Dog Pound Oct 2017

Page 5 The Dog Pound Have a safe and spooky Halloween! Fall is here, weather people are ready or not. Some people were tired of the heat and ready for the cool weather. What do you love about fall? Senior April Vasquez: “Pumpkin patches with friends and making caramel apples are my favorites. I just love fall altogether; it’s the perfect weather.” Seniors Michael Johnson and Brendon Sitzman: “Being all in with Bulldog football.” Sophomore Emily Carlson: “Pumpkin patches and pumpkin spice lattes.” Sophomore Jenna Laughton: “Going to pumpkin patches and carving pumpkins.” Sophomore Tate Westhoff: “I love fall football games and wearing sweatshirts again”. Out of 267 responses to a survey, 94% of Le Mars Community teachers and students have been to a pumpkin patch before while 6% have not. People of LCS like corn mazes, the fall atmosphere, and hanging out with friends the most about pumpkin patches. Two thirds of those surveyed plan to visit a pumpkin patch this year. Some pumpkin patches near Le Mars include Harvest Hollow, Pumpkinland, and Scarecrow Farm. All three of these pumpkin patches have websites and include pumpkins for sale and corn mazes. Harvest Hollow also has an enchanted trail, spook house, and a haunted cemetery. Students share favorite fall pastimes Sticky fingers, tired feet, one last house, “trick or treat!” As Halloween approaches, many children are picking out their costumes. However they are not the only ones getting ready for trick or treating. Many high school students still enjoy dressing up for Halloween. Senior Hannah Brennan plans to costume herself as Dr. Sattler from Jurassic Park. Junior Olivia Mcquillan will be Wini from Hocus Pocus. Freshman Brody Ohm is dressing as the other Sanderson sister in Hocus Pocus, Mary. Orchestra musicians also embrace Halloween costuming. For years, these students have dressed up for their October concert. Senior Grace Lamoreux dressed as a panda. Senior Riley Kluver kept his costume a secret. Senior Summer LaPato went as a wood nymph. Costuming is one thing. Trick or treating is another. Senior Kailyn Huisman says, “You should probably stop trick or treating after seventh grade. Otherwise it is just embarrassing.” Senior Andrea Barrett states, “Sixth grade is a good time to stop.” Senior Hannah Brennan believes that after eighth grade is a great time to stop since high school is right around the corner. However, multiple upper- classmen, including seniors BrookAllen, Grace Lamoreux, and Brooke Westhoff, and junior Kiara Chesteen, stated, “You are never too old to trick or treat!” Students don costumes to express themselves by Hannah Kliever by Anna Ahlrich