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By Skyler Toben and Maddy Hunter

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The Dog Pound

The Dog Pound

Student Council sells ugly

holiday Bulldog sweaters

Looking back: 2016 in retrospect

Junk of the month:

Kommes drives 2003 Dodge Ram

2016: the year of rainbow high

lighter, exploding phones,

and countless memes. This

year, the world lost multiple

icons, saw Leonardo DiCaprio

finally win an Oscar, and




campaign that will definitely

go down in U.S. history. 2016

was also an interesting year

for sports. Brazil hosted the

2016 Summer Olympics and

the Chicago Cubs won the

World Series for the first time

in over one hundred years.

Along with these events, there

has been some division over

politics, social issues, and

whether dabbing is cool or

not. Although the past twelve

months have been chaotic,

many will agree that some

good memories were made this

year. Students of LCHS share

their favorite memories from

the eventful year.

Some students enjoy

the simple things in life. Baylee

Needs’ favorite memory of the

year goes all the way back to

February when Ben Wadle

did not know how to flex yet.

Gina Gearke enjoyed going

on adventures with her friend

Ellie. Eliza Lopez enjoyed

Child Development second

semester with her good

pals, Skyler and Aldo. Leah

Langdeaux’s favorite memory

was going on a trip to Texas.




a popular favorite among

students. Emma Madsen states,

“Prom was lit.”

All state choir was a

favorite memory for Alexandra








related. Many enjoyed the

accomplishments they made in

their activities; others enjoyed







shares, “My favorite memory

of 2016 is football with all my


Krista Zenk shares, “State


Jocelyn Hernandez’s

favorite accomplishment was

winning her first wrestling


Collin Nemmers says

his favorite memory of 2016

was a baseball tournament in


Volleyball nationals

was Sydney Rand’s favorite

part of 2016.

Over the summer,

adventures were had and

memories were made.



states, “I went to a lot of

concerts and had a fantastic




says, “Fourth of July weekend

in ‘Boji was my favorite

memory of 2016.”

Some students found

the election to be entertaining.

“My favorite memory of 2016

is when the allegations that

Trump sexually assaulted

various women came out, and

he still won the election,” Alec

Rieken says sarcastically.

Some students are looking

forward to next year. Makena

Masuen is looking forward to

“prom 2k17.”

Many seniors are

looking forward to the obvious,

graduation. Matliynn Langel

is one of those seniors that

is ready to move on, adding,

“I don’t want to be here


Students can only

guess at what the future

holds in 2017. Zach Pratt

has a prophecy. He predicts a

successful Bulldog basketball

season and possibly even

making it to state. The Dog

Pound staff advises you to

knock on wood, Zach Pratt.

While there isn’t much left of

the year, there is still enough

time for making memories

with friends and family over

the holidays. Make the most

of this year, and have a happy

new year!

It is time for the new ride

of the month, This month’s

award goes to senior Brady

Kommes. Brady drives a 2003

Dodge Ram 2500. Brady’s dad

bought the ride for himself

when his dad purchased a new

vehicle, he handed the Dodge

down to Brady. The truck was

originally bought to haul grass,

leaves, and sticks.

During the winter the

truck is used for transporting

snow blowers and snow

shovels. Brady uses it as his

everyday vehicle which he

also calls his truck “The Ram”.

The truck was bought

at the price of $7,800 with only

159,000 miles on it. Today it

has 164,000 miles on it and is

still going strong says

Brady. Another reason

the truck was bought

was for the 4-wheel

drive on it so when

winter time comes and

its icy and snowing out,

he will not slide around

unlike other cars who do

not have 4-wheel drive.

Brady has not done

any modifications to his

truck because he says

that there is no reason.

The truck is working just

fine with no mechanical

problems either. The inside of

the truck has a clean interior

with three storage units and it

can fit up to six people inside.

That wraps up everything

congratulations to Brady and

look forward to the January

Ride of the Month.

