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The Dog Pound


2016’s a great day to be a bulldog

Editor: Jeff Ahlers

Advisor: Rhonda Beach

Congratulations to Trenton

Hilbrands and Krista Zenk

on being named the 2016

Homecoming King and Queen!

This year’s homecoming court

is made up by Krista Zenk,

Emma Madsen, Gretchen




Matilynn Langel, Makena

Masuen, James Brownmiller,

Colton Beitelspacher, Bryce

Frentress, Trenton Hilbrands,

Silas Buss, and Zerich


When asked about

being given the honor of king,

Trenton Hilbrands remarked,

“It’s an honor to be recognized

by my teachers and my peers.

It’s a really cool thing and

I’m very grateful for the


When asked about

being given the title of queen

Krista Zenk responded, “I feel

very honored to be elected

queen by my classmates and to

represent my class.”

H o m e c o m i n g

week does not just feature

coronation on Friday. Mr.

Trent Eckstaine was forced to

dress up as Dorothy while Mr.

Kyle Gerdes showed off his

dog, Goose.

Homecoming week

would be incomplete without

the parade. Both the middle

school and high school

bands marched in the parade

alongside more than eighty

other Le Mars organizations

and businesses. All of the

classes except for the junior

class were represented with

their student made floats. The

absent juniors and their lawn

mower-powered float full of

interesting spelling never left

the starting corner.

Of course, the true

meaning of Homecoming

is to remember and to see

former members of the

student body one last time.

Among the college freshmen

coming home, former king and

queen Charlie Ellis and Amy

Isebrand returned to crown the

new royalty.



commented, “A huge round

of applause to everyone

who helped make the day a

success. Everything looked

and sounded great. In addition,

congrats to the homecoming

court, especially Krista and


Finally, the week

concluded with the football

game followed by the

Homecoming dance organized

by student council. The dance

featured a photo booth and

scenery depicting Oz.

By Jeff Ahlers

This year’s parade marshal for

the homecoming parade was

the middle school challenge

teacher and high school quiz

bowl coach, Mrs. Jeanne Rust.

After teaching at

LeMars for seventeen years,

Mrs. Rust will be retiring at

the end of this school year.

During her seventeen years of

teaching, Mrs. Rust shared that

her favorite part about teaching

is working with good kids.

She also enjoys coaching quiz

bowl every year and seeing

her challenge students who are

now in high school.

When asked about

her favorite memories, Mrs.

Rust remembered Jeff Ahlers

and Kelli Susemihl’s “debates”

during challenge, “gullible”

being on the ceiling, and

watching her National History

Day students progress from

districts to state and the special

few who went on to nationals.

After retiring this

year, Mrs. Rust plans on

visiting her children in Florida

and California. Mrs. Rust also

said, “I will enjoy not having

to get up and moving in the

morning because I am not a

morning person.”

Although Mrs. Rust

will enjoy her retirement, she

also stated, “Over the years I

have worked with lots of great

students and families whom

I know I will miss.” She also

added that she will miss her

teaching routine to which she

has grown accustomed.



classroom is home to many

challenge students’ memories,

and she will definitely be

missed by many. This writer

will never forget her class and

wishes her an amazing life

after retirement. Thank you

for being an amazing and fun

teacher Mrs. Rust.

By Luis Barrera

Student Council selects quiz bowl coach as homecoming parade marshal

Congratulations to the 2016 Homecoming Court

Mrs. Jeanne Rust was the 2016

homecoming parade marshal.