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By Collin Nemmers

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The Dog Pound

The Dog Pound

By Skyler Toben

Ask Terri the Turkey

Seniors excited to begin last basketball season

America says goodbye

to President Obama

Riding to Success: Senior competes in

motor cross competitions nationwide

Several seniors are on the

basketball roster compared

to last season’s lone two.

This year’s team includes six

seniors: Trenton Hilbrands,

James Brownmiller, Jake

Thompson, Seth Oetken, Kyle

Marek, and Zach Pratt.

The seniors were

asked about their final season

of Bulldog basketball.

James, Jake, Zach,

and Kyle all agree saying that

they are very excited for their

final season with the Bulldogs.

Seth Oetken says, “It’s crazy; it

felt like yesterday I just had my

first freshman practice.”

The seniors were then asked

about being a leader on the


James says, “I’m

looking to make a good

example for future players.”

Seth says, “It’s different being

the one to try and set a good


“It will be great to

push the team as far as we can

go,” says Kyle.








Before each season,

no matter what the sport is, the

players set some expectations

for what they would like to see

happen during the season.




working hard all offseason, so

hopefully it will transfer onto

the court,” says Jake.

James states, “I’m

hoping for a successful


Zach and Seth have

their eyes on state.

This group of seniors

has high expectations for this

season and are very excited to

see what will be in store. Be

sure to go out and support the

guys on what sounds like an

exciting season.

America is getting ready to say

goodbye to Barack Obama, the

forty-fourth president of the

United States. He was elected

in 2008 and has held the office

for eight years.

President Obama has

had many accomplishments




years. One of his first

accomplishments was passing

the Wall Street ReformAct. He

signed the Dodd-Frank Wall

Street Reform and Consumer

Protection Act in 2010 to re-

regulate the financial sector.

Another deed the

President has done is end the

War in Iraq. He ordered all

U.S. military forces out of the

country. The last troops left on

December 18, 2011.



also eliminated Osama Bin

Laden. In 2011, the President

ordered special forces to raid

Abbottabad, Pakistan, thanks

to SEALTeam Six, the terrorist

leader was killed.



has significantly improved

America’s global image. With

new policies and diplomacy,

he changed the world’s opinion

toward the U.S. From 2008

to 2011, favorable opinion

toward the United States rose

in ten of fifteen countries

surveyed by the Pew Global

Attitudes Project, with an

average increase of 26 percent.

When asked what

their opinion of Obama was,

an anonymous student who

goes by the name of Spooky

Jim states, “He did some

good things, and he did some

bad things. I know for certain

that he is a better president

than either of the candidates

in the election currently. I

am honestly going to miss




supported President Obama

or not, Americans should give

props to all the good things

he has done in the past eight


Dear Terri,

One side of my family is flaming democrats, and the other side supports Trump. Since things in

our nation are still cooling down, I am scared that conflict will transfer over to my family’s dinner

table this Thanksgiving. How can I help keep the peace?


A Fearful Gary Johnson Supporter

Dear Fearful,

I think a lot of people relate to your situation! If things get heated over the cranberry sauce,

perhaps you can suggest a “no politics at the table” rule. Hope that helps!

-Terri the Turkey

Dear Terri,

Thanksgiving is a very stressful time for me! Since I am a vegetarian, I do not want participate in

the turkey slaughter of Thanksgiving dinner. However, I do not want to be rude to my grandma,

who slaved for days preparing the turkey. How do I get through Thanksgiving dinner?

With love,

Turkey Lives Matter Advocate

Dear Turkey Advocate,

Thank you so much for your work to help save turkeys, especially during this dark time of the

year! Although turning down your grandma’s food may be awkward, you need to follow your

conscience. Politely explain to your grandmother that you do not eat meat, but you appreciate her

cooking for you. Then chow down on mashed potatoes and creamed corn!

-Terri the Turkey

Dear Terri,

My boyfriend and I have been dating for nine days now. He is super sweet and we’ve already held

hands twice! The thing is, I don’t know whether I should bring him to my family Thanksgiving. Is

it too soon?


In Love at Thanksgiving

Dear In Love,

It may be a little soon to introduce him to the entire fam! If you insist on letting him meet the

‘rents, maybe try to introduce each other at a less stressful time. Whatever you decide to do, good


Best of Luck,


Many teenagers like to get

dirty and to play in the mud.

Some people take playing in

the dirt to the next level.



LCHS senior, is one of those

guys. In motocross, a top

sport nationwide, competitors

put their body on the line

and sometimes even their



riders have such great talent

on the bike. Ziggy Campbell

is one of the best competitors

around here. Ziggy practically

breathes motocross and people

know why; he loves the sport.

