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The Dog Pound

The Dog Pound

By Miranda Hicks

By Luis Barrera

Spice up fall with a pumpkin spice latte

By Maddy Hunter

Getting paid to play video

games sounds like the easiest

job in the world. Playing video

games is usually perceived as a

hobby that is done

in one’s free time.

Now it is possible

to make not just

a living, but a

fortune by playing

video games.

T h e





has skyrocketed

over the last





play on PC or console the rise

of esports, electronic sports,

has exponentially grown.

Professional gaming has taken

the internet by storm. Although

professional gaming has a

somewhat negative stigma

attached to it, many young

teenagers have made more

money than most people will

see in a lifetime.

Around 17,000 fans

attended The International

2016 tournament in Seattle,

Washington and over fifty

million fans watched online.


from fourteen

d i f f e r e n t

c o u n t r i e s


As of 2016







video game

t ou r namen t

was at the




t ou r namen t

with $20,770,640. Wings

Gaming, the first place team,

were awarded with over $9


Before you think

about becoming a professional

gamer, you must realize that




parents, will not appreciate

what you do and that it is

incredibly difficult to be

recruited by an established

team. Without the financial

support from a team, it is

basically impossible to have

enough time to practice and

perfect your skills. School,

work, and pro tournaments do

not mix well.

Many people claim

that pro gaming cannot be

a sport because it does not

require any physical activity,

but just like any other sport

professional gaming is easy

by any means and requires

countless hours of practice

in order to see any form of

success. Most programers

report spending at least six

hours per day practicing.





professional gaming is a

passionate hobby even though

very few people find a career

in it, but those who do live in

wealth by fulfilling the dreams

of many children.

Big bucks in gaming

By Luis Barrera

By Brady Kommes

Every year children wait with much anticipation and excitement

for Halloween, a night dedicated to dressing up as a favorite

character or animal and collecting vast amounts of candy.

Society says that trick-or-treating is meant for children,

but that doesn’t stop students and staff who were asked what their

ideal costume would be for a night of candy collecting. Some

interesting answers follow.

Gina Gearke: “Mr. Martin. He scares me.”

Caleb Ketelson: “My dad, so I can finally see what he looks like.”

Cheyanne Allen: “The girl from The Purge on the swing with the


Mrs. Rachel Cunningham: “A giraffe. I just like giraffes.”

Janae Casson: “A white person.”

Zach Pratt: “A patient, so all the Halloween nurses can help me.”

Mr. Doug Martin: “Dorothy, because I didn’t win.”

Señora Julie Roy: “A retired teacher.”

Morgan Boehme: “Kyle Gerdes, because every year I go as a


Christian Owen: “A minion, so I can test out my minion voice.”

Señorita Jill Bomgaars: “A sheep. It is my favorite animal.”

Preston Chesteen: “A pumpkin.”

Caden Washburn: “Pepe, because Pepe lives matter.”

Joey De Boer: “The 2016 election, because that’s the scariest

thing ever.”

Sydney Rand: “Mr. Eckstaine. He’s just a cool dude.”

Mrs. Nancy Isebrand: “A scarecrow that comes to life because I

like seeing startled faces.”

Matt Langel: “A walrus.”

Noah Watson: “Galaxy Note 7, because it accurately represents

my mix tape.”

Fall - a time for carving

pumpkins, crunchy leaves,

and most importantly, seasonal

drinks. The Pumpkin Spice

Latte from Starbucks may

come to mind, but exceptional

coffee can be found locally,

too. For eight years, Bellissimo

Coffee Works has been serving

up some great drinks.



as well as other local coffee

joints, Bellissimo won the

title of “Best Coffeehouse

in Siouxland” in 2015. This

coffeehouse is still a local

favorite of Le Mars, despite

no longer having a drive-

thru. Jokester Skyler Toben

exclaims, “Bellissimo rocks

my socks off!”

Bellissimo is no

stranger to the art of the

seasonal drink. A few of the



include pumpkin pie, salted

caramel pumpkin, and of

course, pumpkin spice. Some

other autumn-themed drinks

are snicker doodle and a

personal favorite, cinnamon

dulce. Any of these flavors can

be served hot, iced, or blended.



Madisen Parker was asked

about her favorite drink

at Bellissimo The senior

responded, “I love all kinds of

coffee! My go-to is a vanilla

raspberry latte but if I’m

feeling “fally,” a raspberry

chai latte is fall in a cup.”

For those who are not

fans of coffee or are looking

for something to accompany




also has seasonal snacks.

Exclusively during the fall

season, barista Kimi Hunter

bakes a spectacular pumpkin

pie flavored cheesecake. This

cheesecake is always in high

demand in autumn.

As a side note, anyone

who loves coffee and is looking

for a job should apply today

to be a barista at Bellissimo.

