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The Dog Pound

The Dog Pound

What would you do if you won $1 million?

Conspiracy Corner:

The truth behind Thanksgiving

Sophomore honored

student of the month

By Sklyer Toben




what it would be like to be

a millionaire. Even though

many people have experienced

it, most of us have not. Just

imagine winning a million

dollars; what would you do

with all of that money?

Jeff Ahlers replies,

“I would get a giant statue of

myself with a plaque that has a

35 on it.”

Lexi Thompson says,

“I would buy a lot of dogs.”

Miranda Hicks states,

“If I won a million dollars, I

would donate to sick children

in hospitals and buy a lot of


Maddy Hunter says,

“I would buy a lot of high end

makeup, invest it, and save for


Sydney Rand replies,

“I would buy makeup and

travel the world.”



states, “I would purchase

a reasonably priced motor

vehicle and pay for college.”



exclaims, “I would build

another gym for Le Mars

Community High School.”

Brady Kommes says,

“I would invest in stocks and

start some businesses.”



states, “I would get a lot of




replies, “I would buy an Audi,

get a pit bull, and then save the

rest of it.”



says, “I would get my dream

house and car, and then give

the rest to charities for children

who do not have anything.”



exclaims, “I would buy Alex

White a new hair cut.”

Mrs. Rhonda Beach

says, “I would retire and set up

college funds for each of my

six grandchildren.”



says, “I would invest in the

stock market.”

“I would buy a

house,” states Arlinna Bowen.



would buy new clothes.

Chrisian Owen says

he would pay his college


Maddie Hurt says,

“I probably would give 75

percent of it to people who

really need it.”



says, “ I would donate half

of the money to charity, and

I would give almost all of the

rest to my mom for putting up

with me.”

“I would start an

animal sanctuary,” states

Damian Manning.

Whether you would

donate your money, invest it,

or spend it recklessly, I think

we all agree that it would be

nice to have a few extra dollars

laying around.

What sock-wearing, cactus-

loving sophomore deserves to

be the Dog Pound’s November

Student of the Month? Joey

DeBoer, of course!




involved in cross country,

band, choir, drama, quiz

bowl, Large Group speech,

Individual Events speech, and

the musical.

Joey is most known

for his sense of humor.

“Joseph can lift

anyone’s spirit with an

interesting fact about aspen

trees or alpacas,” explains

senior Megan Connor.

Along with school

activities, DeBoer also enjoys

his job at the Ice Cream Parlor.

“I hold the record for longest

time spent in the ICP freezer

without leaving,” states Joey


ICP supervisor Hazel

La Breche states that Joey is “a

nice mannered young man.”

Although Joey is only

16, he already has a plan for

his perfect tattoo. “I would get

a rainbow trout trying to eat

my belly button, but the trout

is being fought off by a black

bear in medieval knight’s

armor,” DeBoer explains.

DeBoer’s favorite

animal is a black bear. “My

favorite socks are the pair I

got from Rocky Mountain

National Park that feature

black bears,” Joey explains.

“I once also beat

an elk in a staring contest at

Rocky Mountain National

Park,” he adds.

Joey explains that it

is humbling to be chosen as

the November student of the


“I feel like I’m not

deserving of this title,” he

states. “Maybe you should

write an article on pear abuse

instead,” he suggests.

When asked about

what advice he has for

freshmen, DeBoer responds,

“Don’t talk too fast or too

loud, and make sure you have

a diverse group of friends.”



Joseph DeBoer, a Dog Pound

student of the month!

By Kelli Susemihl

Is Thanksgiving really about

being thankful? Or is it a

holiday founded on murder

and plague? Investigator




down the “truth” behind




origin story of Thanksgiving

is about theNativeAmericans

helping the Pilgrims learn

how to survive and grow

food in the “New World,”

but is that just what people

have been brainwashed

to believe? It has been

said that no one actually

knows what happened on

the first Thanksgiving, but

some conspiracy theory

enthusiasts believe that what

has traditionally been taught

hides a more gruesome side

of the holiday.



