Dog Pound Oct 2017

Page 3 The Dog Pound by Siarah Augustine Time travel? Nope! Madrigal! by April Vasquez On December 2 and 3, many revelers will be transported back in time to a 16th century king’s court... simply by opening the doors to the Le Mars Community Middle School Gym. LCHS is hosting a madrigal, a musical dinner consisting of a group of singers from the medieval and Renaissance time periods. Madrigals were extremely popular during the 16th century. Randy Ewing, who is preparing to present his 13th madrigal (and his 6th at LCHS), says he enjoys madrigals for several reasons: “I love transforming the performance space into the royal castle. I love helping the kids develop their characters. And I love Renaissance music and preparing the different ensembles.” The LCHS choir department hosts a madrigal every two years. In 2015 only members of chamber choir could audition to participate. This year, however, all choir members were eligible. Seniors encouraged choir members to try out because, as Max Hardyk stated, “It is good to get out of your comfort zone. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to make new friends.” Noah Watson explained, “Madrigal is basically all the fun from medieval times minus the Black Plague.” Senior Gretchen Adams remembers attending two years ago: “I watched [my sister] Sarah and really enjoyed it. I can’t wait to do it this year. It seems exciting.” For those who are not in choir, auditioning was not an option, but attending is! You will be served a multi-course dinner while the choir groups perform. There will be a head table, servers, a jester, and actors. Megan Friederich says, “It is a very awesome experience. The gym is dimly lit and decorated lavishly; it really gives you that medieval feel.” Marching band season requires dedication Over 100 LCHS students devote dozens of hours to the Big Red Marching Band each year, which performs at competitions, plays the football halftime shows, and marches in the homecoming and Memorial Day parades. Beginning with summer camp in August, the band prepared for many weeks for their show “The Witching Hour.” The show consists of three parts: “Part One, The Gathering;” “Part Two, Spells and Incantations;” and “Part Three, Witch’s Dance and Flight.” It takes several people to put together a crowd- pleasing show every year. High school band director Curt Ohrlund perfects the music and oversees the entire program. Middle school band director Mary Kay Benton is in charge of percussion. Fifth and sixth grade band director Randy Benton polishes the marching on field. Lisa Peters choreographs the color guard show, and Emily Kellen directs the flags. The drum majors, senior Chloe Evans and junior Dalton Glawe, direct the band during performances. The Big Red Band performed in three different competitions this season: Starfest, Dutchman, and state. Starfest was held in Sioux City at Olsen Stadium on Saturday, September 30. The band placed third in 3A and ninth overall. The Dutchman Field Competition was held on Saturday, October 7 in Orange City. The band placed first in 3A, receiving “Best Color Guard Award” (for flags) and the “Triple S Award.” This prize is given to the marching band that shows the most spirit, support, and sportsmanship. The State Marching Band Competition was held in Sheldon on Wednesday, October 11. The band earned a “very strong I rating,” according to Director Ohrlund and finished the season on a high note. A normal competition day for the band starts with all 116 participants meeting at the band room and leaving for the competitions. Once the band arrives at the contest site, they relax before going back to the buses to change into their uniforms. Then the band warms up by getting into a big circle to tune and play a little bit of their show. Before they perform, Director Curt Ohrlund gives the band a pep talk; before the last competition, the seniors talk too. After performing in front of several judges, the band members watch other bands perform, eat supper, and hang out while waiting for awards. Choosing the show is a long process, according to director Ohrlund. The directors come up with a theme, look for music that matches the abilities of the performers, and then send the show off to a drill writer to create the marching formations. The flags try fit their costumes with the theme of the show, so this year they are witches with green makeup covering their faces. In addition to a week of band camp inAugust and first period every day, the Big Red Band practices for an hour before school Tuesdays, Thursdays, and every other Friday. Many fun things happen during marching band. Sophomore Drake Oswald explained, “My favorite thing about marching band is the environment; even though it’s usually hot and tiring, we all go and still manage to have lots of fun.” SeniorAlyssaHoebelheinrich said, “My favorite part is friends, definitely!” Freshman Caroline Meis said,“I [look] forward to bus rides with friends and food.” “Dutchman and bus rides are my favorite. I like the bus rides because you get to hang out with a bunch of fun people for like two hours,” added senior Luke Sudtelgte. “Hanging with the band is the best!” exclaimed senior Diana Loutsch. Junior Keegan Pippett loves the snow cones from Starfest. Sarah Benton stated, “My favorite part is without a doubt the competitions…. The competitions make all of the hard work worth it, and it is just great to hang out with some pretty great friends.”