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The Dog Pound

The Dog Pound

By Kelli Susemihl

Junior Maddy Mahan and

sophomore Kiara Chesteen are

taking “doing it for the vine”

to a whole new level. Vine is

a form of social media where

users post six second videos,

usually comedy. Mahan and

Chesteen started creating

their humorous vines over

Christmas break.

“We were like, hey,

we should totally make a funny

vine to see where it goes,”

Chesteen explains.



Chesteen’s goal is to “go viral”

or have their videos rapidly

circulate the internet.

Chesteen announces,

“We are low key trying to get

famous.” So far, the pair has

108 followers on Twitter and

over 30,000 loops on Vine, and

almost all responses have been


“They are so funny

even my dog likes them!”

exclaims junior Regan Albers.

Local fan girl Alaina

Kessenich speaks about her

love for them saying, “The

vines get better and better

each time! Both talented girls.

Definitely worth the watch!”

Even though most

responses have been positive,

haters are inevitable. Mahan

and Chesteen choose to ignore




“Haters are our motivators,”

states Mahan.

The two also love

to hear feedback from their

followers. “We really like

when our fans say how funny

our vines are!” Chesteen


New and exciting

things are in the works for the

best friend duo. Mahan and

Chesteen have already held a

meet and greet for fans at the

local Blue Bunny Ice Cream

Parlor, and they plan to have


Meet the

Dog Pound


By Jeff Ahlers

With a new year, new classes

come, new students arrive,

and, of course, a new Dog

Pound staff begins work.

Mrs. Beach, the head of the

news writing team, welcomes

eight new members and one

returning member. The new

members are Luis Barrera,

Maddy Hunter, Alex Orban,




Kommes, Skyler Toben,

Collin Nemmers, and Miranda

Hicks. The one returning

member is Jeff Ahlers, the

new editor.

When asked about

why they were looking

forward to news writing,

the news team had quite the

varied responses.

Senior Luis Barrera

said, “I joined News Writing

because I wanted to learn

about our school’s activities

and because I enjoy reading

the Dog Pound every month.

As part of the Dog Pound

staff I look forward to writing

about current events and

school activities.”

A certain girl with

blue hair responded, “My

name is Maddy Hunter, aka

‘that girl with blue hair.’ I also

respond to ‘blueberry head.’

I am a senior in high school.

However, three of my favorite

things are plants, sewing, and

collecting vinyls, so I might

actually be a senior citizen.

Expect (hopefully) interesting

and relatable articles laced

with satire.”



Susemihl stated, “I joined

News Writing to learn more

about journalism, and because

I love people and writing. P.S.

Follow me on instagram and

twitter @kelli_susemihl.”

Senior Alex Orban

said, “I signed up for News

Writing so I would get the

opportunity to interact with

people from freshmen to

seniors. The Dog Pound is

something that I have wanted

to be a part of since I was a




Kommes said, “I signed up

for News Writing to

continue the great

tradition of the

Dog Pound and to

practice my writing

skills. I’m looking

forward to writing

about all the juicy

news that needs

to be brought to

the good people of


S e n i o r

Skyler Toben said,

“I enjoy avocados,

plants, and makeup.

I also like to watch

Netflix and read in

my free time. When

I’m not doing those

things, I’m working

in the kitchen at




S e n i o r





of class I am involved in

football, training sessions in

Sioux City, track, baseball,

and scoopin’ some cream at

the ICP. I am looking forward

to being a part of this year’s

Dog Pound staff.”



Hicks said, “I am looking

forward to writing some




making memories that I will

remember for a long time.”


his year LCHS welcomes

five new foreign exchange

students: Jovignot Albert,

Fabiá Jordana, Jakub Malik,

Krystof Valta, and Mika

Wilhus. All of the foreign

exchange students are juniors.

When asked how

they like the United States so

far, all had good things to say.

Jovingot, who is from France,

responded, “The U.S. is a very

friendly country. There are a

lot of different people, which

is nice in my opinion.”

