Dog Pound Oct 2017

The Dog Pound October 2017 It’s a great day to be a Bulldog! Advisor: Sherri Permeswaran by Siarah Augustine LCHS welcomed 31 new students this fall. Some moved from nearby schools such as Gehlen, Hinton, Sioux City, or Emmetsburg; but others came from farther away places, including Nebraska, Nevada, South Carolina, or Texas. Most moved to LCHS because their parents got new jobs in Le Mars, while others came to save money and/or to get a better education. Though they have not been here long, the new students still found things that they like about LCHS. Many enjoy how friendly and welcoming the students and staff are. Others like being challenged to learn more by the course work and their teachers. Still others say their favorite things are sports and friendships. Some new students also dislike a few things about LCHS, including big projects, closed lunch for freshmen, and the freezing temperature in most classroom. Another pet peeve is not being able to listen to music in study hall. The biggest difference for most new students is the size of the school. About half of the new students report that LCHS is much smaller than their old schools, while the other half say it is bigger! Another difference is the number of activities available to participate in, with some saying there are fewer things to do here, but most recognizing more to do. Just like the rest of the student body, most of the new people are anxiously awaiting certain aspects of the school year. They are looking forward to meeting new friends; sports such as baseball, basketball, football, golf, track, volleyball, and wrestling; getting good grades; making their parents proud; learning about new things; going on the choir trip to New York; getting their class rings; and just lying back to read a good book. by Shelby Reeves Welcome to LCHS, New Students! Hill and Kopperud take on high school counselor challenge LCHS started the school year with two new counselors, Melissa Hill and Judd Kopperud. Although they are new to the position, they are not new to Le Mars Community Schools. Hill has been in the district since 1991, teaching first grade for two years and serving as elementary and middle school counselor for 24 years. Kopperud came to Le Mars in 2007 after teaching one year at North Iowa Community Middle School and three years at Forest City CMS. He taught reading and language arts at LCMS for three years before teaching English in the high school for seven years. Both chose counseling as a career after being influenced by others. Hill explained, “I have always loved being around people and have been passionate about helping others. My dad was also a counselor, and I grew up admiring him.” Kopperud added, “I have worked with some of the best counselors in the field of educating, and seeing the impact they have on a daily basis is what influenced me.” Besides having passion, Hill and Kopperud have practical experience to assist in their new roles here. Having families gives them a special understanding of children and school. Hill and her husband Neel have four children: Keaton, 26; Kenzie, 23; Skyler, 22; and Teagan, 20. Kopperud and his wife, Kari, a 1999 LCHS grad and the new middle school counselor, have three children: Kortney, 10; Jordan, 7; and Jess, 4. Kopperud and Hill see counseling as a vital part in education that can help shape a child’s future. Counseling can help students in areas such as academics, social and emotional health, and career planning. Hill believes her job is “to help provide a positive direction as a person moves through different stages of life.” Kopperud says, “Our responsibilities vary from day-to-day, but we enjoy the variety in the job. Our basic responsibilities include helping students with their social/personal, academic, and career needs. We do our best to help students in those areas on a daily basis.” Here is a partial list of the responsibilities of Hill and Kopperud: *Meet with students grades 8-11 and parents to describe available courses. *Host parent nights for registration. *Create and change schedules. *Assist with special education scheduling. *Check credits for seniors. *Help students plan for their futures. *Monitor academic progress for students. *Assist students signing up for college classes. *Advise NHS: track service hours, help provide opportunities for service hours, monitor membership requirements, assist students applying, facilitate induction ceremony. *Coordinate college fair and college representative visits. *Assist students registering for ACT and other tests. *Coordinate PSAT, ASVAB, and Iowa assessments at school. *Help students understand standardized test scores. *Host a financial aid night for parents and students. *Attend PASS plans and IEP meetings. *Help coordinate resources through Plains Area, DHS, AEA, Vocational Rehab, and Job Corps. *Meet with teachers regarding students. *Communicate with parents. *Update and revise course guidebook. *Work with WIT regarding concurrent enrollment and online classes. *Help students with scholarships. *Help bridge work between students and summer school teachers.