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The Dog Pound

The Dog Pound

By Skyler Toben

Students who are looking for

a class that they

can participate in,

have fun in, and





life, should sign up

for Family Living



semester or next


Mrs. Amy

Kelly is currently teaching

Family Living after the

retirement of Rosemary Cronin

at the end of last year. Mrs.

Kelly, who has not taught high

school students since 2000,

states, “I am very excited and

nervous to be teaching a new

class this year. Many of the

topics discussed are useful

throughout life.”

Family Living teaches

the importance of relationships

with family, friends, peers,

significant others, and more.

In this class, students might

learn how to deal with a new

relationship, how to prepare

for marriage, or deciding if

they want kids or not. Various

informational things are taught

throughout the semester.



Thompson exclaims, “I love


A n o t h e r



is enthusiastic

about Family

Living is senior

C h e y a n n e



can just relax

and learn about


F e l l o w

senior Maddy Hunter states, “I

do not plan on having children,

but I still think this is a useful

class because the material we

learn in class can be used in the

real world. Also I enjoy having

class with two of my homies,

Skyler Toben and Cheyanne


The classroom is

located in the middle school

right across from the commons.

Students who are looking for

an elective to take in the future,

should consider signing up for

Family Living!

Big Red marching band blows away competition

By Kelli Susemihl

Along with the enjoyment of

fall activities, October brings

on the Halloween season.

Halloween is prime time for

ghost stories, real life and

fiction. Everyone has had

that eerie feeling of footsteps

being heard or something in

the shadows is seen, but a few

may have even experienced

“paranormal activity.”

Paranormal activity

is a claimed occurrence of an

event or perception without



such as psychokinesis,








LCHS students shared their

spooky encounters with the

Dog Pound Staff.



Langdeaux had a strange

experience at a friend’s

house one night.

“We were about

to go to bed when all of a

sudden, my friend’s snow

globe slid off the dresser and

broke. Later that night there

was storm that knocked

the electricity out, so we lit

some candles. We were all

sitting together, and all of a

sudden, a bunch of cups fell

off the dresser. That seemed

impossible because the cups

were on the middle of the

dresser. After the cups fell,

we could hear footsteps of

someone walking around

upstairs, and it also sounded

like whoever was up there

was throwing rocks. I didn’t

go to sleep that night.”

The paranormal is a

controversial topic. Because

of this, some students have

experienced the paranormal

but ask that their names not

be used in the

Dog Pound.

A senior who will

remain anonymous says she

almost stepped out of her

skin when she experienced

a haunted staircase. She

states, “The dowels on the

guardrail of my staircase

make a distinct noise when

they are twisted and one

night when I was home

alone, I heard the noise

of someone twisting the

dowels. I didn’t think much

of it, until later when I saw

handprints on the banister in

a strange place. It looked like

someone had been swinging

on the banister, even though

no one else had been home

all night.”

Another studentwho

goes by the pseudonym of

“Spooky Jim” has had many

bone-chilling experiences

happen in his home. One of

the many stories he shared

ended up getting violent.

Spooky Jim was

hanging out in his room with

a few friends, and they were

all telling each other scary

stories. He was in the middle

of a hair-raising story when

all of a sudden, his lamp

clicked off. All he could

hear in the darkness were as

his friends yelling in fright.

When Spooky Jim flipped

on the light, one of his pals

had a few deep scratches

on his back. All of them ran

down the stairs in fear and

decided to stay down there

for awhile.

When it was starting

to get late, one of his friend’s

wanted her car keys but

was too scared to go back

upstairs. Spooky Jim, being

the good friend he is, went to

go get them for her. He was

walking back down the steps

when he felt hands on his

upper back.

He was then pushed

down the stairs aggressively.

This is just one of Spooky

Jim’s experiences with this

certain ghost.

Whether ghosts are

real or not is widely debated.

Many people do not believe

in the paranormal. For some,

saying an event was caused

by the paranormal may just

be a way of explaining the

unexplainable. Whatever the

case, just about everybody

enjoys a good spooky story,

especially on Halloween!

BOO!: Students share spooky encounters with the paranormal

By Skyler Toben and Maddy Hunter

By Alex Orban

It is that time of year again

when the days get shorter and

the weather gets colder. Put the

swim suits away for the year

and put on your sweaters and


People love many

things about fall, but other

people dislike the season. Most

people love it when the leaves

fall and change colors making

the background so much more

beautiful. As Halloween draws

closer, people buy pumpkin-

faced garbage bags and fill

them with leaves that have

fallen off of the trees.

Some people don’t like the

fall season, because the

temperature gets colder day

after day. Night comes quicker

for us making it much darker

than in the summer when the

suns out longer.

Does that mean with

the weather getting colder that

snow could come really soon?

Not necessarily, but there have

been times on Halloween that

nobody could go door-to-door

trick-or-treating because a

snow storm was occurring.

