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The Dog Pound


2016’s a great day to be a bulldog

Editor: Jeff Ahlers

Advisor: Rhonda Beach

The annual fund raiser for

Siouxland Soldiers is in full

swing! Siouxland Soldiers,

an organization dedicated to

helping and supporting our

troops, needs everyone to

donate in order to help military

families in need.

Whether it be fruit

snacks, beef jerky, tuna,

popcorn or other designated

items, every donation is needed

and will be put to good use.

Students have until Monday,

October 31, to bring in items.

On Friday, October

21, LCHS hosted veteran’s

night during the football game

against Humboldt. People can

continue to show their support

by contacting Mrs. Isebrand

or the student council with

addresses of LCHS alumni

who are currently serving so

that care packages of foods and

goodies can be sent.

On Saturday, October

29, stop in at the Hy-vee in

Le Mars where a booth will be

set up where people can donate

items or money to Siouxland

Soldiers. The booth will be

open from 12 pm to 4 pm.

New this year, any

extra items will be given out at

the National Guard Armory to

veterans right here in Le Mars.

Siouxland Soldiers hopes to be

able to give out packages of

food in time for Thanksgiving

and the holidays.

While many things

have been brought in, such

as over 3,000 fruit snacks,

many big ticket items such as

Hamburger Helper, beef jerky,

ham, and tuna are still in dire

need with very few to none

collected. If all students do

their part more than enough

can be raised.

Siouxland Soldiers

will also accept any following

items: travel size games,

batteries, crossword puzzles,




toothbrushes, jerky, toothpaste,

trail mix, baby wipes (travel

packs), travel sized packets of

laundry detergent, sunglasses,

envelopes, notebooks, blue

and black pens, tacks or sticky-

tack to hang photos, suntan

lotion, bug wipes, phone cards,

travel sized body wash, deck

of cards, and dice.

Anyone interested in

volunteering to help Siouxland

Soldier on Tuesday, November

1 should contact Mrs. Isebrand

for more information.

By Jeff Ahlers

By Kelli Susemihl

Actors shine on stage: Plan to attend the fall musical

Annual fund raiser supports Siouxland Soldiers

It is a musical year at LCHS!

Every other fall, the drama

and music department team

up to create a large musical


Plan to attend the


Little Mary Sunshine

in themiddle school auditorium

on November 10-12, at 7 pm.

This year’s musical is a parody

musical of old-time operettas.

The musical takes place in

Colorado and deals with forest

rangers, schoolgirls, and lots

of romance.

Drama director Mrs.

Erin Ohrlund is very excited for

the audience to see

Little Mary


. “This musical

has great appeal; it

has something for

everyone to enjoy. It is

funny, has great music,

and will have fantastic

costumes!” she states.

S t u d e n t



Aly Buhman sums it

up. “I’m really excited

for the show! We have

a great cast and even

better directors. I can’t

wait to see everything put


Senior Megan Connor

plays the lead role, Little Mary

Sunshine. Little Mary owns an

inn in Colorado

and is facing

financial trouble.



about her favorite

part of being

in the musical

cast. “I’m really

excited to spend

time at rehearsals

with my theatre

family and to

perform on stage with great

people,” states Connor.



Berkenpas explains why he

loves being involved in a

musical production; “I love

seeing the show start from

basically nothing turn into a

fantastic show,” he states.



Lambert’s favorite part of being

a part of the cast is “hanging

out with cool people.”

Similarly, senior Alexandra

Pick enjoys the “bomb cast.”



Parker simply enjoys “Noah








September 19. The group




Tuesday, and Thursday.

Alongwith the singers

and dancers on stage, there

are more people “behind-the-

scenes” of a large production.

Set crew meets to design and

build sets on Wednesdays and


Mr. Randy Ewing is

in charge of the choral aspect

of the production. The musical

pit rehearses on Tuesdays and


Pit director Mr. Ted

Hallberg states, “The pit music

is very difficult, but they’re

working hard and are able to

learn it.”

LCHS student council members have added Heroes on the Homefront to their causes. They collected food

items and put together small packages to show their appreciation. On Sunday, October 16, some of the

council members met at the Le Mars National Guard Armory to distribute packages to the C troop, who

was finishing up drill for the weekend. Soldiers and students unloaded the van of packages that would be

distributed to all the troops when they returned from their activities.

Plan to attend

the musical on

November 10-12

at 7 pm.