Fabiá said that his

favorite things are, “The food

and the cars because it is very

different than Spain.”

Mika, originally from

Hamburg, Germany, said,

“I really like it so far, even

if there are big differences

between my home country and

the U.S. I like the fact that as

a student you get involved in

many different things and you

are considered to have a future.

The teachers and others really

want you to do as good as


Mika also stated,

“I am looking forward to

participating in cross country,

basketball, and track as well.”

Mika is able to

speak three languages, and he

practices archery in Germany,

Fabiá enjoys riding horseback

in Spain, and Jakub is a

glider pilot back in the Czech


The students shared

different things about their

home country.



“The Czech Republic

has beautiful nature, tall

mountains, clean rivers,

and nice weather,” all

perfect for flying a

glider plane.

Mika added,

“My favorite thing

about Germany is the

culture...especially the


J o v i n g n o t ’s

favorite thing about

France is also the food.



LCHS the favorite part

of living in America this


LCHS welcomes foreign exchange students

By Luis Barrera

Athlete of the Month:

Nemmers looks forward to winning season

By Brady Kommes

Congratulations to Collin

Nemmers on receiving the

athlete of the month award.

The defensive back

and wide receiver is looking

forward to a winning season.

When asked about

Collin’s leadership on the







is a good leader

who works hard

every day. He isn’t

always the most

vocal player; he

leads by example.”

In addition to

being a standout

on the football

team, Collin is

involved in track.

He is a three-time






qualifier, and a seventh place

finisher in the 4x400.

When asked about the senior’s

stellar running ability, track

coach Cliff Collins says,”

Collin was a nice runner as a

freshman for us and has turned

himself into one of the best

sprinters in the area which is a

testament to how he goes about

his business and the work he

puts in.”

The fun doesn’t

stop there. Collin also earned

second team all district in

baseball as well, playing center

field and batting fourth for the




states, “Collin put a lot of time

in to have the ability that he


When the

senior is not





sports, he enjoys

eating, sleeping,

watching Netflix





sporting events.

When asked

about his role



said he looks up

to his older brother, Zack, who

always told him that he had to

work hard for what he wants

and that all things do not come


Through hard work

and effort, Collin has become a

well-known athlete throughout

the area and a well-respected

athlete by his coaches and


C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s

to Collin Nemmers, the

September athlete of the


Sophomore and junior go viral on Vine

The Bulldog Nation welcomes (front left to right) Jake Malik and Krystof Valta,

(back) Fabia Jordan, Jovegnot Albert, and Mika Wilhus.

This year the volleyball team

only has two lone seniors,

Krista Zenk and Sydney Rand.

When asked about

her final season, Rand says,

“I think we’ll be a fun team to


Zenk adds, “I am very

excited to see how we all play


When asked about

being one of the only two

seniors, Rand states, “It’s easy

to make decisions and share

the leadership.”

Sydney is looking

forward “to helping some of

the younger girls pick up the

quicker game style.”

Krista adds, “Because

of our experience, we will

make very good leaders and

push the team to be the best it

can be.”




volleyball team welcomes

back an important part of the

squad, Coach Sue Irwin. Rand

and Zenk along with the other

team members are happy to

have her back because of the

experience and energy that she

brings to the game.

Both seniors are

looking forward to this

upcoming season and the

excitement that comes along

with it. Zenk says, “I’m excited

to compete with the team and

have fun while doing it”.

“I’m looking forward

to having the student section

cheering us on,” Rand adds.

Both girls are excited

about their final season as

Bulldogs, so get out and show

the team some support.

Volleyball seniors prepare for final season

By Collin Nemmers

Collin is a good

leader who works

hard every day.

He isn’t always

the most vocal

player; he leads by


-Coach Tardive

Collin Nemmers protects the ball as he travels toward the end zo

ne. (Photo contributed by Kent Jones.)

Set, spike, kill! The seniors are leading the Lady Bulldogs this season.

Maddy Mahan (left) and Kiara Chesteen sport T-shirts advertising their