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The Dog Pound

Welcome to the Conspiracy

Corner, where Le Mars’

greatest mysteries are called

into question. This month’s

conspiracy is more mysterious

than conspiring.

The Little Theater,

home to numerous high school

play productions, has a much

larger story behind the curtains.

The Little Theater is also home

to a mythical creature.

To be more specific,

a painting of a unicorn. The

unicorn resides on a wall of

the storage room in the back of

the Little Theater. Investigator

Maddy Hunter hunts down the


Who painted it?

What purpose does it serve?

Why is it a unicorn, and not

something else? These are all

common questions regarding

the unicorn. Sadly, very few

questions have a definitive

answer, although there has

been some research and

speculation about the unicorn.

In the 1980s, what is

now a storage room used to be

the art room. This may explain

the location of the unicorn.

The bottom of the painting is

signed “White ‘83.”

There are two people

with the last name of “White” in

the 1983 yearbook: Nancy and

Mike White. New information

has surfaced about the artist.

A source who attended high

school in the 1980s confirms

that Mike White painted the

unicorn. A rumor suggests that

the artist behind this mythical

being committed suicide a few

months after he painted it and

that his spirit is present in the

Little Theater. Although Mike

White committed suicide a

few years after graduation,

most people will agree that the

chances of his spirit haunting

the Little Theater are slim.

Perhaps this unicorn will

continue to puzzle Le Mars

Community for years to come.

Conspiracy Corner: Who sketched the unicorn?

By Maddy Hunter

By Brady Kommes

FCA members meet for fellowship and fun every Wednesday

By Alex Orban

By Luis Barrera

Should college athletes be paid to play?

FCA, or Fellowship of

Christian Athletes, is an



organization that was started

in 1954 by Don McClanen,

luckily, Le Mars has its very

own FCA group.

FCA allows students

the opportunity to form a

Christian community as is

mentioned by its mission

statement, “To present to

coaches and athletes, and all

whom they influence, the

challenge and adventure of

receiving Jesus Christ as Lord

and Savior, serving Him in

their relationships and in the

fellowship of the church.”

FCA in Le Mars

has two leaders, Señorita

Jill Bomgaars and Mr.

Al Engebretson. Señorita

Bomgaars has been helping for

about one year and attended

similar programs every now

and then while in high school.

She shared, “A typical

week starts with activities or

games followed by time of

prayer and lesson based on

the Bible and we conclude

with more activities, food, and




mentioned include carpet ball,

darts, four square, ping-pong,

and puzzles. Señorita’s favorite

part about FCA is getting to

know the students better.

Junior Caleb Ketelsen

has been an FCA member for

three years. Caleb said, “FCA

is a meeting of fellowship

where we play games and do

different activities like study

and learn more about the Bible

and God.”

The junior’s favorite

part of FCA is the fellowship

with his friends and growing in







Wednesday at 7 pm at the

Siouxland Youth for Christ

building. Everyone is welcome

to attend.

By Collin Nemmers

For those who think pottery

is boring, think again. Pottery

class is full of entertainment.

This all starts when a

student first walks in the room

of Mr. Tom Smalley. For those

who do not know Mr. Smalley,

he is an easy-going guy who

likes talking to students about

pretty much anything.

When asked about

teaching pottery he said, “I

enjoy opening the kiln and

seeing the bright and creative

final projects of my students.”

Some people who

are not the most artistic, such

as myself, find pottery to be

much easier and more fun than

something like drawing. This is

especially true when working

on the wheel because making

pots this way is unlike anything

I have ever done before. I find

having the clay run through my

hands and seeing the pot take

shape to be quite relaxing.

A few students were

asked about their pottery class.

Senior Tessa Hansen says, “I

love making whatever I want

with clay and it’s easy (for

most people).”



Martin agrees saying that her

favorite part is “being able

to make whatever I want and

having fun with it.”

Fellow junior Claire

Edmonds agrees with both

Tessa and Breanna saying,

“I like how you get to be

creative and make pretty much

whatever you want.”

“I like listening to

people’s weird conversations,”

says junior Brandon Hagar.

The person who

best describes her feelings

about pottery is junior Katie

McAllister. Katie says “I like

pottery because I like pots.”

For those who have

not yet taken pottery or are not

quite sure if they want to, take

it. You will have a great time

playing in the mud.

Pottery class is pure entertainment

Fall is a season favorite

for a lot of reasons. People

like fall because of the

weather, seasonal drinks,

fall fashion, bonfires, and

most importantly, the TV

shows that air during the

chilly months.

