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The Dog Pound

The Dog Pound

Lady Bulldogs season goes

out with a bang

By Gretchen Dodge

24 large group speech teams

qualify for State competition

By Skyler Toben

By Kelli Susemihl

Even though prom is still a few

months away, it will be here in

no time.






organization. It is ideal to start

saving while you are ahead.

Most people usually start to

find a date towards the end

of January or early February.

Some may think this is a

little early considering prom

is in May, but it is definitely

less stressful when you have

finding a date out of the way.

Start thinking about planning

your promposals before it is

too late!

Another thing many

students worry about during

prom season is their budget.

Expenses include a party bus

or limo, dinner, and a corsage

or boutonniere. Prom is

usually much more expensive

for the girls. The lady’s dresses

can be anywhere from $50-

$1,000. They have to schedule

and pay for hair appointments,

manicures and pedicures, or

high end makeup if desired.




pockets and look under your

couch cushions fellow prom

goers! Some may have their

parents pay for everything, but

not everyone is that lucky.




budgeting your money for the

spendy prom season are to stop

eating out so much, buy a used

dress, get a job or pick up some

extra hours if you already have

one, skip the shopping trip to

the mall, set aside some money

every paycheck, or sell some

old clothing items to Plato’s


Remember that prom

is supposed to be fun; do not

get too stressed preparing for

the big day. Just remember to

have a good time and be safe!

Since last November, the girls

basketball team has been going

hard every day, preparing for

each game. In the last month

of the season, the team has lots

to be excited about.

When asked about

goals for the rest of the

season, coach Judd Kopperud

responds, “We are expecting

them to focus on the little

details and to stay together as

a team. The preparation and

confidence of these girls has

helped them all year long.”

The head coach’s

favorite highlights of this

season are “beatingWestern on

the road (their only home loss

since 2011) and also beating

Unity Christian on the road.”

Asked about her

favorite memory of this

season so far, Jenn Schneider

responds, “Beating Hull, no




recalls her funniest moment of

the season so far, “When Mad

shot a three at Emmetsburg,

and we laughed about it the

whole way down the court.

Another funny time was Kopp

dabbing multiple times after

beating Western.”



growth as a player this season,

junior Sidney Baumgartner

says, “I have grown as a player

by working hard in the off

season and knowing my role

on the team.”



from Remsen Union, Dakotah

Owens has enjoyed playing

basketball with the Bulldogs.

Dakotah shares,”Getting to

know everyone, all of our

laughs, and learning a lot

has been an overall great


The four juniors were

asked what they will bring

to the table next year. Jenn

Schneider states, “I want to

make big things happen for the

team by pushing us all toward

our goals in the off-season and

sticking together.”



states, “I want to encourage

positive attitudes, always

pushing myself and each other,

and never forgetting to have


Sidney Baumgartner

responds, “I will be a leader

and will always stay positive.”

Koda Owens says, “I

will bring my positive attitude,

and I will stay humble.”

Asked about final

thoughts on ending this season,

the team responds, “State

bound!” The 2016-17 season

has yet to end, but the team

is determined to go out with a

bang. Don’t miss it!

What is the VIP of all grade levels?

Senior year, of course!

Being a senior at LCHS has

several perks and privileges

that come with the title. These

include opens, a shorter school

year, and a lounge.

Madison Hunter sums

up senior year. “I love literally

everything. I love walking in

through the senior door into the

senior lounge every morning. I

love my easy classes. I love my

open lunch. I love the senior

library lounge. I love standing

in the front during sporting

events. I love seeing the

freshmen look at me fearfully.

Senior year is the best, man,”

she explains.

Although being top

dog certainly has its privileges,

being a senior also means being

a role model to those who are


Junior Sarah Benton

is looking forward to being a

senior. “I’m excited to go first

for everything!” she explains.

Junior Regan Albers

is also excited. “I am looking

forward to knowing that we are

almost ready to get the heck

out of high school,” Albers




including Hazel La Breche and

Kyle Marek, are fond of their

“opens,” which allow them to

leave school during study hall


Zach Pratt agrees,

saying, “Opens are dope.”

Skyler Toben states,

“I enjoy not having to worry

about snow days because we

get out early anyway.”

Seniors are also able

to get to know their teachers

better. “I like being trusted by

the teachers,” explains Sydney




agrees. “I enjoy having

good relationships with the

teachers,” she explains.

Alexandra Pick has a

different idea of what it means

to be a senior. “My favorite

perk is definitely getting to be

first priority in various food

lines, including band parties

and cheesecake tasting,” she





classes and the looming

responsibilities of adulthood,

the perks of being a senior

make the year fly by!

