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The Dog Pound

The Dog Pound

There’s no place like homecoming...

As the 2016 Homecoming King and Queen are crowned, students

and staff remember Charlie Ellis and Amy Isebrand, the former

king and queen, both of whom now attend the University of Iowa.

Charlie Ellis

What is your major?

My current major is Pre-

Dentistry, but that is not set

in stone. There are a lot of

different majors that interest


What do you miss most about

Le Mars?

My DOG, and screaming in the

hallways between classes with

Andrea Barrett

What is your favorite high

school memory?

I have so many, but doing the “trust fall” challenge with Dr.

Iverson is at the top of the list!

What is your favorite college club/activity?

Dance Marathon! Dance Marathon raises money for kids with

pediatric cancer. There is so much positive energy in this group,

and I love raising money for the kiddos.

What is the most embarrassing thing to happen in college

(so far)?

Falling while walking UP the stairs in my dorm

What is your advice for this year’s freshmen?

Do not try to impress the upperclassmen. Just be yourself and

don’t care what anyone else thinks about you.

Amy Isebrand

What is your major?

Speech and Hearing Sciences

and Communications

What do you miss most about


The senior lounge and the

parking spots (The Boulevard

is a lot closer than the Hawk


What is your favorite high

school memory?

Every homecoming week,

talking on the announcements, our short film videos, winning

the limbo contest at Swinter, and screaming the “Viernes” song

What was your favorite high school activity?

All of them, but probably Student Council, Crimson and Black,

and Adaptive P.E.

What is your favorite college activity?

Zumba classes, hanging at the Rec Center, and my sorority Delta

Gamma! I am also excited for Dance Marathon!

What advice do you have for this year’s freshmen?

Get involved and never think you’re “too cool” to try something

new. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone.

What advice do you have for this year’s seniors?

I know everyone says it flies by fast, but it really does. Don’t take

a single second for granted!

By Kelli Susemihl

By Collin Nemmers

Most people believe that

the only thing cross country

runners do is go for long runs.

This is not completely true.

Along with going for

long runs, the athletes also do

tempo runs, interval training,

as well as some pool workouts.

Some of the runners also cross

train and go biking.

To change up the

workouts even more, both the

guys and girls in high school

as well as middle school

participated in a giant game

of “Bonkers” on Wednesday,

September 14. For readers

who do not know, “Bonkers”

is basically a glorified game of

freeze tag that involves a lot of




each runner must run around

to a person holding a clipboard

and do whatever the person

asks in order to get the

signature. The goal is to get

as many signatures as possible

without getting hit by a sock

filled with flour. This gives the

runners a good workout while

also allowing them to have

some fun.

When asked about the

number of guys out for cross

country this year, Coach Al

Engebretson says, “I am very

pleased with the number of

athletes out. We had 28 high

school and 21 middle school

boys out for CC this year. I am

also very thankful the district

hired a middle school coach,

Mrs. Amy Kelly, this year to

give the middle school cross

country athletes the attention

they need.”

Coach Engebretson

also has goals that he would

like to see happen this season.

“I would like for us to place

as high as possible in both the

conference and state qualifying

meets. Along with that, I

would also like to get as many

all-conference performers as

possible. Advancing the team

and individuals to the state

meet are also something I am

hoping for.”

Good luck to the

LCHS prairie chickens this


Mr. DougMartin andMr. Tracy

Wingert joined forces with the

Culinary Arts students to help

support a good cause, the fifth

annual Menu Masters fund-

raiser on Saturday, September

17, at the Plymouth County


The Robotics Club

sponsors rose to the challenge.

“The robotics team was asked

if we would consider being

guest chefs for Menu Masters,”

stated Mr. Wingert.

Mrs. JoAnn Johnson,

the Culinary Arts teacher,

considers the fund-raiser

a great opportunity for her

students. Mrs. Johnson states,

“I help the LEEP program

who puts on Menu Masters.

I am also looking for hands-

on projects for my students.

My goals are to teach them to

make sure food always looks

good and tastes good, too.”

The LCHS chefs

asked the Culinary Arts

students to make 600 plus cake

ball bearings in three flavors

for the dessert category of

the competition. The students

also helped create the gears

and greases (aka crackers with

shrimp dip on top).

Pictured on the left:

Robotics Club advisors, Mr.

