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By Miranda Hicks

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The Dog Pound

The Dog Pound

By Maddy Hunter

By Maddy Hunter

Conspiracy corner

T & I Booster Club holds

annual fund-raiser

Senior places first at National History Day

Shipping: Not just for boats

The T and I Booster Club

held the annual fund-raiser

and dinner on the Thursday,

September 15, to support

the LCHS auto and welding

program. The fund-raiser

started about eight years ago

when the program was almost

eliminated because of lack of


Many people fought

hard for the program to

stay alive, which is why the

program still exists today. The

fund-raiser helps earn money

to purchase large equipment

and materials for the classes.

The booster club is run by

three ladies who have had

students in the program in the





Fischer, the welding and auto

teacher, was asked about

getting ready for the fund-

raiser, he stated, “The T and I

Booster Club pays for some of

the costs and some of the local

businesses like Wells, Hy-

Vee and Fareway help donate

items, too.”



businesses donated items and

service for the silent auction.

Mr. Fischer added that the club

is a very community-based

effort to help the trades and

industries program.

Over the summer, history

fanatic and student Kelli

Susemihl took being a nerd

to a whole new level. With

her National History Day

exhibit board titled “The






Encountering Pitfalls, and

Exchanging Culture,” Kelli

won first place at nationals.

According to the




History Day is “a nonprofit

educational organization that

promotes the teaching and

learning of history in middle

and high schools around the

world through a variety of

programs for teachers and

students.” Every year, a

theme is given. The theme for

2015-2016 was “Exploration,

Encounter, and Exchange in


Kelli traveled to

Washington, D.C. in June for

Nationals along with sixty-

two other students from Iowa.

This year was her sixth year of

participating in NHD, but her

first time going to nationals.

Kelli has done five exhibit

boards, including last year.

“Going to Nationals

has been a goal of mine since

my seventh grade year, and to

win was absolutely amazing,”

says Susemihl.

When asked how she

stays grounded after such a

victory, the big shot responds,

“My friends keep me modest

by making fun of me.”



participate in National History

Day again this year. The

new theme for 2016-2017 is

“Taking a Stand.” A few of

the topics that Kelli has been

considering are Rosa Parks

and Alexander Hamilton, but

nothing has been decided yet.

“I am kind of a

procrastinator, so I don’t know

when I’ll start working on

my NHD topic for this year,”

admits Susemihl.

Look out for Kelli

Susemihl at this year’s National

History Day competition!

Welcome to the Conspiracy

Corner, where Le Mars’

greatest mysteries are called

into question.



conspiracy covers the cold-

blooded truth of LCHS: The

frigid hallways. Many students

and staff ponder the reasoning

behind keeping the school at

such low temperatures.

Is it to keep the

students awake? Could it be

an overactive air conditioner?

Or is it a ploy by the U.S.

government to slowly freeze

the brain of every student?

Investigator Maddy Hunter

hunts down the facts.

Skeptics may doubt

whether the school is really

all that cold. The fact is, some

classrooms often pass below

the bone-chilling level of sixty-

two degrees. This especially

affects the classrooms along

the freshman hallway.

Students and teachers

alike have their own theories to

explain the ludicrous cooling

system. Senior Kelli Susemihl

reveals, “The school is trying

to corrupt the minds of our

youth by pumping cold air into

our veins. Well, I for one, am

not falling for it.”



enthusiast and teacher Mr.

Trent Eckstaine comments, “I

think they’re trying to force

me to buy a lot of cardigans.”




viable theories, but the man

himself, Dr. Mark Iverson




set up in zones and the air

conditioners run according to

the temperature of the zone.

If a room indicates it needs

to be cooler, the AC kicks in.

The issue is, some of the other

rooms may already be fine, but

they will get colder because

one room is reading warm.”

Whatever the story

is, bundle up, students, and get

ready for a chilly year!

“I ship it.” A phrase that has

been permanently etched

into the vernacular of many

millenials. But what does it


For those readers who

are not educated on the lingo

of today’s internet generation,

“shipping” is described by

Urban Dictionary as “A term

used to describe fan fictions

that take previously created

characters and put them as

a pair. It usually refers to

romantic relationships, but it

can refer platonic ones as well.

(Just think of “shipping” as

short for “relationSHIP”).”

Every ship has a

name, which usually includes

the names of the two people

(usually celebrities) who are

being shipped. For example,

the ship named “Joshler”

is a combination of the two

members of Twenty One

Pilots, Josh Dun and Tyler


Most ships are fan-

made, but if a ship has been

confirmed as true, it is called

“canon.” Brangelina, or Brad

Pitt and Angelina Jolie, is one

of the most popular canon




have a favorite ship; this is

called an OTP or “one true

pair.” An OTP of many fan

girls is Larry (Harry Styles

+ Louis Tomlinson). Larry

is, by far, the most popular

ship of all time, and also the

most controversial. Styles

and Tomlinson distanced

themselves from each other to

avoid speculation by fans that

they were dating.

Just about anything can be

shipped. Musicians (Brendon

Urie + Ryan Ross = Ryden -

Panic! At The Disco, Michael

Clifford + Luke Hemmings =

Muke - 5 Seconds of Summer),

You Tubers (Dan Howell + Phil

Lester = Phan, Troye Sivan +

Connor Franta = Tronnor), and

even characters fromTV shows

(Dean Winchester + Castiel =

Destiel - Supernatural, John

Watson + Sherlock Holmes

= Johnlock - Sherlock) are

common ship material.



should be taken when shipping.

Side effects may include a false

sense of hope and an addiction

to the internet.

By Maddy Hunter

Gorilla and friends enjoy animal day

Spirited sophomore twins, Lexi Schroeder and Alexa Riccio, are in

the money during homecoming week.

Homecoming fun

LCHS students “got spirit”

LCHS students chilled by the


Junior Tyler Lowe helps sell donated items at the T & I fund-raiser.

Being new to a school could go

two ways. Some might think

that meeting new people would

be fun and exciting, and others

would think that it is terrifying

and awkward.

LCHS welcomes many new

students to the district. Many

students from Remsen Union

joined the Bulldog family,

as well as people from other

schools and countries.

One of the students

is senior, Brandon Kohler.

Before LCHS, Brandon, who

attended Remsen Union last

year, is involved in band. Look

for him during the halftime

performances at Friday night

football games.




enjoying the open lunch. The

senior is trying to adjust to the

size of LCHS. Brandon plans

on going to Iowa Central or

Morningside college in the


Carissa Barker, who is

also a senior, attended Remsen

Union for ten years. Carissa’s

activities included volleyball,

choir, and yearbook. Carissa

is enjoying the senior lounge

and opens. The senior does not

like the crowded hallways and

finding a parking spot.

Carissa plans to

attend the University of Iowa

in the fall. She will be majoring

in biology and minoring in

chemistry for premed.

Put yourself in the

new students’ shoes and make

all of them feel welcome!

By Skyler Toben

Make new students feel welcome

LCHS staff takes school spirit to a whole new level.

There’s no place like LCHS

Someone forgot to tell the gorilla (aka Assistant Principal, Mr. Neal

Utesch) that masks are not allowed on Animal Day. Pictured with the

rule breaker are (on the left) Sophie Fedders and Gretchen Dodge.

Real freshmen wear pink! Pictured (from left) are Elijah Groetken,

Luis Paez, and Trey Whiddon on Color Day.

Senior Walker Raymond in black

Senior Abby Beitelspacher in


Pink looks good on freshman,

Maddi Pippett.