Always be prepared

for those occasions. As

Halloween comes closer be

sure to carry a hat and some

gloves as the temperature

drops at night.

People who love fall

also enjoy watching a movie

and eating popcorn on the cold

nights in front of the warming

fire, wearing sweaters, slippers,

and have a nice warm cup of

hot cocoa!

Fall is a pretty great

season after all; it just depends

on a person’s choice. Goodbye

summer and welcome fall!

Students recommend Family Living class

Advice for underclassmen

By Skyler Toben

Looking back on the past

three years of high school,

many seniors could tell

underclassmen the do’s and

don’ts of high school. This

advice can range

from what a student

should do in order

to be successful

in class as to just

being successful as

a person.

One way

to be successful in

high school is to try

your hardest. Many seniors

could look back on their high

school career and know that

they could have done a lot

better than they did. I am

one of those people. Making

sure you have good grades

is important because when

you start filling out college

applications and different

scholarships your grades

show their true importance.

The higher a student’s GPA is,

the higher the scholarship is

willing to give.

Other seniors were

later asked to give their advice

to help out the underclassmen.

Sydney Rand’s advice

to underclassmen is to “be nice

to everyone and try

new things.”

B r a d y





not take any classes

for granted.”



says that the best

thing for students to do is “to

make sure you never regret

any of your decisions and to

get involved in everything.”

“Be nice to people

and do your own thing,” says

Krista Zenk.




underclassmen who aren’t

quite sure how to approach

everything that LCHS has to

offer, hopefully these wise

words of wisdom can help you

with your endeavors.

By Collin Nemmers

Did you read your horoscope today?

Many people believe in

horoscopes, but many do not.

This certain topic has been

quite controversial for many

years. Horoscopes are basically

a forecast of a person’s

future, typically including a

delineation of character and

circumstances, based on the

relative positions of the stars

and planets at the time of that

person’s birth.

The zodiac contains




throughout the year. Those

signs areAries (March 21-April

19), Taurus (April 20-May 20),

Gemini (May 21-June 20),

Cancer (June 21-July 22), Leo

(July 23-August 22), Virgo

(August 23-September 22),

Libra (September 23-October




23-November 21), Sagittarius

(November 22-December 21),

Capricorn (December 22-

January 19), Aquarius (January

20-February 18), and Pisces

(February 19-March 20).

People have mixed

feelings on horoscopes. Most

students and teachers I have

asked, say horoscopes are

not real or accurate. One

student even said that reading

horoscopes is a waste of time.

Local Gemini Maddy

Hunter shares her opinion, “I

do not think that horoscopes

are real, but I think they are

really relatable at times.”

Sophomore Matlyn

Krogman feels very strongly

about astrology and says that

her horoscopes are always





curious to find out what zodiac

sign he or she is, there are

many apps and websites to

look at or download. They are

also found in newspapers or

magazines. Many sources say

what some personality traits

are of the signs, what to expect

for the day, and more.

Good-bye summer, hello fall

Be nice

to people,

and do your

own thing.

-Krista Zenk

I am very excited

and nervous to be

teaching a new

class this year.

-Mrs. Amy Kelly

The LCHS Big Red Band does

more than play at the halftime

show. This year the band

competed at three competitions

in the area.

The band’s marching

show was titled, “Letters

from a Prisoner of War.” The

show featured a voice over

of a soldier writing letters to

his parents. At the end of the

show, a flag is delivered to

the soldier’s mom, showing

that he has died. Junior Kody

Koerselman, who is also a

member of the drum line, read

the soldier’s letters in the voice


“We really had an

awesome show. In the end,

our scores showed just that.

Thanks to the drum line,”

stated Koerselman.

The band participated

in three competitions: Starfest

in Sioux City, State Contest

in Sheldon, and Dutchman in

Orange City.

At Starfest, the band

placed tenth, earning a spot

in the finals. Although finals

was rained out, Director Curt

Ohrlund is still thrilled with

the band’s performance this


“The band has had a

great season,” stated Ohrlund.

“They performed a very

emotional show, and I am very

proud of what we’ve done this


Junior Regan Albers

agrees. “Our season this year

went really well. I feel like we

accomplished everything we

set out to do,” she states.

Spectator at Starfest

Maddy Hunter explains, “The

band’s amazing performance

made me emotional.”

At State contest, the

band earned straight division

one ratings with an overall

score of 82.1.

The same day, the

Big Red Band scored a 69.6 at

the Dutchman competition in

Orange City. They also placed

third in Class 3A.

Many band members

agree that Dutchman is their

favorite competition. This

year, the seniors in the band

enjoyed a tailgate after their


“The grill is lit and so are

we,” says Alexandra Pick,

when asked to describe the


The night ended with

watching fireworks on the

football field.

Soloist Sarah Benton

describes what it feels like to

compete for marching band.

“I love the thrill it gives you

before you head out on field.

Having a solo makes me want

to push even harder,” she


Family Living students hit the books.