A popular show that

seems to get everyone in the

spooky spirit is


Horror Story. American

Horror Story

or “AHS”

is currently on it’s sixth

season. Every season there

is a new plot and theme. The

themes so far are Murder

House, Asylum, Coven,

Freak Show, Hotel, and now


Senior Cheyanne

Allen exclaims, “American

Horror Story makes me so

happy. It is twisted and has

many true stories. In fact,

one of my favorite murder

mysteries is the Black

Dahlia. They remade that

murder scene in the first

season. It is not necessarily

scary, but it is creepy.”



Matlyn Krogman says, “I

love American Horror Story

because it is different than

other TV shows and it is

diverse with it’s actors and




Bergquist says, “I love it,




TV show this fall is


a horror/slasher series. The

show is an adaptation of

the film series. The thrilling

TV show currently has two

going on three seasons. This

October featured a two

hour Halloween special for

the spooky month.



who wishes to remain

anonymous says, “


is the kind of TV show that

will keep you on the edge

of your seat. It has so many

plot twists and will make

you feel like you’re living

the character’s life. I highly

recommend catching up and

watching it on Netflix.”

So, sit back, drink

some hot chocolate, and

catch up on some fall


Falling into fall TV shows

FCA members enjoy fun and fellowship at the Siouxland Youth for

Christ building.

In college football, athletes

prepare every day for the

weekly game in hopes of

reaching the pros. A question

often is asked: Should college

athletes get paid for their

accomplishments and for

playing on the team? The best

answer to this question is no.



playing college

sports should be considered

a privilege since only two

percent of all high school

athletes get the opportunity

to play at this level. Most

students also receive athletic

scholarships at this level that

pay for their tuition, and in

some cases, scholarships

outweigh the cost of tuition




athletes should also realize

that the opportunity to play at

that level should be considered

a privilege since most people

would do all they could for this

chance, let alone to be paid to

do so. It is also important to

note that athletes at

this level should be

focused on the fun

of the game; which

includes all the wins

and the losses that

come with it. This is

what football is all

about, so playing for

any other reason, such

as money, lessens the

dream of those hoping

to one day reach the


P a y i n g

college football players would

also raise the question of

where the money will be taken

from in the school system.

According to,

costs would usually take away

other programs in a school that

are important to other students.

Ultimately, college

football players should focus

on their educational goals

while enjoying the

privilege of playing

a sport at a high level

that multiple other

people would do just

about anything for.

The game of football

is a great learning



teaches life lessons

about working with

each other to reach a

common goal.

Turning this

great sport into a

business will cause many more

problems than if athletes were

paid to play college football.

Scholarships are a privilege

for division one athletes

and should not be taken for


After a dramatic NBA Finals

series last season with the

Golden State Warriors and

Cleveland Cavaliers the NBA

is now back.

As the clock ticks

closer to the regular season

there is still the pre-season

games to complete. Pre-season

games give the new rookies

and players who don’t play

much more experience on the

court and a chance to make the

starting roster or come off the

bench and play. The NBA this

year is expecting a lot from

these talented rookies.

Iowa native Georges

Niang, who played all four

years and started for the Iowa

State Cyclones was drafted to

the Indiana Pacers, where he

did get himself a starting job in

the line-up.

The Cavaliers are

defending their title this season

and the Warriors would love

revenge. All the other 29 teams

are going to be competing for

that life changing moment

winning the NBA Finals and

holding up that prestigious


The NBA is also

known for having basketball

games on Christmas Eve and

even on Christmas morning

and during the day. According


, the Philadelphia

76ers have been the worst

team for the last 2 to 3 years

only averaging about 10 wins

out of the 82 games in the

NBA schedule. Yet the 76ers

draft great players they always

tend to get injured in the start

of the season.

All teams hope to

contend for the Finals, but only

two teams can make it. Will

it be your team this year that

makes it? Let the 2016-2017

NBA season begin!

The NBA is back!

By Skyler Toben

Pottery artist, Megan Friedenbach forms her work of art.

College football

players should

focus on their

educational goals

while enjoying

the privilege of

playing a sport at

a high level.

Congratulations to the ladies cross country team on a stellar

showing at district meet on Thursday, October 20. All seven

ran season best times, but the team came up just short of a

state team berth by finishing 4th. The top three advance.

The varsity crew includes Joan Meis, Sarah Meis,

Paige Washburn, Katie McAllister, Chloe Calhoun, Kara

Albrecht, and Maddie Hurt.

A special congratulations to Chloe Calhoun, Kara

Albrecht, and Maddie Hurt on qualifying as individuals

to the State Cross Country Meet. This is a tremendous

accomplishment! The State Meet is next Saturday, October

29, in Fort Dodge.

Congratulations to LCHS

ladies cross country team