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The Dog Pound

Is LCHS really the best student

section in the state?”

Every Friday night,

Bulldog fans attempt to prove

this as they cheer on the

football team. The Big Red

Band plays the fight song, the

cheerleaders lead cheers, and

the student section hypes up

the players.

Themes for games

have included beach, black-

out, and white-out. The high

school student section has

thrown flour and streamers to

show spirit. The Pope and a

horse head have also made an







Nemmers explains how having

the student section at games

helps his performance. “I

can’t always hear the cheers,

but knowing I’m being

backed by the student body is


Senior member of the

student section, Krista Zenk,

states, “I like when everyone

gets into the cheers. It’s more

fun that way!”

Bulldog cheerleader

Emma Madsen says that her

favorite part of cheering is the

“student section.”



Gretchen Adams also says,

“I like being able to feel the

successes and losses of the

football team and be able to

celebrate the win with them.”

The Big Red Band

always makes an appearance

at home games, entertaining

the crowd with their marching

band show and the fight song.

Drum Major Cole Berkenpas

enjoys “leading the band to

become the best it can be.”

Senior member of

the student section Ziggy

Campbell shares his plans and

hopes for this football season.

“We hope to be as loud as

possible for each game and

make an appearance in the




sums up what it means to be

a part of the student section.

“It’s cool to just be a part of

a school that comes together

so easily just to cheer on our


The LCHS student

body has high hopes for the

2016 football team, so whether

you are a band member, a

cheerleader, or participate in

the student section, be sure to

support the football team on

Friday nights!

By Kelli Susemihl

Football athletes appreciate the best student section in the state

By Luis Barrera

Senior lounge sacred ground

By Collin Nemmers

By Kelli Susemihl

Tennis swings into the off-season

For many years, powder puff

football was an activity during

the week of homecoming.

For those who do not know,

powder puff football is a

game of football where the

participants are only girls.

This tradition stopped

for a number of years, but this

year is different. Senior Janae

Casson said after homecoming

last year that she wished that

LCHS would participate in this

event. So along with her friend

and fellow senior Gretchen

Dodge, they made this game


“So basically we had

to keep everything secretive

and out of context in school.

So we made up a tweet and set

up a group message of seniors.

Then I had Sophie Fedders

make up a group message of

the junior girls. We picked four

senior football players and four

juniors to coach the two teams.

We had a good support system

from the class of 2k16.”




players were asked about the

game. Gretchen Dodge says

that her favorite part was

“getting good tips from the

coaches and seeing my young

ones compete.”



Schwartz’s favorite part was

“getting to show off my skills.”

Janae Casson says

“the bonding” was her

favorites part while junior

Christina Konz agrees with

Janae saying “spending time

with the juniors and seniors

was fun.”



Ahlers and Megan Friedenbach

loved how everyone got so

involved. “It was just a fun

night overall and I enjoyed

watching everyone have fun”

adds Shaylynn.



Baumgartner enjoyed “beating

the seniors and playing a

competitive game.”

Congratulations to this year’s

powder puff champions, the


Becoming a senior has many

privileges and perks. One

of these perks is the coveted

senior lounge. The senior

lounge is the area on the red

and black tiles by the high

school lobby. Seniors can

“chill” in the lounge during

opens, before school, and

during lunch.

U n d e r c l a s s m e n ,




strongly encouraged to stay

away from the seniors’ sacred

area. But what exactly is

so special about the senior


Hazel La Breche

explains, “Since the first day of

freshman year, we’ve looked

at those tiles as sacred ground.

We spend three long years of

our life anxiously awaiting the

day when we could call that

land ours. Finally, it’s our turf


Because the senior

lounge is such an entertaining

place to spend time, many

seniors have made favorite

memories there.

“My favorite memory

was actually using the senior

door,” states Sydney Rand.

Haley Jungers says

she enjoys spending time

with her 8th open squad. Luis

Barrera, a member of the 8th

hour squad, explains, “I enjoy

getting Sharpie tattoos.”

Some seniors simply

enjoy talking with friends.

Skyler Toben especially enjoys

giggling in the senior lounge.



seniors would rank opens in

the lounge above study hall,

there are still some suggested


Krista Zenk suggests

“couches,” while Madison

Hunter suggests “recycling


Jessica Eisma also

has an input. “ I’d probably put

karaoke and Just Dance in it!”

Hazel La Breche

suggests making the senior

lounge into a Starbucks.

“I want to be able to

play music over speakers,”

states Kyle Marek.



has a more simple request.

“I would just like the door to

work 24/7.”

The senior lounge

plays such a critical role in a

senior’s life, that even LCHS

alumni are still protective of

it. The legend himself, Ben

Morehead, states, “If I could

change one thing about the

senior lounge, it would be not

to have your class in it. Now

quit asking me questions. I’m


Regardless of your

opinion of the senior lounge,

freshmen, sophomores, and

juniors can look forward to the

perks of being a senior!

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!




is months away, that isn’t

stopping the Le Mars tennis

team from getting ready for

2017. Tennis coach, Mr. Bill

Dalton, organized a tennis




September 17, 2016 in order

to generate enthusiasm. The

tournament was meant to be

quick and intense.

In Mr. Dalton’s own

words, “I want to see kids out

on the court until snow flies.”

Unfortunately, some

tennis players were unable to

attend. Kyle Marek, number

one varsity player said, “I was

very sad that I could not attend,

but I am ready for this tennis




Hegwer, an attendee, stated,

“I was looking forward to

being back on the court.” This

tennis season will definitely be

different, as Le Mars has lost

four of its varsity players.

Mr. Dalton states,

“We have good returners

coming back, and the new

foreign exchange student,

Jakub Malik. There is a definite

bottleneck between lower

varsity and top JV. I believe

there are warriors in there.”

When asked about the

new tennis season, Mr. Dalton

said, “Winning district is huge.

Spencer and Spirit Lake are

going to be tough.”

Junior Caleb Ketelson

agreed, “Last year our JV had

its first loss to Spirit Lake in

several years, but that only

motivates us to come back


Jeff Ahlers, also a

varsity tennis player, responds,

“I am looking forward to

working hard and bringing it to

the other teams come spring. It

should be a fun time.”



resulted with sophomore Zach

Wingert being the winner. As

a varsity tennis player, this

writer is more than ready to

play tennis and is ready to help

bring the team to state.

Powder puff football makes a comeback

Seniors (left to right) Keaton Candor, Matilynn Langel, and Maddy

Hunter in the senior lounge.

Fun-loving Cheyanne McGee in

her fashionable animal print.

All smiles: Madisen Parker and

Gretchen Adams

This senior squirrel (Trent

Hillbrands) is a little nutty.

Sophomores enjoy homecoming

Wrestling duo, Brennick Hoppeand and Justin Otto

Hello, Hailey Plueger!

Mismatched sophomores (left to right) Chance Venteicher, Joey DeBoer, Eric Isebrand, Riley Eppinga,

Damion Manning, and Tylon Chapman.