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The Dog Pound

The Dog Pound

A day in the life of a guidance counselor

By Brady Kommes

Healthcare students enjoy the compliment project

A class project accomplished

recently in Mr. Kellie Bork’s

healthcare classes made

students excited about class.

Sounds crazy right?

During “the compliment

project” a chair is faced away

from the marker board and a

student sits in this chair. One

by one the students go up to

the board behind the assigned

person and write a thought

they like about the person,

giving out compliments or

memories until the board

is full. Mr. Bork then takes

a picture or video of each

student before he or she

turns around to see all the

wonderful thoughts shared

behind the person.

The purpose of

the activity is to raise self-

esteem and to make them feel

better about themselves by

reading what other students’

and teachers think of them

in a positive way. After all,

people fight his or her own

different battles. It is amazing

what a compliment can do for

an individual.

Healthcare student

Jacob Pottebaum says,” Just

looking at the little things

people said and not knowing

who said them made the

activity more enjoyable.”

Fellow healthcare

classmate Brandon Kohler

agrees saying,” The activity

made me smile.”

This activity showed

what a few thoughts and

memories can do for an

individual’s overall health.

In order to continue

this amazing project, LCHS

students have turned to social

media where the hash tag

“#Healthydogz” has spread

on twitter and has resulted by

many students and teachers

who may not have been in

Mr. Bork’s healthcare classes

to take notice.

If you have not yet

followed Mr. Bork on twitter,

follow him @borkstrong.

His positive influence on his

students and his great attitude

towards life makes class all

the more enjoyable, and he

posts many of the activities

from class on twitter as well.

A special thank you

to Mr. Cliff Collins and Mrs.

Jill Brown for their help in

beginning the spread of this

great activity; the experience

was truly special.

What do guidance counselors

do in a day at LCHS?

“The best thing about being

a guidance counselor is I get to

see many kids everyday” says

Mrs. Nicki Addison.

The LCHS guidance

counselors are Mrs. Addison

and Mr. Barry Borchers. Mrs.

Addison has been a counselor

at LCHS for five years,and this

is Mr. Borchers’ 28th year as

a counselor.

Mrs. Addison says a

typical day is busy from start to

finish. She says, “I am helping

with kids’ schedules or future

classes, looking at students’

credits, and working with NHS

students and service hours.

I am also helping to get the

course description book ready

for registration for upcoming

freshmen and high school

students. I am also answering

questions about scholarships

and college applications.”

Before she became a

counselor Mrs. Addison taught

tenth grade language arts and

speech classes. Though she

enjoys her position, she misses

not having relationships with

the students like she had when

she was in the classroom.

When asked what

advice she has for students who

want to become a counselor,

she stated,

“Always be on top of the tasks

you have to do and always be

prepared and be organized.”

One thing is for sure;

the guidance counselors are

always ready to lend a helping


By Miranda Hicks

All-state Saturday is the most

stressful day of the year for

many LCHS musicians. On

Saturday, October 22, 40

LCHS students auditioned for

an all-state music group. Two

auditioned for orchestra, 16 for

band, and 22 for choir.



made the final group and will

perform in Ames on Saturday,

November 19. They include

Kajsa Hallberg, Sarah Benton,

Tessa Hansen, Drake Oswald,




Bowen, Megan Connor, Kyle

Dunn, Dalton Glawe, Madisen

Parker, Alexandra Pick, and

Caden Washburn.

In addition to those

who made the group, Le Mars

has two first alternates: Sarah

Meis and Anna Vacura. Nine

students received recalls;

they were Sam Vacura,

Chloe Evans, Diana Loutsch,

Aly Buhman, Max Hardyk,

Willow Olsen, Keegan Pippett,

Cassidy Pravecek, and Noah


To audition, the




excerpts and scales to play

before judges on audition day.

Instrumentalists audition solo,

while vocalists audition in


Being selected for

all-state is a huge honor.




director Ted Hallberg, over

5,000 students across the state

of Iowa audition for one of the

three groups, and the average

odds of being chosen are 24


Senior Megan Connor

was selected for the choir

ensemble her sophomore and

senior year. “It is an amazing

feeling to be selected for such a

prestigious spot in an amazing

choir. It’s extremely surreal,”

she explains.



means you are one of the

very best. Senior Kajsa

Hallberg was selected for the

all-state orchestra group her

sophomore, junior, and senior

year. “You usually like to think

you’re good at something, but

to find out that you’re one of

the best in the state is really

humbling and exciting. It’s a

huge honor and a little surreal,”

explains Hallberg.

The weeks leading

up to all-state auditions are

extremely stressful, as well as

the auditions themselves. If

all-state is so stressful, why do

people do it?