Christmas season has finally

arrived and the joy and jolly

can be seen throughout the

community. Christmas music

playing, snowflakes hanging

from street poles, and other

decorations hanging around

are all finally here. Members of

the military, college students,

and family from far away are

reunited to celebrate the great

holiday. Parents get some time

off work, teachers get another

hard earned break from dealing

with LCHS students, and

students get a break from all

the homework to spend some

time with family.

While many students

stay home and enjoy the

Christmas holiday, some travel

away to a nice location with

family to spend the holiday

break. Fellow LCHS students

share their favorite Christmas


Alex Orban enjoys

making the cookies with

Hersheys kiss in the middle.

Abby Foster looks

forward to decorating the

house with decorations that

have been in the family for

generations, the sophomore

also enjoys baking cookies.



looks forward to fighting about




enjoys waking up at 5 am and

getting to her presents first.

Sydney Brown enjoys

baking cookies with her mom.

Amani Boddie definitely

enjoys baking the Christmas


Samantha Wood also

enjoys baking with her family.

Cassidy Pravecek has fun

eating all day whenever she


Morgan Ten Napel

enjoys baking and being able

to spend time with family!



looks forward to going out to

T&S tree farm and hunting

for the perfect tree, always

spending time with the family!

Reese Christy also

enjoys getting the Christmas


Sophie Fedders looks

forward to going to Mexico

and having a great time with

the fam.

Happy Holidays to


Christmas traditions

By Brady Kommes

Every year, members of Le

Mars High School’s show

choir, Crimson & Black,

experience a weekend of

hard work, fun, and learning.

Choreography weekend took

place on December 1-3. The

sessions are on Thursday

night, during the school day on

Friday, and all day on Saturday.

During these times, members

learn the choreography and

dances to go along with the

music they have been working


The choreographer,

Jennifer Toney, is a freelance

choreographer, clinician, and

adjudicator based in Sioux

City, Iowa. Torey choreographs

for show choirs and musicals

across the country. This year,

Toney choreographed three of

Crimson & Black’s numbers

for the main choreography

weekend: Live in Living Color,

Long Train Runnin’, and Fire.

A l t h o u g h



is a time of learning and

accomplishments, it also

involves lots of hard work,

pain, and sore muscles.

“A lot of people think

show choir isn’t hard, but it can

be really draining,” explains

sophomore Aly Buhman.

“The first day is all

laughs and giggles, but the

second day, you wake up

feeling like you’ve been hit by

a train and you wonder what

the heck you are doing,” states

junior Sarah Benton.



hard and sweaty work, but

performing all glammed up is

the best feeling ever!” explains

senior Madisen Parker.

The group has been

practicing the music for their

show since early November.

Crimson & Black practices

at 7:15 a.m. on Monday,

Wednesday, and every other

Friday. In January, the group

begins to also practice at night.

Many members agree

that it is exciting to see the

show come together.

“ C h o r e o g r a p h y

weekend is my favorite time

because of all the new and

exciting things our new show

has,” explains junior Regan


“ C h o r e o g r a p h y

weekend is super stressful, but

all of the hard work is worth it

when you see the outcome,”

says senior Megan Connor.

Crimson & Black will

have another choreography

day on January 6. In the

meantime, you may hear them

dancing and singing every

other morning as you walk by

the choir room.

To catch a glimpse of all of the

show choir’s hard work, don’t

miss the first performance

on Saturday, January 28






Show Choir choreography weekend hard work but fun

By Kelli Susemihl

Bulldog basketball fans show school spirit on Ugly Sweater night.

LCHS girls know how to have fun

Seniors enjoy last Sno-ball

By Alex Orban

The student council keeps busy this time of year with

several fund raisers and student activities that are sure

to please many people. Pictured above (from left) are

Cole Berkenpas, Anthony Lamoreux, and Joey DeBoer

manning the sale table at a recent basketball game.

Aly Buhman is all thumbs up for the Crimson & Black show season.

This is the year for many “lasts” for seniors. This group

of upperclass ladies and gentlemen do not plan to go out

quietly. A good time was had by all at the Sno-ball dance

on Friday, December 9, after good wins by the basketball