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The Dog Pound


2017’s a great day to be a bulldog

Editors: Jeff Ahlers & Kelli Susemihl

Advisor: Rhonda Beach

Congratulations to LCHS

robotics for once again

winning a tournament!

On Saturday, January

7, Geared Up, the robotics team

won their district competition.

Since they won they will

be advancing to the super-

qualifier. At the meet, the team

won three matches and lost

one in order to qualify for the

finals. In the finals, they went

on to win all of their matches

to come out in first!

At the meet, the team

also won the Innovate Award

and came in third place for the

Inspire Award. In fact, through

winning the meet, winning the

innovate Award, and coming

in third place for the Inspire

Award, the team qualified

for the next level of the

competition in three separate


The robotics teamwill

compete at the super-qualifier

next in order to qualify for the

state competition. Previously

the team placed first and

second at their regular season

meet. Currently they have won

17 matches and only lost two


Junior team member

Luke Sudtelgte commented on

the win stating, “It was cool to

see how our ideas compared to

other teams.”

Coach Doug Martin

said, “The students did a great

job. The team worked well







commented, “Even though I

couldn’t be there due to honor

band, I am extremely proud of

the team. The work we have

put in really paid off, and we

are excited to see what we

can do to improve for the next

round of competition.”



Herbst said, “It is cool to see an

idea that formed in your head

become reality and perform

incredibly well.”

Junior Robby Hodson

stated, “After many long nights

it feels great to have our hard

work and dedication pay off.”

By Jeff Ahlers

LCHS Varsity Quiz Bowl is

back at it again. The team

consisting of Kelli Susemihl,

Jeff Ahlers, Luis Barrera, Kyle

Marek, andJoeyDeBoerplaced

tenth at the Morningside Quiz

Bowl tournament on Saturday,

January 14, qualifying them

for the TV round.

Quiz Bowl is an

intense competition where two

teams of four race to answer

questions on various topics. In

the tournament, there are five

different rounds.

The team will travel

to Morningside College on

February 9th, where theirmatch

with Hartley Melvin Sanborn

will be taped. The moderator

for the TV tournament is Chief

Meteorologist Fred Hexom

from KCAU Channel 9.

Team member Luis

Barrera explains why it is

important to him to be a part of

the TV tournament team. “It’s

like I’m fighting the “white

washing” of Hollywood, by

providing cultural diversity. I

believe there are not enough

Guatemalans in the media and

I aim to change that,” Barrera




DeBoer is excited to be on

the team. “It is a great honor

considering all the other

options she had for who to

take. I feel like I have earned

this position simply due to the

fact that I have dealt with an

insane amount of abuse from

self-proclaimed leader Jeffrey

Ahlers. I have put in years

of work gathering info from

books and the internet for this

moment,” explains DeBoer.



member, Jeff Ahlers, gives

advice to future quiz bowlers.

“Just don’t be Joseph DeBoer,”

he jokes.

Senior Kyle Marek

has high hopes for the TV




performed well and is looking

to improve at the televised

tournament,” stated Marek.

The Quiz Bowl coach

is Jeanne Rust, the middle

school Challenge teacher.

If you have ever dreamt of

being in the limelight, join quiz

bowl in the fall of 2017!

Quiz Bowl team qualifies for KCAU televised round

LCHS Geared Up team brings home the district trophies

Team members (left to right) Colton Webner, Kyle Herbst, Mr. Doug Martin, Robbie Hobson, Luke

Sudtelgte, Jeff Ahlers, Chloe Evans, Justin Tyler, Summer LaPato, and Mr. Tracy Wingert

By Kelli Susemihl

Quiz bowl ream members qualifying for the TV round include (from

left) Joey DeBoer, Kyle Marek, Jeff Ahlers, Luis Barrera, and Kelli