Competing in motor cross

requires a lot of responsibility,

but riders have a lot of fun at

the same time.

Ziggy has been riding

and racing the bike since he

was three years old. His father

taught him and his brother to

ride. Growing up and riding all

week and racing every Sunday

helped Ziggy hone some skills

to ride.

Ziggy has broken

many bones and even re-broke

some over the years, but he

has enjoyed racing all over

the country. With such great

success, Ziggy plans on going

By Alex Orban

During the cold months of

winter, people tend to get the

flu. Today, more than half of

the people are saying “no” to

the flu shot.

Most people who

have a profession in health




shot. This topic has been

controversial for many years.

There is also a safety

concern, since many influenza

vaccinations contain toxins

such as thimerosal, which

is a preservative containing

mercury that was removed

from most children’s vaccines

more than ten years ago.



shares her opinion on the flu

shot, “I feel like the flu shot is a

load of BS and the government

is low key trying to kill us,”

she exclaims

Kelli Susemihl says,

“The shot works probably, but

I just do not care enough to get


Maddy Hunter says,

“I think the shot is a waste of

time, honestly. I do not really

get sick so I do not see a need

for it personally. My grandma

got a flu vaccination and then

died from the flu shortly after.”

The flu shot will

always be a controversial

and touchy subject; always

remember to listen to doctors

and stay healthy!

By Skyler Toben

It’s time to begin recycling!

The circle of recycling is

important due to the current

climate problems such as

pollution, landfills full of




debris, and natural habitats for

animals being destroyed by

cutting down trees. Recycling

helps to reduce the pollution

caused by waste.

What many people

fail to realize is that recycling

creates 1.1 million U.S. jobs,

$236 billion in gross annual

sales and $37 billion in

annual payrolls, according to

Alex Orban says,” Recycling is

important so sun chip bags can

be recycled and used again.”




recycling a single aluminum

can save enough energy to

power a television for three

hours. That is just one of the

many amazing statistics that

show how one small act can

make a great difference for

the environment. At the rate of

the waste piling up, the waste

production is expected to

double worldwide in less than

15 years.

Logan Boylan says,

“Recycling is important to

make ‘Merica clean again.”

The United States and

the world need to give response

to the recycling epidemic

and to lower pollution and

waste being brought into the

environment that the world

needs to be in every day.



states, “Recycling is important

to save the polar bears and sea


However, this act

cannot be solved by a single

person but rather a group effort

to reach a common goal. It

is time to make recycling a

priority before it is too late!

Derek Cunningham

states it best, “Recycling is

very important as waste has a

huge negative impact on the

natural environment. Harmful

chemicals and greenhouse

gasses are released from

rubbish in landfill sites.

Recycling helps to reduce the

pollution caused by waste.

Recycling reduces the raw

materials do that the rainforests

can be preserved.”

Recycle: Make America

clean again

By Brady Kommes

Thanksgiving is a holiday full

of traditions and family. LCHS

students share their favorite

parts of the holiday.

Jaycob Hollingsworth: Eating

Lexi Schroeder: Definitely

eating potatoes.

Gina Gearke: Working and

getting paid time-and-a-half!




pretending to sleep so I can

stay at grandma’s and get first

dibs on that leftover glory.

Kailyn Huisman: Setting up

the Christmas tree.

Hannah Brennan: Crying

after eating at my three


Sydney Brown: Spending

quality time with my family.

Kajsa Hallberg: Family dinner

and pumpkin pie.

Keegan Pippett: Pumpkin

carving competitions with my


Walker Raymond: Seeing

the cousins and eating sweet


Brady Kommes: Watching

football and family dinners.

Jordan Rolfes: Eating and


Curtis Kunkel: Eating supper

with my whole family and then

Black Friday shopping.

Morgan Ten Napel: Spending

time with the family and, of

course, Black Friday shopping!

Kristen Heimgartner: Family,

eating, and putting up

Christmas decorations

Jordan Schleis: Family and

Black Friday.

Madisen Parker: Eating. Duh.

Hannah Kliever: Definitely

Black Friday shopping with

my mom!

Alexandra Pick: I prefer to stay

in school, BUT if I had to pick,

I would say the good food!

Regan Albers: The


Brown Thanksgiving


Olivia McQuillen: Seeing

family I don’t usually see.

Thanksgiving traditions are the best

By Kelli Susemihl

Seniors begin final LCHS season (from left to right) Jake Thompson,

Seth Oetken, Trenton Hilbrands, James Brownmiller, Kyle Marek, and

Zach Pratt.

Vaccines: Hassle or necessary?

Sophomores (left) Brady Hitchcock and Wiar Wia volunteer before

class to empty Mrs. Beach’s recycling boxes.