Dog Pound Oct 2017

Page 6 The Dog Pound Clubs offer skills, self-esteem, sense of belonging by Siarah Augustine Once upon a time, getting good grades was all that mattered. It was enough to get a good job and even to go to a good college. These days, however, many colleges look at students’ activities lists to determine acceptance and scholarships. One way to get involved is to join clubs. LCHS has many activities including athletics, drama, and music, but very few clubs (robotics and Spanish) have been available. That situation is changing, however, as a new club is being offered at LCHS this fall. The Leadership Club, led by Gabe Davis is open to all students grades 9-12. Davis says, “If our school... tries to improve the character of each one of us, we can make LCHS an even better place to be. We have lots of groups that promote these things in an amazing way, but we also have many students that aren’t part of those groups. I want this group to be an opportunity to share with each other and learn from each other. This is a group for EVERYONE!!!” Davis has noticed that even though LCHS has great students, they do not always make the best decisions. Davis thinks the leadership club can help students to make better choices. Davis explains, “This club is something that everyone can be a part of and get something from. Even the best leaders or people of the highest character can improve in those areas; nobody is perfect….This group can help with that!” The club members will discuss not only their own actions but also the actions of others. They will look deeper into topics such as dealing with adversity and leaving a positive legacy. In addition to the new leadership club, many LCHS students would like to see more clubs offered. Sophomore Brady Kuiken responded, “I would like an American Sign Language Club. I started doing sign language because my aunt is deaf, and I think that it would be cool for students to learn.” Senior Hannah Kliever wants a sewing club: “I love fashion!” Senior April Vasquez would love a “photography club.” Junior Arlinna Bowen wants an “art club.” Senior Giselle Sanchez suggested a “chess or checkers club.” Mr. Jentz would like to have a “DECA Club”. DECA is an international club for high school and college business students. Being involvedhelps students learn time management, improve communication skills, and work as a team. Clubs are important because they help students explore diverse interests, find out what they are passionate about, and build self-esteem. Clubs also look good on resumes for college because they show that students are driven to reach and improve their goals. Most importantly, clubs provide a sense of belonging. Students are able to interact and build relationships with people who have the same interests as they. Trends come and go. It is now officially fall, and like the leaves, styles are turning. What used to be ripped jean shorts and a flowy tank is now flannel and mom jeans. For the gentlemen, it is time to say goodbye to bro-tanks and hello to artsy button ups. Styles are always changing. Oversized clothing is back in style. Many girls find oversized sweaters the comfiest outfit to go with in this season. Mom jeans are also a big hit for the ladies. Is it because everyone wants to dress like her mother? Most girls would quickly disagree with that statement. However, for some, this is the perfect style. Senior Gretchen Adams says that she loves mom jeans because “they are comfy and cute!” Flannel is very popular clothing item that both ladies and gents can sport. Flannel can be worn in several ways. Junior Leah Volkert says that her favorite way is unbuttoned like a jacket. Freshman Hannah Albert thinks wearing flannel around her waist is the best option. Others just wear their flannel shirts as, well, shirts. Junior Joey Deboer shares that he loves fall because “it means it’s time to bring out the jackets.” DeBoer can often be found striding through the halls of LCHS wearing a hipster button up, khakis, and glasses that very few can actually pull off. Joey claims that fall is when everyone starts dressing like him. That is a bold statement, but anyone who knows this unique individual cannot disagree. Fall is a season of oversized sweaters, flannel, and everything Joey DeBoer. Stay trendy, LCHS. Fall trends arrive by Andrea Barrett Staph infection spreads through school! But did it, really? Rumor mill churns overtime by April Vasquez Joey DeBoer sets fashion trends at LCHS. Recently, a student went to the doctor with an unidentified rash that turned out to be staph, an infection caused by bacteria on the skin or in the nose. Although some people panicked, this situation was really no different from other years. Nurse Stephanie Buhman says, “It [staph] is everywhere, and you can get it anywhere. Extra cleaning precaution was completed throughout the school, in addition to the daily cleaning. Extra towels were ordered and extra disinfectants were purchased. Flyers were hung around school, reminding people that dirty hands spread germs.” Students had varying opinions about the staff scare. Senior Andrew Tonner said, “I found it ridiculous that nobody was sent in to clean the weight room. Students with spray bottles does not count as cleaning.” “We should close down the school,” suggested senior Shelby Scheitler with a twinkle in her eye. “People are making a huge deal out of it,” junior Cassidy Pravecek said. “It was over exaggerated and unnecessary.” Senior Wylie Ludwigs said, “Let’s talk about more important things like parking by the weight room. Senior Noah Watson joked, “Staff? Oh, they’re awful. Wait, did you mean the infection?” Senior Jack Ruhland states, “I love it because I’m the one who started it. You’re welcome.” Principal Mark Iverson states, “The school did a normal cleaning. We don’t believe the staph infection was ever in the school.” Either way, it is best to keep those hands clean to stop the spread of germs! Senior Summer LaPato sports her fall flannel. Anna Ahlrich models an oversized sweater. Maddy Mahan and Sara Moir flaunt their flannel.