Ladies on the bench watch the game.

LCHS is the best high school

to receive a high school

education, for several reasons.

Le Mars high school offers

in classroom college classes,

small classes, and a wide array

of great teachers who care

about their students’ futures

and ambitions.

M a n y



prefer a larger



attending a smaller

school has its own





teachers can get to

know their students

on a more personal

level; this results

in students feeling

more comfortable




B e s i d e s

the amazing staff, LCHS has

an impressive extracurricular

system. From sports to speech,

LCHS offers a myriad of



Anyone can find an activity

that suits them. A top of the

line weight room compliments

athletes, while activities like

Robotics Club is perfect for

someone who plans working

in the STEM field.

Le Mars Community

High School prepares students

for college life better than

the majority of schools in the

state of Iowa. The majority of

college credits students acquire

will transfer to the college of

their choosing, but classes

like College English and



Civilization truly

prepare students for

college by teaching




manage their work.



just a couple of

several reasons why

students are lucky

to go to LCHS,

but what are some

things that could

use improvement?

For starters,





their wish of improving the

parking lot. Offering a wider

array of classes, including

more foreign languages, at

LCHS would benefit students

as well.

All in all, the

education students receive at

LCHS is top notch, and the

minor improvements students

have recommended are just

that, minor.

By Luis Barrera

Time to begin planning and saving for Prom 2017

LCHS provides top

notch education

Along with the new year,

people are thinking about

things they want to change and

improve on in their life. Mostly

everyone has a New Year’s

resolution at the beginning of

January, whether they actually

pull through with it or not.



resolutions are getting fit,

eating right, paying off debts,

being more organized, quitting

a foul habit, or trying out a new

hobby. The students and staff

of LCHS tell the Dog Pound

what they plan on improving

during 2017.



plans on being more healthy

and active.

Maddy Hunter shares,

“I would like to be more

positive and uplifting to myself

and the people around me.”

Mr. LeRoy Wichers

says he is going to try to not

drink so much Mountain Dew.

Alec Rieken wants to

use less social media and just

live in the moment.



would like to work on not

being such a psychopath.

Emma Madsen would

like to try out a new hobby.



states, “I want to draw and read

more in my spare time.”

Sydney Rand says, “I

would like to stop spending so

much money on makeup.”

Brady Kommes and

Andrea Kommes both want to

finish strong and graduate high


Hannah McDougall

wants to be more social and get

a couple new pals.



Permeswaran says, “I’m going

to save money for a trip to




resolution is this year, make

sure to try and stick with it.

Happy New Year!

People make New Year’s resolutions

By Skyler Toben

Collin Nemmers is enjoying his VIP status.

“We coaches are amazed at

the effort and talent of our

team. They practice hard,

support each other, and strive

to improve every day. We love

working with them!” states

Mrs. Erin Ohrlund after the

stellar performances at the

district large group speech

contest at LCHS on Saturday,

January 21.



all of the 107 LCHS students

who participated at the district

contest. Twenty-four of the

35 entries earned I ratings

qualifying them for State

competition on Saturday,

February 4 in Spencer.




qualifying students along

with speech coaches, Mrs.

Erin Ohrlund, Mrs. Sherri




Richey, and Mr. Shawn Starr

will continue practicing every

day until state contest on

February 7. The groups meet

twice a week with a coach as

well as practicing at least once

a day on their own.

On to State! Students rehearsing lines after school while waiting

to work with a speech coach (from left) Megan Connor, Madelyn

Johnson, Cole Berkanpas, and Morgan Boehme.

Mark your calendars:

Summer driver education dates

Students who must take




summer should mark your

calendars for either May

30-June 6 or June 9 -July 7.

Preference will be given to

older students in requesting

sessions. Starting dates are

subject to change due to an

extended school year due

to weather related school


S t a r t i n g




students may pick up a form

in the high school office.

Forms must be returned on

or before Friday, April 7,

with the proper fee attached.

LCHS students must pay

$325 for the class.

LCHS prepares

students for

college life

better than the


of schools.

Second semester exam reminders

As second semester gets

underway, students should

remember the semester test


According to the

student handbook, students

who will be exempt from

taking semester tests can be

absent no more than four times

in any class for any non-school

related reason.

Long term hospitalization

or surgery will count a total of

two days absence if a doctor’s

note is provided.

Students must have

no grade lower than a C-.




are allowed. Students who

accumulate 6 or more tardies

in a class will take the semester

test in that class.

The tests will be

given the last two days of the