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The Dog Pound

The Dog Pound

Make-up girls cannot leave home without

Valentine’s Day a special

holiday in February that many

love birds look forward to

every year. The special holiday

allows the couple to prove to

each other that they truly care

about one another. Some

people who may be a single

pringle and others who are

in a relationship on this fine

holiday have a certain way to

make this day memorable.

C e l e b r a t i n g

Valentines Day started in

preschool for many children.

The children make candy

boxes that are decorated in

hearts and filled with a variety

of pinks and reds. The kids in

the class give valentines with

candy in them to all of their

classmates. The students

also enjoy class parties with

everyone. Once students get

older the valentines and parties

go away and people begin to

figure out the true meaning of

Valentine’s Day.



recently shared what they will

be doing on Valentine’s Day.

Jayden Weiler, a

junior, said, “I am single!

For sure spending my day


The Office


eating chocolate.”

Senior Jessica Eisma,

said, “ Happy single awareness

day! I will definitely be


Vampire Diaries


eating chocolate.

Abbey Beitelspacher,

a senior, “I will be snuggling

and sharing candy presents

with my boyfriend of three

years (in March).”



Kliever, who is a relationship,

quotes, “We will probably be

watching movies and eating

chocolate with each other.”




Valentine’s Day to everyone.

Regardless of how couples

spend Valentine’s Day, they

should avoid PDA in school.

Support the school: Get involved

By Ashley Vasquez

Knowing how girls are, most

are in a rush in the morning

to get ready for their day.

Everyone is beautiful in her

own way, but some ladies still

feel the need to slap something

on their face in the morning to

feel better about themselves.

Some LCHS ladies

share the three makeup

products they cannot leave the

house without in the morning.

Some of these girls rarely use

it but when they do these are

the these makeup products,

Skyler Toben states,

“I cannot leave the house

without an eyebrow pencil,

concealer, and my Laura

Mercier translucent powder




cannot leave the house without

lip gloss, perfume, and mascara




says (giggling), “I need my

eyebrows on, chapstick, and




needs mascara foundation,

an eyebrow pencil, and







mascara, and eyebrow gel.

Maddy Hunter states,

“All I need is my eyebrows

and highlighter.”

Kelli Susemihl needs

her eyebrow pencil, mascara,

and face powder.

Abbey Feller states,

“Mascara and chapstick”



says, “Mascara eyebrow stuff

and chapstick “ if she has to go


Janae Casson states,

“Foundation and mascara,

that’s all”

All girls are beautiful

without makeup.

Making plans for Valentine’s Day

Are you bored after school?

Are you looking for a way to

meet new friends? Try getting

involved in an extracurricular


LCHS has a lot

more to offer than just 8:30-

3:30 classes. At Le Mars

Community High School,

there are plenty of activities to

try. Included in this large list

are quiz bowl, robotics club,

sports, orchestra, show choir,

jazz band, Student Council,

and many, more.

There are many perks

to being involved. One reason

is to look good on college

and scholarship applications.

College admission staffs are

looking for well-rounded





schools. Likewise, donors for

scholarships also want to give

their money to students who

went above and beyond in high


Another advantage

of being involved in high

school is to develop interests.

Becoming involved in a

variety of activities will make

you a much more interesting

person will lots of experiences.

It also allows you to make

friends with the same interests

and experiences that you have


Having fun is the

most important reason to join

an extracurricular activity!

Being involved can lead to

school trips, fun competition

weekends, and even fun

practices. Going to practices,

competitions, or trips with

your group can help you build

bonds with people you might

not have met otherwise.

Senior Jeff Ahlers

explains why he enjoys being

so involved in high school.

“It’s really fun to be able to

go to events and mess around

with all my friends,” he states.

Jeff’s favorite school activity is


No matter where

you choose to be involved,




activities is a great way to

show support for the school!

By Kelli Susemihl

Many activities are available

for students to be a part of at

LCHS. These activities include

sports, speech, band, orchestra,

robotics, T&I, and many


One may debate

whether or not to participate

in out of school activities,

but being involved in extra-

curricular activities during

high school is one of the best

decisions a student can make.