theorists believe the reason

for celebrating Thanksgiving

is based on an event called

the Pequot Massacre in

1637. The Pequot Massacre

was stemmed from a white

man named John Oldham

being found murdered,




Americans of the Pequot

tribe. This enraged the

Pilgrims, so they destroyed

an entire Native American

village. The Pequot refused

to turn in the murderer after

one of their villages and

crops were burned to the

ground. The aftermath ended

with a massacre of Native


After the Pequot

Massacre and the Pilgrims

bringing smallpox into the

New World (which infected

and killed many Native

Americans), it seems hard

to believe that the Native

Americans would be friendly

enough to the Pilgrims to

help them learn how to

grow crops, let alone have

an amiable feast together. It

seems that the only reason

the Pilgrims were thankful

was because the Indian

population was dying off.




the Pequot Massacre, the

governor of Massachusetts

Bay Colony said, “A day

of Thanksgiving, thanking

God that they had eliminated

over 700 men, women and

children. This day forth shall

be a day of celebration and

thanksgiving for subduing

the Pequots.”



should be said that this is a

conspiracy column, based

on conspiracy theories

(the source used was a

conspiracy theory website,

so please take this lightly).

Theories can sometimes be

proven wrong. The contents

of this column were created

for entertainment purposes

and are not necessarily the

views of any of the Dog

Pound staff.

By Maddy Hunter

It is now November and

that means it is time for the

November junk of the month.

The Dog Pound did not have to

look too far to find this month’s

winner. The winner goes to

junior Logan Kibby’s wheels.

Loan drives a 1991

Ford Ranger that is usually

parked in front of the school

every day.. The truck is a

smaller built truck, so it is not

as strong as most other trucks.

Logan got the car he has from

his grandpa.




grandpa are close and both

love buying and working on

older built vehicles.



appreciates his gift from his

grandpa says the truck has

some sentimental value. Logan

adds, “It has a little bit of

sentimental value because it

is the replacement for my first


Logan admits the

only new feature on the pickup

is the new gas in the gas tank.

Since he got his truck

from his grandpa he was able

to get a job for himself since

he has a new set of wheels to

get him from place to place. He

also has a out of the ordinary

name for his vehicle. Logan

calls his car the “turd.”

Believe it or not,

Logan loves the rust on his

truck. He says the rust creates

a two-tone look making the

truck unique.

Logan is the proud

owner of his truck and proud

to be the winner of November

junk of the month. Give Logan

a thumb’s up when you see


Christian Koch built a

full size wooden replica

of a Civil War era

gatling gun in Mr. Leroy

Wichers Woods I class

last year.

The sophomore

states, “I wanted to build

a challenging mechanical

device in Woods. I made

my own scale drawings,

bought some wood, and

got to work.”


brought the piece for

“show and tell” in Mr.

Mark Zeka’s American

History class because

students are studying the

Civil War.

Sophomore builds gatling gun replica

The word


can have

different meanings to different

people. For some people a

vacation is just a time to get out

of town and to leave worries

behind for a few days, and for

others it is a time to enjoy the

company of family or friends.

No matter the reason

for the vacation, the price is

almost never cheap. Even

a simple weekend getaway

can run up quite a bill. This

is because the cost of hotels,




entertainment all can be quite

expensive depending on the




shared where their perfect

vacation would be.



says, “I would go to Dubai.”

Logan Schurr says,

“I would go to Zhangjiagang,




says, “Augusta Georgia for the


Claire Edmonds says,

“I would visit Hawaii because

it is pretty.”

Madison Dreckman

and Koda Owens both want to

travel to “Wells Fargo Arena

for State basketball.

Sierra Thompson says, “I

would go to Seattle or to a dog




says, “I would go to Mr. Fitz’s

house, so I can see what he

does on the weekends.”



says, “I would vacation at

Calabashes so I can hang with

the Kardashians.”



says, “I would travel back in

time to redo things.”

Krista Zenk says, “I

would go to Europe.”



says, “I would go to Antarctica

or the North Pole.”

Justin Allaway says,

“I would vacation in Africa to

become a wild game hunter.”

Jenn Schneider says,

“I would vacation at Bora Bora

because it is beautiful.”

Caleb Ketelson says,

“I would travel to Miami

because it’s hot like me.”

Luis Barrera says,

“I would go to Guatemala

because I’ll be going back

either way.”

As you can see,

everyone has different reasons

for vacations they dream of

going on, but for some of these

students, they might have to

keep on dreaming.

Dreaming of the perfect vacation

By Collin Nemmers

Junk of the month:

Junior’s ride gift from


By Alex Orban

Who is that guy behind the Foster Grants? Joey DeBoer is the LCHS

honored student of the month.