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2016’s a great day to be a bulldog

Editor: Jeff Ahlers

Advisor: Rhonda Beach

Quiz bowl, the only place

where knowing the best way to

store egg whites can get your

team the win.




quiz bowl is basic and



are asked by a reader, and

the goal is to answer as many

questions correctly as quickly

as possible.






accomplishing it can be a bit

trickier. Questions cover a wide

range of topics or categories.

One question could

ask “What U.S. state is known

as the Cowboy state?” while

the very next question could

ask: “Which high-ranking

World War II Nazi officer was

the leader of the Luftwaffe or

German air force?”.

This wide variety

of topics allows anyone and

everyone to be a part of quiz

bowl. There is a false stigma

around quiz bowl that prevents

people from joining because

they believe they “aren’t smart

enough,” when in reality,

absurb knowledge over niche

topics, like crochet techniques,

can bring a team to victory.

Mrs. Jeanne Rust,

the middle school challenge

teacher, is Le Mars’ quiz bowl

coach. She has been coaching

the team for seventeen years.

When asked how the

quiz bowl program began Mrs.

Rust responded, “I started

the quiz bowl program the

first year I taught at Le Mars

Community. I was looking for

a way to involve high school

students in an extracurricular

academic activity, and since

I was familiar with how quiz

bowl worked, I recruited high

school students to participate.

The first few years of quiz

bowl, the group was small -

perhaps eight students or less.

Over the years, the group has

grown. In the 17th year, there

are close to forty students who

have signed up.”

This year’s varsity

team consists of Jeff Ahlers,

Kelli Susemihl, Sydney Rand,

Luis Barrera, Kyle Marek,

Kajsa Hallberg, and Mary


When asked about a

favorite quiz bowl memory,

Kelli Susemihl replied, “When

Mrs. Rust almost signed a

waiver for Joey DeBoer to

do the Blazin’ Challenge at

Buffalo Wild Wings.”

Although it is too

late to join quiz bowl this

year, there is always next year.

Never say you are not smart

enough to participate.

By Luis Barrera

A week and half before the

United States Presidential

election, Iowa high school

students voted in their own





students and 31 teachers

voted in the Straw Poll, which

was put together by Mark

Zeka’s Advanced American

Government class.

Republican nominee

Donald Trump won the LCHS

Straw Poll with 58 percent of

the votes; while Democratic

nominee Hillary Clinton came

in second with 24 percent of

the votes.




election has a negative







opportunity of feeling like

they were participating in


“I like how the school

election helps us feel included

in politics,” explains junior

Regan Albers.

“It made me feel like I

was being included on making

such an important decision,”

states Max Hardyk.

Others wish they

could’ve participated. “I wish

I knew the school election was

happening. I came in through

the other door,” Sarah Benton

states nostalgically.

Two LCHS seniors,

Kajsa Hallberg and Zerrick

Campbell, were willing to

explain why they voted for

their candidates in the school

election. Both are also old

enough to vote in the legitimate

United States Presidential


Kajsa Hallberg voted

for Democrat nominee Hillary

Clinton. “Trump is a fascist,

sexist, racist, misogynistic,

xenophobic, lying, idiot who

has no idea what he’s doing,

only cares about white, rich,

non-disabled men, and he

likes to brag about sexually

assaulting women,” Hallberg


Kajsa adds, “I also

agree with Hillary’s policies,

especially for environment and




voted for Republican nominee

Donald Trump. Like Hallberg,

he also does not approve of the

other candidate.

“I voted for Trump

because I believe Hillary is

crooked. I’d rather have my

president say mean things that

are true than have a president

who lies to you constantly,”

states Campbell.

Others like neither

candidate. “I just hope Jesus

comes back for us soon,”





“I feel like after the

election, we’ll all realize that

both Trump and Hillary are

criminals, and America is

screwed,” Megan Friederich

says. Chins up Americans,

only four more years.

By Kelli Susemihl

Mock Election: Students voice political opinions

Quiz Bowl questions into 17th year of competition

Cheyanne Allen proudly voted.