Tracy Wingert (far left) and

Mr. Doug Martin serving

ball bearings and gears and

greasers to 500 attendees at the

annual Menu Masters fund-

raiser at the Plymouth County


As seniors prepare to graduate

and continue their journey in

life, a question often crosses

their mind. What do I want

to do after I graduate? People

often continue their lives in

either the military, workforce,

or college. So how important

is getting a college education

compared to the other options?

There are pros and

cons to this question. By not

going to college, high school

graduates do not have to

worry about student loan debt,

especially if they are not sure

what they want to do yet. Some

careers do not require a college

degree, which can lead one to

think a college education may

not be necessary.

However, there are

many positives to attending

college. The average annual

salary for a college graduate is

$46,000, while a high school

graduate’s average salary

is $32,000 a year. This may

not be a huge difference, but

one can say that a $14,000

difference is a lot of money.

On the other hand,

one could argue that college

debt will need to be paid off as

well, which is true. Students do

not always acquire a ton of debt

if they receive scholarships

and FAFSA that help lower

the costs of attending college.

After paying off the debt, the

student who went to college

will have the higher salary and

more income to spend.

Money may not

always be a factor, but there

are many other advantages of

attending college including

the ability to communicate

and work well with all kinds

of people, keeping track of



lifelong friends, and finally

the responsibility of attending

class and doing well. A

college degree also helps

build a resume for future


Weighing whether or

not to attend college can be

stressful, but there are more

pros of attending college than

not attending.

Is a college education necessary?

By Brady Kommes

It’s that time of year. The MLB

regular season is coming to an

end, which means the post-

season is rolling right in. The

Chicago Cubs, the Number 1

team in the MLB this year, are

predicted to go all the way to

the World Series.



happen in the post-season as

great teams can lose to the

other team that was projected

to lose. One mistake you and

your team make could also

interact with how the game

goes. LCHS students were

asked who would make the

World Series and the most

votes went to the Chicago

Cubs and the Texas Rangers.




built with great pitching, and

both teams have the highest

batting percentages in the

league. The Chicago Cubs fell

short last year losing to the

New York Mets in the NLCS

Championship game. The New

York Mets went to the World

Series and ended up losing to

the Kansas City Royals.

Cubs Manager Jon

Maddon said that the team

from last year will be better in

the 2016 season and sparked a

big boost of confidence for the

whole Chicago Cubs team.

The Cubs have never

won aWorld Series, but in 1908

they won their first and only

championship. Winning the

World Series before 100 years

with only one championship

years ago would be an amazing

moment in MLB history.

Good luck to all the

teams in the post-season. A

great World Series it shall be!

MLB rolls into post-season play-offs

By Alex Orban

Menu Masters Fund-raiser:

Robotics Club advisors serve cake ball bearings and gears and greasers

By Miranda Hicks

2015 Homecoming King and Queen

Where are they now?

Cross Country: More than just running

Batter up!

Twins, (pictured from

left) junior Kyle Dunn

and sophomore Austin

Anderson get into the

swing of homecoming


Sophomore Culinary Arts student Brianna Grant prepares cake balls

(aka ball bearings) for the Menu Masters fund-raiser.

It is common knowledge

that freshmen are the most

stereotyped students. Ninth

grade students are put into

the annoying, child-like, and

immature category. Most of

them are just trying to find out

where they belong in a bigger

school. So many new, older,

and judgmental people can be

scary and intimidating at first.

Seniors are usually

blamed for being unnecessarily

mean to freshmen, but that is

not actually the case. Seniors

are usually really helpful and

nice, with the exception of a


Kelli Susemihl was

asked about freshmen, she

replies, “I do not mind the

smell of Axe, but I do mind

it in mass quantities in the

freshmen hallway.” I am with

you on that one, Kelli.



Hunter, states, “I will not have

a problem with you unless

you stop in the middle of the

hallway and bump into me.”



freshmen admit to being

intimidated by upperclassmen.

Shaylei Jongerius was asked

how she feels about the hateful

stereotypes freshmen are

By Skyler Toben

Give the freshmen a break

Homecoming: We must be over the rainbow!

Christian Cook proudly wears a

mismatch, backwards outfit.

Winter Williams in a pink tutu.

Mrs. Colleen Bortscheller like we

have never seen her before.