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The Dog Pound

The Dog Pound

By Miranda Hicks

By Skyler Toben

Junk of the month:

Senior’s ride attracts the ladies

By Alex Orban

Starting a new school year at

LCHS always means possible

new staff in the building. This

year, Le Mars Community

welcomes five new members.

Two of the new

people are special education

teachers, Mrs. Cassie Jacobsen

and Mr. David DenHerder.

Mr. DenHerder will coach the

freshmen basketball team this

season. He graduated from

Dordt College with a Bachelor

of Science degree in Physical

Education and a minor in

Special Education. Standing at

around six foot ten, Mr. Herder

can be found across the hall

from Mr. Joel Jentz.



Jacobsen is also a new special




Jacobsen graduated from the

University of South Dakota

with a Bachelor of Science

degree in Elementary and

Special Education. Jacobsen

is no stranger to the Le Mars

Community School District;

she student taught at Clark

Elementary and LCHS. Before

Mrs. Jacobsen returned to

LCHS, she taught K-1 Special

Education for the Vermillion

School District.

Last but not least,

Senorita Jenna Bowmaster

will be teaching Spanish 1

and 2. Senorita Bomgaars has

moved up to teaching Spanish

3 and 4 in place of Senora Gale

Horan. Senorita Bowmaster

graduated from Morningside

College and received her

Bachelor of Arts degree in


When asked what

made her decide to become a

Spanish teacher, Bowmaster

responded, “I have always

admired the language, and I

love helping people succeed.”



recently taught at Remsen St.

Mary’s. The teacher is excited

to be back in Le Mars.

Please help give a

friendly, Bulldog welcome

to our new staff at LCHS this


New teachers join the staff

By Brady Kommes

Every year there seems to be

some type of hair trend going

on with the guys at LCHS.

Last year the trend was to see

who could grow the nicest

beard. The two people who

were most known for this were

Koster Buss and Preston Vore.

This year, however,

the trend has moved away

from the face. This year a few

guys are growing out their

hair for the flow. Two people

known for this feat are Keaton

Candor and Justin Allaway.

When asked what

inspired him to do the flow

Candor says, “I was inspired

by my older brother, Kendall,

to prove to him that I am better

than him in everything I do.”

“I grew the flow

because people doubted me

and hated on me. So, I had to

prove the haters wrong,” says


Some people may

think that having flow does

not require much work.

Candor says otherwise, “The

flow requires more work than

people would think. You have

to make sure it is trimmed up

nicely and use conditioner. It

takes me a long time to get it

ready for school.”

Justin agrees with

Keaton saying, “The flow

requires more work than you

think because you have to

make sure it doesn’t have

knots, has to be conditioned

so it doesn’t look greasy, and it

has to be flowlicious.”

“I plan to keep the

flow until I get tired of keeping

up with it or until my mom

tells me I have to get a haircut,

whichever happens first,” says

Candor when asked how long

he plans to keep his flow.

Allaway says, “I plan

on keeping my flow until at

least the end of the year, and

more than likely I will keep it

until the end of my high school


Having the flow does

have its downfalls though.

Candor states, “The worst part

about having the flow is when

it gets in your eyes while doing

an assignment, taking notes, or

when it’s really windy.”

Justin says that the

worst part about growing flow

is “when it gets in my eyes in

football and I can’t see.”

Students were asked

who wears this hairstyle better.

According to the unscientific

poll, Keaton wears it better.

Senior Matthew Simoni has

been awarded the junk of the

month for September. This

prestigious award goes to

the junkiest car in the school

parking lot.

Matt’s vehicle, a 2002

red Chrysler Sebring, runs like

a charm every day. Matt says,

“I couldn’t have asked for a

better vehicle than what I have


Matt named the car

Fee Fee; the name popped

into his head right away. The

junky ride cost $3,000, cheap

according to Matt. In terms

of new features, Matt states,

“Nothing to really upgrade,

but as long as it gets me from

place to place that’s all I could

ask for from my vehicle.”

Matt bought his car

with 115,000 miles on it.

Today Fee Fee has 138,000

miles. Fee Fee and Matt get


The best thing about

Fee Fee may be that it attracts

the ladies in town and even

some from out of town. Matt

considers his chick magnet a

piece of junk, but picking up

all the ladies makes his car

a lucky charm. Matt is not

considering getting a new car

any time soon.

If you have an idea

for next month’s junk of the

month, let me know. I will be

searching the parking lot to

find the October junk of the

month. Congrats to Matt for

September junk of the month!

Friday night lights: Show Time

College football kicked off on Friday, August 26, as Hawaii

took on California, and the long awaited season was officially

underway. Each team enters a new year with renewed enthusiasm

for the upcoming season. Fans come in packs to attend each

game to watch their favorite team play with high hopes for the

upcoming season.

Rivalries occur among fans and teams each week and

sometimes even family members. Good luck to each team that

takes the field this fall season. Fans should enjoy the game and

remember it is just a game! To show ownership of a favorite team

before the season begins, students were asked who they will root

for this season.

Derek Cunningham: Westmar Eagles

Alex Orban: Iowa State Cyclones

Collin Nemmers: Iowa Hawkeyes

Jeff Ahlers: Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Jamie Kommes: Iowa Hawkeyes

Lexi Schroeder: Iowa State Cyclones

Kailyn Huisman: Iowa State Cyclones

Brandon Kohler: Iowa Hawkeyes

Reese Christy: Iowa Hawkeyes

Chandler Grosenheider: Iowa Hawkeyes

Gus Anderson: LSU Tigers

Luke Skov: Georgia Bulldogs

Riley Kluver: Oklahoma Sooners

Dillan Baartman: Iowa Hawkeyes

Deyton Augustine: Virginia Tech Hokies

Winter Williams: Oregon Ducks

Walker Raymond: Iowa Hawkeyes

Matt and Fee Fee chillin in the parking lot

By Collin Nemmers

Who wears the flow better?

Did you know that 50 billion

plastic water bottles were used

last year, but only 32 percent

of those water bottles were


The new automatic

water bottle filler on the

drinking fountain in the

high school will help the

environment. The new fountain

also has a sensor that records

how many water bottles are

being saved by using it, so no

water is wasted.

Dr. Mark Iverson was asked

about the decision to purchase

the attachment for the water

fountain. “It started a couple

of years ago when the student

council asked if we could do

it because they had seen other

schools have it and hydration

is always important,” he states.

Dr. Iverson explained

since the new science rooms

were being redone, he decided

why not get the new water

fountain upgraded, too. The

new system is built with a

filter, so students have clean,

filtered water. The filter will be

replaced once every year.

The convenience of the

fountain upgrade is that it

fills up a water bottle so much


Dr. Iverson also said two

more fountains will be added

in the future. So, give the new

upgrade a try for yourself.

LCHS upgrades water fountain Red and Black Day

Sophomores (from left) Clarissa Arens, Aspen Doss, and Jacob

Pottebaum decked out in serious red and black on Friday of

homecoming week.

Teachers join homecoming week fun

Senorita Bowmaster assists Kelli Susemihl with her Spanish


Mr. David DenHerder shares

words of wisdom with students.

Mrs. Cassie


(behind the





with Mrs.

Jodi Richey

(standing far


Junior Abe Cerda gives the new fountain a thumbs up.

Justin Allaway Keaton Candor

Twins? Mrs. Nancy Isebrand and Mr. Doug Martin