpas- “Winter Wonderland”

Juan Duran- “Joy to the World”

Mr. Judd Kopperud and Gina Gearke- “Silent Night”

Collin Nemmers- “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” (Rascal Flatts)

Kelli Susemihl- “Mary, Did You Know?”

Morgan Ten Napel and Megan Bergquist- “Deck The Halls”

Leah Langdeaux- “Jingle Bell Rock” (Mean Girls Version)

Alex Waldman- “Twelve Days of Christmas”

Kassidy Hinkel- “Sleigh Ride”

Sydney Brown- “Hallelujah” (Pentatonix)

Seth Oetken- “Holly Jolly Christmas”

Cheyanne Allen- “Rudolph the Red nose Reindeer”

Matlyn Krogman- “Happy Holidays” (Nsync)

Emma Madsen- “All I Want For Christmas” (Mariah Carey)

Alec Rieken- “All I Want For Christmas” (Justin Bieber)

Baylee Needs- “Jingle Bells”

Do not be a Scrooge this holiday season. Crank up

Justin Bieber’s Christmas album and bake some cookies. Happy

holidays from LCHS Dog Pound staff!

By Skyler Toben

What do you get when you

combine snow, calendars,

and fear of the government?

Some chilling conspiracy

theories! Investigator Maddy

Hunter hunts down the facts

behind two really far-fetched


Snow in the south

is already uncommon, but in

2014, a blizzard in Georgia

left some very peculiar

flakes. During a snowball

fight, someone came up with

the idea of putting a lighter

to the snow to melt it, as any

normal, sane person would

do. The result was shocking;

instead of the snow melting,

black char marks were left

behind, as if the snow had

actually been burned!



seemed impossible because

water cannot be lit on fire.

This revelation lead to mass

hysteria in the southern

state. There were theories of

poisoned and geoengineered

snow. All the theories

accused the government

of planting the snow to

distract the people from new


In the end, this

conspiracy was put to rest

because it was discovered

that putting direct flame on

snow causes the snow to

vaporize rather than melt. As

for the “burn marks,” they

turned out to be soot marks

from the lighter, not charred


With the new year

approaching, many people

are ready for 2017 to be

the year they get their lives

together. But will it really be

the year 2017?

According to The

Great Gregorian Calendar

Conspiracy, 300 years of

history are missing. The

Roman Catholic church

changed the calendar year to

accommodate leap year.

The following

drama about when leap year

should be is a little boring to

go into, but to make a long

story short, the calendar was

advanced by 300 years.



some conspiracy theorists,

documents accounting for

300 years of history have

been forged. This conspiracy

has been debated, but proven

false. As far as people know,

there is no missing links in

the universe’s time line.

By Maddy Hunter

Bowling for the varsity boys

bowling team is officially

underway. The varsity bowling

squad consists of Kody

Koerselman, Noah Holder,




Augustine, Riley Augustine,

and Blake Rush. The bowlers

have many expectations and

advice for themselves and the

team for this upcoming season.



Augustine says, “I expect to

lead this team to state and

hopefully my brother doesn’t

perform poorly.”

Fellow junior Kody

Koerselman takes a different

approach with his advice for

the team when he says, “I’ll

show up to practice at the same

time as Coach Barry Borchers

does, #Varsity Bound.”

Junior Noah Holder

says, “I hope we make state

and I look forward to all the

shenanigans this year.”

The young bowler

of the group, sophomore

Blake Rush gives words of

encouragement for the team

saying, “We need to try our

hardest and to continue to not

put each other down.”






expectations and advice for

this team saying, “Let your

game speak for yourself; we

need to be the number one

team in the state, and I need to

be the number one bowler.”



Kommes has a different

outlook for the bowling season

saying, “I look forward to

improving as a bowler and




performances improve as well.

I also look forward to watching

the ongoing sibling rivalry

between Deyton and Riley


Come out to the

Sweet 16 Lanes and see the

bowling teams in action during

the winter season!

Varsity bowlers look forward to camaraderie and winning season

By Brady Kommes

Students making cookies in Culinary Arts class (left) Jessica Hinds

and Karissa Ellis. Culinary Arts students made 200 dozen cookies in

Basketball cheer team all smiles

Go Dogs! Cheer team members pose for a Dog Pound picture during half-time of a recent basketball game.

LCHS bowlers (left to right) 1st Row.: Deyton Augustine, Blake Rush; Second row: Brady Kommes, Noah

Holder, Deyton Augustine, and Kody Koerselman

Ho Ho Ho

Spreading holiday cheer (left to right) Damian Manning, Wiar Wia, and

Claudia Probst.

Favorite Christmas songs