When participating

in extra-curricular activities, a

student will usually make new

friends or find people with a

common interest. This type of

relationship can last a lifetime.

New friends are always nice to

have and will make the school

days much more enjoyable!

A second reason extra

curriculars are a great idea

is because participants may

earn potential scholarships

for college. Scholarships are

awarded to athletes, band

members, and choir members

among others. Scholarships

help with the cost of attending

college, but first people have to

be involved.

A third reason to be

engaged in extra-curricular

activities is for the fun of

representing Le Mars.

Nothing can beat performing

in front of parents, alumni,

and community members. The

feeling of knowing that the

town will be there to watch

you perform through good

times and bad.

Being involved in

extra-curricular activities is

one of the best decisions a

student can make. So choose a

Getting involved: Best decision one can make

By Brady Kommes

Middle school relationships

are an awkward subject for

most students. Stories filled

with embarrassing moments

were shared with the Dog

Pound staff.



Vasquez, shared her long-

lasting love story. Ashley and

her boyfriend, LCHS alumni

Toby Hitchcock, have been

dating since the end of her

eighth grade year.

Vasquez shares her

story, “We’ve been together for

so long that we have gotten to

see each other grow as people.

We are constantly building

each other up.”

When asked for

advice for those who are single

or those who are struggling

with their relationship, Ashley

shared, “Set your standards

high. Learn to love yourself

before you start a relationship

and make sure that your

boyfriend/girlfriend is your

best friend, respects you and

your values.”

Ashley and Toby

have plans of building their

careers and starting their future




Gretchen Dodge and Preston

Chesteen, were asked about

their past relationship, they had

a variety of stories to share.

Gretchen shared her

memories with Preston, “We

dated for about ten months. He

taught me how to have fun in

your relationship and how to

just enjoy life.”

Dodge shared their

awkward experiences, “There



took basketball

and Christmas couple pictures

together.” Even with all the



Gretchen and Preston still

remain good friends.

Alex White also

shared his middle school-



“Megan and I were best friends

before we dated; we dated for

about a year.”

W h e n







shared that for



he gave her



and drew her



remembers that

he also gave

her his mom’s

ring, but had

to ask for it

back because his mom had

no clue he took it! Alex

states that besides the year of

embarrassing moments, he and

his ex are still best friends to

this day.

Even though the years

of middle school romances are

long gone, the memories have

not been forgotten.

Those were the days: People share memories about middle school relationships

By Megan Bergquist

Ride of the Month: Junior’s

truck growls at other motorists

By Alex Orban

Large group speech is a popular activity at LCHS. Pictured (from left) are Sally Probst, Andrew Tonner,

Lauren Tabbert, and Max Hardyk practicing for district contest held on Saturday, January 21 at LCHS. The

group qualified for state contest.

The first ride of the month

for 2017 is junior Abraham





Abraham has done

some serious rust removal and

upgraded the exhaust to make

it sound a bit louder. Looks

can be deceiving, however,

because Abe says his pickup is

super fast.

Named Tyga because

of the loud exhaust, the truck

sounds like a tiger growling

at somebody. Abraham warns

drivers to beware of dog.



his car with most of his own

money, but he is grateful

for a little help from family

members. He uses his truck to

get to school, to haul his tools,

and to haul wood around for

his parents.

The junior bought

the vehicle with 170,000

miles, and Abraham has added

another 8,000 miles.



Abe Cerda and his vehicle of

the month.

By Nicole Plueger

Cheer team spreads school spirit

Sophomore Kerstin Thoms cheers at the home basketball game.

Gretchen Dodge and Preston Chesteen were middle

school sweethearts who remain friends.

Ashley Vasquez and Toby Hitchcock have been sweethearts since

middle school.

Girls who do not leave home without their make-up (from left) Abbey

Feller, Matilynn Langel, and Nicole Plueger.