Bellissimo is located very

close to the school, so bundle

up and stop in before school

Student of the month respected by teachers

Congratulations to Derek

Cunningham as the October

student of the Month. The

senior is respected by his

teachers for his personality

and accomplishments in the


Derek feels great to be

acknowledged as the student of

the month and is proud of all

his great accomplishments in

his life that lead him up to this

point in the classroom as well

as outside of school. Derek

believes the students and staff

are wonderful at LCHS.

After high school,





Iowa State University for

engineering. Derek’s hobbies

during his senior year include

long boarding, hanging at

A-Weezy’s, playing ping-

pong, playing water polo, and

being the proud leader of the

LCHS chess club.

Derek is proud to

have made it to his senior year

and encourages underclassmen

to always try their best

throughout high school and

especially if they choose to

attend college.

Derek’s favorite class

is Calculus with Mrs. Colleen

Bortscheller. When asked

about Derek, Mrs. B says,”

Derek is my favorite Hy-vee

checker, and he is a stellar

calculus student.”

When asked about

his hardest class, Derek states

that Western Civilization with

Mrs. Rachel Cunningham is

the most difficult.

The advice Derek

gives to underclassmen is

for students in team sports to

never ask Ms. Deb Richarz if

you will be playing dog ball


Congratulate Derek

Cunningham, the October

student of the month.

Students and staff share ideal costumes

Halloween is a time when

people can be or dress like

something they have always

dreamed about. Some people

think teenagers are too old to

dress up. Other love the spirit

of Halloween by dressing up.

According to a random survey,

most LCHS students think

teens should wear dress up for

Halloween if they want to.

The top trends for

Halloween costumes this year

are suicide squad characters

and many snap chat filters.

Some friends will enjoy doing

a duo costume. The best trends

are being original, doing it


Students were asked

about their favorite costume

they wore as a child, Sarah

Reeves said, “I was a pizza.”

Victor Aguiar was Ninja turtle.

Samantha Wood was an angel.

Nathalie Peña was Blue Bear.

Michaela Thrun was an angel

with a black eye.

Students were also

asked what they will be

wearing for Halloween this

year. Robby Hodson will be


Samantha Wood said,

“I will be Thing One with my


Michaela Thrun said,

“How about a Halloween

movie marathon in my PJ’s?”

Abraham Cerda said,

“I am going be Harambe.”

Noelle Nilles said,

“My daughter will be Boo; I

will be Mike Wazousky, and

my boyfriend will be Sully.”

If high school

students want to participate

in this amazing but spooky

holiday, they should.

Halloween Costumes: Then and now

Each year a new yearbook

is released for students to

purchase covering the current

year of high school. The 2016-

17 yearbook is on sale now.



includes all sports,



dances, cheerleaders

for each respective

sport, music activities

of LCHS and so

much more! The

cost of a yearbook

is $70. High school

memories last a life

time, especially if

you buy a yearbook!



no profit from the yearbook.

Students purchase the annual

at cost. Many students put

many hours into making

the yearbook possible with

creativity and hard work as

well as documenting successes

of teams and programs.



encourage all LCHS classmates

to purchase a yearbook.



says, “It is fun to

look at pictures of


F e l l o w

yearbook member

Megan Bergquist

thinks you should



yearbook because

she was involved in

making it.

In addition, Sydney

Rand says, “It is nice to look

at other activities you aren’t

involved in.”



member, Kassidy Hinkel, says,

“It is nice to see all the funny




McDougall says, “You get to

stare at all the people you think

are pretty.”

Buy a yearbook!

The memories will

last forever in a book made

for the students’ enjoyment

including the great and

wonderful activities we have

here at LCHS! Go buy a

yearbook in the office today!

Yearbook class encourages students to buy a Bark

By Brady Kommes

Yearbook staff working to produce a Bark full of memories for students

It’s a great day to be a Bulldog!

Derek Cunningham

Ride of the Month: Augustine enjoys fuel efficient, clean car

By Alex Orban

This month’s lucky winner

of ride of the month is senior

Deyton Augustine. Deyton

drives a 2006 Chevy Impala.

Deyton decided to get this

car because of three reasons.

Reason number one: It has a

very nice motor. The motor

was placed before he bought

the car. The second reason:

The car is clean. The previous

owner treated the car so well.

The third reason: The car

was only driven by one other





made too many changes to

his car which he says is good

because he doesn’t need to

spend money on parts. Deyton

bought the car from Jenson

Motors here in LeMars for

$5,000 cash.

A question often

asked when buying a car is

how many miles per gallon

does the car get. Deyton’s car

gets 22 miles per gallon which

isn’t bad.

Deyton admits that his

car doesn’t attract all the girls,

but when it does happen, he

knows that the car was worth

the buy. Congratulations


Deyton Augustine’s Impala

for being Octobers Ride of the



gaming is a

passionate hobby

even though

very few people


a career in it.

Buy a Bark:


that last a