Dog Pound Oct 2017

Hill and Kopperud take on high school counselor challenge 1
Welcome to LCHS, New Students 1
Life at LCHS! 2
Time Travel? Nope! Madrigal! 3
Marching bans season requires dedication 3
All-state tryout preparation benefits students 4
Changes affect Dog Pound and Bark staffs 4
Students share favorite fall pastimes 5
Student don constumes to express themselves 5
Clubs offer skills, self-esteem, sense of belonging 6
Fall trends arrive 6
Staph infection spreads through school! But did it really? 6
Senior lounge changes sought 7
Students find encouragment for today by looking to tomorrow 7
Science lab brings worksheets to life for freshamn 7
Fall Plya will keep audience in stitches 7
Meet the foriegn exchange students 8
Pictures 10
New teachers join staff 12