Many students enjoy

the lessons they learn from

going through a rigorous

audition process. “It has taught

me that as long as you feel like

you have succeeded, then you

have,” senior Cole Berkenpas


“I like how it makes

my voice tingle. I feel like an

angel,” junior Noah Watson


When asked why she

auditions, Joan Meis responds,

“I just want to carry on the

Meis family legacy.”



Vacura explains that she enjoys

“the rush of going into the

audition room.”

On the pessimistic

side, senior Alexandra Pick

describes the all-state process

as “three months of torture.”

Although the process

of preparing and practicing

for auditioning for all-state

is extremely stressful and

challenging, the process helps

students grow as musicians.



Curt Ohrlund states, “My

students have worked so

hard; the majority of them

have improved tremendously

through the process of all-state.

That’s what it’s all about.”



students on the honors

bestowed to them.

Students can take many great

classes LCHS, but students

who like to be creative and

invent things, should take

Designers Choice 1-2 taught

by Mr. Bill Dalton.



programs, students are taught

how to build houses starting

with the foundation all the way

to the roof. Students should

take the class if they want to

work with architecture and

building on construction sites

as a career. It is recommended

that you take Designers Choice

1 first, because the class starts

off building easier projects.

Students in Designers Choice

2, projects become more


Mr. Dalton said,

“This class is fit and perfect

for the students who want to

move forward in their life and

build architecture. It gives

them the practice and also the

experience. I have had many

students who have followed

their dreams and have had such

great success.”

This class is open to

students from freshman year

all the way to your senior


If you want to be

involved in house building,

then I recommend Designers

Choice 1-2 during your high

school career.

Sign-up for Designers Choice classes

By Alex Orban

Congratulations to All State

selections and participants


here is something special

about fall, the magical time

of year between September

and December. The cool fall

weather is a relief after being

scorched by the Iowa summer

sun. With the cool weather

comes a change in clothing

and activities. Fall also brings

many trends, fashions, and


One of the most

common fall trends is the

pumpkin spice latte. According

to a twitter poll, 41 percent

of LCHS students enjoy this

autumn drink.

When asked what

is so special about the

pumpkin spice latte, senior

Kajsa Hallberg explains, “It’s

pumpkin pie in a latte! What’s

not to love?”

Senior Hazel La

Breche is also a huge fan of

the drink. “It’s not fall without

a pumpkin spice latte in my

hand,” she states.

For those who have

never tried this fall drink,

or for those who are already




lattes can be bought locally at

Habitue and Bellissimos.

Another favorite of

fall is the fashion. No longer

is the weather perfect for

shorts and T-shirts. Now, when

people decide to go outside,

they need more layers.

Birken-socks are a combination

of Birkenstocks and a pair of


Andrea Barrett is

a supporter of the Birken-

sock trend. “They are perfect

because the fall can cause your

toes to get a little chilly, but

adding socks just makes them

so much more comfy, warm,

and stylish. It also bumps up

your artsy level by at least 200

percent,” she explains.

Another staple of

fall fashion is scarves. Senior

Brittany Lambert explains

that her favorite fall trend is

“wearing scarves.”

When asked about her favorite

thing about fall, senior

Alexandra Pick responded,


Hazel La Breche

explains why she enjoys

scarves so much. “A scarf is

like a 24/7 hug,” she states.

Even boys get into fall

fashion. Trenton Hilbrands, a

known fashionista, explains, “I

like to wear scarves and make

my room smell pumpkin-y.”

Anna Vacura enjoys

wearing boots in the fall. “I

love fall fashion, especially

boots. The cute kind though,

not Uggs,” she explains.

Another favorite fall

trend is the activities. Krista

Zenk states, “I enjoy going

to the pumpkin patch and

drinking lots of coffee.”



Albrecht enjoys “leaf piles.”



Ten Napel enjoys watching

Broncos football.

A favorite fall sport

is cross country. Participants

can be seen running miles and

miles around town in the chilly




explains, “I like to run in the


“I like to run cross

country with all my homies in

the fall,” states Annie Ellis.

Another fall favorite

is the weather, including the

falling leaves and the crisp air.



defends this by saying, “I just

like to enjoy the weather.”

Madisen Parker explains, “I

like being not too hot and not

too cool.”

According to a twitter

poll, 22 users voted for fashion

as their favorite part of fall.

Whatever fall trend

you decide to participate in, be

sure to enjoy the crisp weather,

fall drinks, new fashion, and

autumn activities.

Falling for trends, fashions, and crazes

By Collin Nemmers and Kelli Susemihl

Sarah Benton is ready for fall


Mrs. Nicki Addison and Mr. Barry Borchers are busy helping LCHS

students make important decisions.

By Kelli Susemihl

Sophomore Aly Buhman smiles in front of the white board filled with


Junior Victor Aguiar smiles in front of the white board filled with


Students in Mr. Bill Dalton’s Designer Choice classes create an array of building designs.